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9780007356348 Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi Americanah Fiction New €10.50 61876
9780007189885Adichie, Chimamanda NgoziPurple HibiscusFictionNew€11.0061877
9780099573692Alcott, Louisa MayGood WivesFictionNew€10.5061578
9780143105602Aleichem, SholemTevye the Dairyman and Motl the Cantor's SonFictionNew€9.501189
9781609454746Altan, AhmetLike a Sword Wound (Turkish)FictionNew€17.501396
9781844087877Atwood, MargaretMaddAddamFictionNew€12.5061769
9781784874872Atwood, MargaretHandmaid's TaleFictionNew€8.5061791
9780141186375Baldwin, JamesAnother CountryFictionNew€13.0060730
9780141186351Baldwin, JamesGiovanni's RoomFictionNew€11.5060274
9780143111061Batuman, ElifThe IdiotFictionNew€12.5060731
9780349107561Behr, MThe Smell of Apples FictionNew€11.004822
9781416902072Bell, JuliaMassiveFictionNew€11.504844
9780525538820Benjamin, ChloeThe ImmortalistsFictionNew€11.5059857
9781451690316Bradbury, RayFahrenheit 451FictionNew€8.0065215
9781451678185Bradbury, RayThe Illustrated ManFictionNew€9.0061879
9781786495983Braithwaite, OMy Sister, the Serial KillerFictionNew€10.5061636
9780141189949Burroughs, William S.The Western LandsFictionNew€16.5060586
9780007341924Burroughs, William S.The Ticket that ExplodedFictionNew€12.007992
9781916465664Cabezon Camara, GabrielaThe Adventures of China Iron (Argentina)FictionNew€14.5061416
9781409180074Carty-Williams, CandiceQueenieFictionNew€11.5065216
9780140449099CervantesDon QuixoteFiction ClassicsNew€11.5065177
9780141398099Chaucer, Geoffrey The Wife of BathFictionNew€1.609758
9780571279432Cole, TejuOpen CityFictionNew€9.5061508
9780575118317Compton, D.G.The Continuous Katherine MortenhoeFictionNew€10.5011306
9780199536016Conrad, JosephHeart of DarknessFictionNew€8.0060106
9780141389479Dickens, CharlesChristmas CarolFictionNew€7.5061932
9781910400333Drury, TomHunts in DreamsFictionNew€10.5015523
9781472154958Egan, JenniferA Visit From the Goon SquadFictionNew€11.0016173
9781472150905Egan, JenniferManhattan BeachFictionNew€11.5016184
9780380808960Ellroy, JamesKILLER ON THE ROAD FictionNew€14.5016648
9780141031521Evaristo, BernardineBlonde RootsFictionNew€13.0060027
9780140297812Evaristo, BernardineThe Emperor's BabeFictionNew€11.5061983
9780241984994Evaristo, BernardineGirl, Woman, OtherFictionNew€11.5065161
9780241984994Evaristo, BernardineGirl, Woman, OtherFictionNew€11.5065161
9781910695913Fosse, JonThe Other Name Septology I-II (Norway)FictionNew€18.0061418
9783150197202Gardner, GrahamInventing ElliotFictionNew€6.0020414
9780571273577Golding, WLord of the FliesFictionNew€8.5021278
9780349006789Grant, LindaThe Dark CircleFictionNew€10.0021667
9780571220229Greer, Andrew SeamThe Confessions of Max TivoliFictionNew€12.5062091
9780571351961Hall, SarahMrs FoxFictionNew€5.0022693
9781408897973Harrison, MelissaAll Among the BarleyFictionNew€12.5023917
9780141398020Hebel, Johann Peter How a Ghastly Story Was Brought to Light by a Common or Garden Butcher's DogFictionNew€1.6024346
9780141398778HerodotusThe Madness of CambysesFictionNew€1.6024863
9783150091227Higgins, ColinHarold and MaudeFictionNew€5.4025104
9780099561224Isherwood, ChristopherLions and ShadowsFictionNew€11.0027075
9780571315062Ishiguro, KazuoThe Buried GiantFictionNew€10.5063060
9781848666108Jacobsen, RoyThe Unseen FictionNew€10.5027283
9780140437508Jerome, Jerome K.Three Men in a BoatFictionNew€9.5060602
9780241197790Kafka, FranzThe TrialFictionNew€8.5061640
9780241347959Kerouac, JackOn the RoadFictionNew€10.5060744
9780241348062Kerouac, JackThe Dharma BumsFictionNew€10.5060886
9781785031373Khorsandi, ShappiNina is Not OK FictionNew€9.5029429
9781444727333King, Stephen11.22.63 FictionNew€8.5029549
9780141398068Kipling, RudyardThe Gate of the Hundred SorrowsFictionNew€1.6029987
9780099581499Knausgaard, Karl OveMy Struggle 3 Boyhood IslandFictionNew€10.0030258
9781781258989Kraus, ChrisTorpor FictionNew€10.0061603
9780099589969Kushner, RachelThe Mars RoomFictionNew€11.5060384
9780571298730Lanchester, JohnThe WallFictionNew€10.5031372
9780571298730Lanchester, JohnThe WallFictionNew€10.5031372
9780099419785Lee, HarperTo Kill a MockingbirdFictionNew€8.0063065
9781783783236Lipsyte, Sa,HarkFictionNew€11.5060176
9780525436461Luiselli, ValeriaLost Children ArchiveFictionNew€11.5061872
9781781257876Mabanckou, AlainAfrican PsychoFictionNew€13.0060627
9780141184999Marquez, Gabriel GarciaOne Hundred Years of SolitudeFictionNew€11.5060039
9780141184999Marquez, Gabriel Garcia One Hundred Years of SolitudeFictionNew€11.5061881
9780593189306McBride, JamesDeacon King KongFictionNew€18.5065168
9783150091272McDonell, NickTwelveFictionNew€5.8036002
9781784705572McEwan, IanThe Children Act FictionNew€11.0036141
9781409189602McKinty, AdrianThe ChainThrillerNew€11.5065169
9781408876954McInerney, JayBrightness Falls FictionNew€12.0036266
9783150198476Miller, ArthurA View from a BridgeFictionNew€4.6036914
9780141399119Miller, HenrySexusFictionNew€12.5060911
9780525434153Mishima, YukioThe Frolic of the BeastsFictionNew€12.5060889
9780099760115Morrison, ToniBelovedFictionNew€15.0065123
9781250118172Munaweera, NayomiWHAT LIES BETWEEN US FictionNew€15.5038249
9781787332201Moshfegh, OttessaDeath in her HandsFictionNew€17.5065171
9780099578079Murakami, Haruki1Q84FictionNew€17.5061643
9781526611307Myers, BenThe OffingFictionNew€11.0061823
9783150197776Nelson, BlakeParanoid ParkFictionNew€5.6039128
9781472153784Nguyen, Viet ThanhThe RefugeesFictionNew€11.5060496
9780735219458Nunez, SigridThe FriendFictionNew€11.5059888
9781472223807O'Farrell, MaggieHamnetFictionNew€18.5065058
9781472223807O'Farrell, MaggieHamnetFictionNew€18.5065087
9783150198162Oates, Joyce CarolSexyFictionNew€6.6041992
9781783784769Offill, JennyWeatherFictionNew€16.0065059
9781783784769Offill, JennyWeatherFictionNew€16.0065060
9781908670540Pagano, EmmanuelleFaces on the Tip of My Tongue (Man Booker Int 2020)FictionNew€16.5061686
9781908524089Pineiro, ClaudiáA Crack in the WallFictionNew€11.0043906
9780571081783Plath, SylviaThe Bell JarFictionNew€11.5065191
9780571340293Porter, MaxLannyFictionNew€10.5061644
9783150199268Rai, BaliThe GunFictionNew€4.8045295
9781526612151Reid, KielySuch a Fun AgeFictionNew€14.5061787
9783150091111Rhue, MortonGive A Boy a GunFictionNew€5.4045868
9780349117546Roberts, Gregory DavidShantaramFictionNew€14.5060613
9780349121703Roberts, Gregory DavidThe Mountain ShadowFictionNew€14.5060906
9780008342258Russell, Kate ElizabethMy Dark VanessaFictionNew€16.5065148
9780141195667Selby, HubertRequiem for a DreamFictionNew€13.5048999
9780241979921Shafak, ElifThree Daughters of EveFictionNew€10.5059719
9780241973356Smith, AliSpringFictionNew€11.5061468
9780241973356Smith, AliSpringFictionNew€11.5061469
9780241973332Smith, AliWinterFictionNew€11.5061827
9780140297782Smith, ZadieWhite TeethFictionNew€10.5061907
9780141026664Smith, ZadieOn BeautyFictionNew€10.0061908
9780141398167Songling, PuWailing GhostsFictionNew€1.6051282
9781447202936St Aubyn, EdwardNever Mind FictionNew€12.0051537
9780141185088Steinbeck, JohnCannery RowFictionNew€10.5060088
9780141398181Swift, JonathanA Modest ProposalFictionNew€1.6052755
9780747573647Tartt, DonnaThe Little FriendFictionNew€13.5060298
9780062844378Thomas, AngieOn the Come UpFictionNew€10.5061009
9781406372151Thomas, AngieThe Hate U GiveFictionNew€10.5061008
9780571340996Toews, MiriamAll My Puny SorrowsFictionNew€10.0060616
9780593086407Tokarczuk, OlgaDrive Your Plow Over the Bones of the DeadFictionNew€12.5061506
9780199232765Tolstoy, LeoWar and PeaceFictionNew€13.5054165
xTosca, KevinPARIS BY NIGHT FictionNew€5.0060950
9780810115705Trifonov, YuriANOTHER LIFE & THE HOUSE ON THE EMBANKMENTFictionNew€12.5054578
9781408852941Vásquez, Juan GabrielReputations (Colombia)FictionNew€10.5055480
9781787300453Vila-Matas, EnriqueMac and His ProblemFictionNew€20.5061040
9780241951606Vonnegut, KurtCat's CradleFictionNew€10.0061889
9780440180296Vonnegut, KurtSlaughter-House 5FictionNew€8.5061634
9780349121086Wallace, David FosterInfinite JestFictionNew€16.0065198
9783150198667Walls, JeannetteHalf Broke HorsesFictionNew€7.8056292
9781786890139Webb, RobertCome AgainFictionNew€16.5065132
9781881515104Whalen, Tom3 NOVELLAS (Whalen, Tom / Walker, John S. / Plant, Robert)FictionNew€9.5057016
9780708898475Whitehead, ColsonThe IntuitionistFictionNew€11.5061504
9780708899434Whitehead, ColsonThe Nickel BoysFictionNew€17.5061690
9780141184258Wilder, ThorntonBridge of San Luis ReyFictionNew€11.0061670
9780099470458Woolf, VirginiaMrs DallowayFictionNew€10.0060520
9783150198919Yates, RichardA Good SchoolFictionNew€7.8058952
9780099518624Yates, RichardRevolutionary RoadFictionNew€12.5061342
9780008179212Zink, NellNicotineFictionNew€11.5059821

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Irish Interest

9780571229116 Beckett, Samuel Waiting for Godot Fiction Irish Interest Drama New €12.00 4754
9780571338757 Burns, Anna Milkman Fiction Irish Interest New €11.50
9780571342501 Caldwell, Lucy (ed.) Being Various Fiction Irish Interest New €18.00 59831
9780857525741 Carson, Jan The Fire Starters Fiction Irish Interest New €21.00 59747
9780857525741 Carson, Jan The Fire Starters Fiction Irish Interest New €21.00 59748
9781473663664 Connolly, John he Fiction Irish Interest New €11.00 11418
9781472255235 Davis-Goff, Sarah Last Ones Left Alive Fiction Irish Interest New €11.50 60233
9780241973417 De Waal, Kit The Trick to Time Fiction Irish Interest New €11.00 60885
9781474613453Dolan, NaoiseExciting TimesFiction Irish InterestNew€17.5065184
9781474613453Dolan, NaoiseExciting TimesFiction Irish InterestNew€17.5065185
9781474613453Dolan, NaoiseExciting TimesFiction Irish InterestNew€17.5065186
9781474613453Dolan, NaoiseExciting TimesFiction Irish InterestNew€17.5065187
9781474613453Dolan, NaoiseExciting TimesFiction Irish InterestNew€17.5065188
9780717172702 Dooley, Aoife How to Be Massive Fiction Irish Interest New €12.00 62126
9781526607034 Doyle, Rob Threshold Fiction Irish Interest New €17.50 61865
9781529389098 Fagan, Oisín Nobber Fiction Irish Interest New €16.50 61867
x Fitzgerald, Mick Chinese Transvestites and Other Irish Stories - Translator: Gabriele Haefs Fiction Irish Interest - Short Stories New €10.00 55245
9781526611932 Flattery, Nicole Show Them a Good Time Fiction Irish Interest New €12.00 60881
9781526611932 Flattery, Nicole Show Them a Good Time Fiction Irish Interest New €11.50 61124
9781848406698 Gallagher, Mia Shift Fiction Irish Interest - Short Stories New €12.00 20041
9781509892754 Gleeson, Sinead Constellations Non Fiction Irish Interest New €20.00 21145
9781509892754 Gleeson, Sinead Constellations Non Fiction Irish Interest New €20.00 21145
9781848405578 Gleeson, Sinead ed. The Glass Shore Fiction Irish Interest - Short Stories New €24.50 59757
9781848405486 Gleeson, Sinead ed. The Long Gaze Back - An Anthology of Irish Women Writers Fiction Irish Interest - Short Stories New €14.50 21093
9781848405486 Gleeson, Sinead ed. The Long Gaze Back - An Anthology of Irish Women Writers Fiction Irish Interest - Short Stories New €14.50 21094
9781786496720 Hickey, Christine Dwyer The Narrow Land Fiction Irish Interest New €16.50 61019
9781840226355 Joyce, James Ulysses Fiction Irish Interest New €6.50 28300
9780992817077 Macardle, Dorothy UNINVITED Fiction Irish Interest New €16.50 60321
9780571355143 Mcbride, Eimear Strange Hotel Fiction Irish Interest New €16.50 60180
9781444798920 McInerney, Lisa Blood Miracles Fiction Irish Interest New €11.50 61714
9780330529907 McKeon, Belinda Tender Fiction Irish Interest New €10.50 36390
9781906539511 McLaughlin, Danielle Dinosaurs On Other Planets Fiction Irish Interest - Short Stories New €15.00 21099
9781906539511 McLaughlin, Danielle Dinosaurs On Other Planets Fiction Irish Interest - Short Stories New €15.00 21102
9781906539511 McLaughlin, Danielle Dinosaurs On Other Planets Fiction Irish Interest - Short Stories New €15.00 21106
9781906539511 McLaughlin, Danielle Dinosaurs On Other Planets Fiction Irish Interest - Short Stories New €15.00 21107
9781906539511 McLaughlin, Danielle Dinosaurs On Other Planets Fiction Irish Interest - Short Stories New €15.00 21108
9781405938204 McLysaght, Emer Oh my God, What a Complete Aisling Fiction Irish Interest New €11.50 36419
9780571341177 O'Brien, Edna Girl Fiction Irish Interest New €16.50 41522
9780571352906 O'Brien, Edna The Country Girls Trilogy Fiction Irish Interest New €13.50 41583
9780571316311 O'Brien, Edna The Little Red Chairs Fiction Irish Interest New €12.00 60534
9780571282951 O'Brien, Edna The Love Object Selected Stories Fiction Irish Interest - Short Stories New €12.50 41596
9780099481539 O'Connor, Joseph The Thrill of it All Fiction Irish Interest New €10.50 41740
9780007247172 O'Brien, Flann The Third Policeman Fiction Irish Interest New €12.00 60482
9780571333134 Rooney, Sally Conversations with Friends Fiction Irish Interest New €10.00 61993
9780571333134 Rooney, Sally Conversations with Friends Fiction Irish Interest New €10.00 61994
9780571333134 Rooney, Sally Conversations with Friends Fiction Irish Interest New €10.00 61995
9780571333134 Rooney, Sally Conversations with Friends Fiction Irish Interest New €10.00 61995
9780571334650 Rooney, Sally Normal People Fiction Irish Interest New €10.50 61996
9780571334650 Rooney, Sally Normal People Fiction Irish Interest New €10.50 61997
9780571334650 Rooney, Sally Normal People Fiction Irish Interest New €10.50 61998
9780140437874 Shaw, George Bernard Heartbreak House Fiction Irish Interest Drama New €12.44 49516
9780140437935 Shaw, George Bernard Plays Unpleasant Fiction Irish Interest Drama New €13.65 49524
9781784876074Wilde, OscarLiesFiction Irish InterestNew€5.5065175

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Graphic Novels

9780062986382Krans, KimBlossoms and BonesGraphic NovelNew€28.5065167
9781942279280 Ekedal, Rahsan SOLDIERS UNKNOWN Graphic Novel New €29.50 60665
9729353114622 Nandita A Comic Existence Graphic Novel New €8.00 39044
9729353114622 Nandita A Comic Existence Graphic Novel New €8.00 39045
x Nandita Before I Die Graphic Novel New €5.50 39046
x Nandita Before I Die Graphic Novel New €5.50 39047
x Nowak, Joseph 1000 Cartoon New €40.00 41449
9781506706283 Palahniuk, Chuck Fight Club 2 (Graphic Novel) Graphic Novel New €19.50 42830
9780553535174 Pullman, Philip The Golden Compass Graphic Novel/Compl. Ed. Graphic Novel New €13.00 44980
9780375714542 Ware, Chris Jimmy Corrigan / The Smartest Kid on Earth Graphic Novel New €22.00 60458

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9780008275709Adichie, Chimamanda NgoziDear IjeaweleNon FictionNew€6.5060187
9781910695111Alexievich, SvetlanaSecond-hand TimeNon FictionNew€20.5060272
9780860685111Angelou, MayaI Know Why the Caged Bird SingsAutobiography Biography MemoirNew€11.0065369
9780099225416Barthes, RolandCamera LucidaNon FictionNew€12.5061892
9781846683817Beard, MarySPQRNon Fiction HistoryNew€14.0065090
9781473694743Bergman, RonenRise and Kill First - The Secret History of Israel's Targeted AssassinationsNon FictionNew€14.505141
9781408893210Bregman, RutgerUtopia for RealistsNon FictionNew€12.5065372
9780571353651Burn, GordonHappy Like Murderers - The True Story of Fred and Rosemary WestNon FictionNew€15.0062534
9780857862525Byrne, DavidHow Music WorksNon Fiction MusicNew€16.0065373
9781788162302Bythell, SeanConfessions of a BooksellerNon FictionNew€16.5062807
9781781258637Bythell, ShaunDiary of a BooksellerNon FictionNew€11.5060721
9780300232226Carey, JohnA Little History of PoetryNon FictionNew€19.5065135
9780140289299Carroll, LewisThe Annotated AliceNon FictionNew€13.509048
9780141987255Collier, PaulFuture of CapitalismNon FictionNew€12.5060722
9780192853448Cook, MichaelThe Koran - A Very Short introduction Non FictionNew€9.5011655
9781904263968Crowhurst, HowardCarnac and Other Megalithic Sites in Southern BrittanyNon FictionNew€8.5012242
9780141986869Earle, JoeThe Econocracy Non FictionNew€12.0015939
9780099537854Ellroy, JamesThe Hilliker Curse - My Pursuit of WomenNon FictionNew€10.1516690
9780374533403Fadiman, AnneSPIRIT CATCHES YOU & YOU FALL DOWNNon FictionNew€15.5060237
9781848315983Forsyth, MarkThe HorologiconNon FictionNew€11.0018859
9780385320153Friday, NancyMY MOTHER/MY SELFNon FictionNew€18.5061724
9780141986432Gerrard, NicciWhat Dementia Teaches Us About LoveNon FictionNew€12.5065142
9780141983479Graeber, DavidBullshit JobsNon FictionNew€12.5065189
9780099590088Harari, Yuval NoahSapiensNon FictionNew€12.5061869
9781910400739Hawes, JamesThe Shortest History of GermanyHistory German InterestNew€13.0065380
9780141984599Lockwood, PatriciaPriestdaddyNon Fiction MemoirNew€13.5062213
9781572244252Hayes, Steven C.Get Out Of Your Mind And Into Your LifeNon FictionNew€21.5059796
9781904263029Heath, RobinStonehengeNon FictionNew€8.5024332
9780099909408Hemingway, ErnestA Moveable FeastNon FictionNew€8.5024588
9781447275060Herr, MichaelDispatchesNon FictionNew€12.5060647
9781565842632Hooks, BellART ON MY MINDNon FictionNew€17.0059770
9781471135224Jones, GraceI'll Never Write My MemoirsNon FictionNew€19.5061655
9780241357705Kagge, ErlingWalkingNon FictionNew€11.5065166
9781408851241Kolbert, ElizabethThe Sixth ExtinctionNon FictionNew€14.0060170
9780330351690Krakauer, JonInto the WildNon FictionNew€11.5059898
9780241429990Layard, RichardCan We Be Happier?Non Fiction New€26.5065383
9781784875473Macdonald, HelenRecoveryNon FictionNew€5.5060358
9780241396568MacFarlane, RobertNessNon FictionNew€19.5063044
9781784875688McEwan, IanScienceNon FictionNew€5.5060514
9780141984087Mishra, PankajAge of Anger - A History of the PresentNon FictionNew€12.0037313
9780872867963Moore, HilaryNO FASCIST USANon FictionNew€17.5060169
9781529110883Morrison, ToniMouth Full of BloodNon FictionNew€12.5060433
9780062896391Moser, BenjaminSontag - Her Life and Work (Pulitzer 2020)Autobiography Biography MemoirNew€34.5065367
9781473680333Munroe, RandallHow ToNon FictionNew€16.5060464
9781612197494Odell, JennyHow To Do NothingNon FictionNew€25.0061737
9781771643474Ostby, Hilde & YlvaAdventures in Memory: The Science and Secrets of Remembering and ForgettingNon FictionNew€24.0060552
9781848311299Parsons, Paul (ed.)30-Second Theories Non FictionNew€14.0062805
9780241250990Perry, PhilippaThe Book You Wish Your Parents had ReadNon FictionNew€17.5061806
9781999313555Pry, PaulFor Your Convenience A Classic 1930's Guide to London LoosNon FictionNew€11.5062660
9783150092354ReclamEnglish ProverbsNon FictionNew€4.8045555
9780316010733Rubinstein, JBallad of the Whiskey RobberNon FictionNew€15.0047326
9781784875671Schama, SimonArtNon FictionNew€5.5060517
9781474608442Shariatmadari, DavidDon't Believe A WordNon FictionNew€19.0059803
9781786890511Solnit, RebeccaA Field Guide To Getting LostNon FictionNew€11.0061801
9780141035789Sontag, SusanOn PhotographyNon FictionNew€13.0060748
9781784872618Styron, WilliamDepressionNon FictionNew€5.5060370
9781848314030Taylor, S30-Second PoliticsNon FictionNew€14.0062803
9780241960417Thompson, Hunter SFear and Loathing at Rolling StoneNon FictionNew€14.0060045
9780141978611Van der Kolk, BenThe Body Keeps the ScoreNon FictionNew€14.5061038
9780141983769Walker, MatthewWhy We SleepNon FictionNew€13.0060911
9780593236680Wallace-Wells, DavidThe Uninhabitable EarthNon FictionNew€10.0065153
9780190624859Watson, KatieScarlet A - The Ethics, Law, and Politics of Ordinary AbortionNon FictionNew€15.5056580
9780241396742Wooldridge, MichaelRoad to Conscious MachinesNon FictionNew€24.0065391
9780141040837Wootton, DavidThe Invention of ScienceNon FictionNew€19.5060450
9780008135966 Collins Collins Easy Learning German Phrasebook & Dictionary Reference New €6.50 58487
9780199576395 Oxford Oxford German Dictionary Reference New €9.00 42674
9783125160408 Pons Arabisch Deutsch Visual Dictionary Reference New €4.99 44286
9780140515039 Roget Rogets Thesaurus Reference New €13.50 58709

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Science Fiction & Fantasy

9780345418777 Adams, Douglas Mostly Harmless - Book 5 Science Fiction New €7.49 311
9780345391834 Adams, Douglas So Long and Thanks for All the Fish - Book 4 Science Fiction New €7.49 319
9781509871353 Adeyemi, Tomi Children of Blood and Bone Fantasy New €9.50 62529
9781529034790 Adeyemi, Tomi Children of Virtue and Vengeance Fantasy New €10.50 61670
9781451678185 Bradbury, Ray The Illustrated Man Science Fiction New €9.00 61893
9781451690316 Bradbury, Ray Fahrenheit 451 Science Fiction New €8.00 61893
9781472263650 Butler, Octavia E. Parable of the Talents Fantasy New €13.00 60475
9781472263667 Butler, Octavia E. Parable of the Sower Fantasy New €12.50 61977
9781473647640 Chambers, Becky Record of a Spaceborn Few Fantasy New €11.50 9559
9781407248523 Clarke, Arthur C. The Ghost From the Grand Banks Science Fiction New €10.50 10423
9781473641952 Connolly, John The Woman in the Woods Fantasy New €10.50 11460
9780765320667 Cook, Glen The Books of the South - Shadow Games / Dreams of Steel / The Silver Spike Fantasy New €17.40 11649
9780575094185 Dick, Philip K, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Science Fiction New €11.00 52339
9780765348791 Erikson, Steve Malazan Book 2: Deadhouse Gates Fantasy New €7.75 16928
9780061468407 Feist, Robert CHAOSWAR SAGA Book One: A Kingdom Besieged Fantasy New €9.00 59538
9781472208668 Gaiman, Neil Ocean at the End of the Lane Fantasy New €9.50 59975
9780553566062 Gibson, William Virtual Light Science Fiction New €8.00 20880
9781473227675 Harrison, M. John Light Fantasy New €11.50 60280
9780340960196 Herbert, Frank Dune Fantasy New €13.50 65381
9781847394293 Herbert, Brian Sisterhood of Dune Fantasy New €7.99 1579
9780553575651 Hobb, Robin SHIP OF DESTINY Fantasy New €9.00 25447
9780356508191 Jemisin, N.K. The Fifth Season (Broken Earth 01) Fantasy New €11.50 65144
9780356508191 Jemisin, N.K. The Obelisk Gate (Broken Earth 02) Fantasy New €11.50 61638
9780356508191 Jemisin, N.K. The Obelisk Gate (Broken Earth 02) Fantasy New €11.50
9780356508689 Jemisin, N.K. The Stone Sky (Broken Earth 03) Fantasy New €11.50 61639
9780356512679 Jemisin, N.K. The City We Became Fantasy New €18.50
9780356512679 Jemisin, N.K. The City We Became Fantasy New €18.50
9781444723441 King, Stephen The Gunslinger - The Dark Tower Book 1 Fantasy New €8.50 29744
9780441478125 Le Guin, Ursula K The Left Hand of Darkness Fantasy New €10.00 61640
9780141370538 Le Guin, Ursula K Earthsea: The First Four Books Fantasy New €17.50 62794
9780356502427 Leckie, Ann Ancillary Mercy Science Fiction New €10.50 32172
9780356502427 Leckie, Ann Ancillary Mercy Science Fiction New €10.50 32173
9780394749778 Lessing, Doris Canopus in Argos Shikasta Science Fiction New €13.00 32633
9780099580140 Lukyanenko, Sergei The New Watch Fantasy New €10.99 33798
9781784630287 Mains, Johnny (ed.) Best British Horror 2015 Horror New €12.50 34364
9780575084810 Morgan, Richard The Steel Remains Fantasy New €13.00 37787
9780142420911 Okorafor, Nnedi Akata Witch Fantasy New €11.00 59863
9780008288747 Okorafor, Nnedi Who Fears Death Fantasy New €11.50 62544
9780449220603 Piercy, Marge HE SHE & IT Fantasy New €10.00 60692
9781529100570 Piercy, Marge Woman on the Edge of Time Fantasy New €12.50 61435
9780756404741 Rothfuss, Patrick The Name of the Wind Fantasy New €10.50 46953
9780819568311 Rottensteiner, Franz ed. The Black Mirror & Other Stories - An Anthology of Science Fiction From Germany and Austria Science Fiction - Short Stories New €25.00 46962
9781941628102 Samatar, Sofia MONSTER PORTRAITS Horror New €16.00 47992
9781473231085 Sapkowski, Andrzej The Witcher: The Sword of Destiny Fantasy New €11.50 65130
9781840226454 Stoker, Bram The Lair of the White Worm & The Lady of the Shroud Horror New €10.00 52322
9780008214227 Tolkien, J.R.R. Beren and Lúthien Fantasy New €11.00 53957
9780007309368 Tolkien, J.R.R. The Children of Hurin Fantasy New €10.00 53980
9781481497503 Valente, Catherynne M. Space Opera Science Fiction New €18.00 55089
9780008139124 VanderMeer, Jeff Acceptance Fantasy New €9.50 55154
9781857988840 Vonnegut, Kurt The Sirens of Titan Science Fiction New €11.00 61890
9780141033013 Wyndham, John The Midwich Cuckoos Science Fiction New €10.50 58429

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Berlin & German Interest

9780099539599Aridjis, ChloeBook of CloudsFiction German InterestNew€12.5061635
xBauer, AgatheIssue Zero: Picking Up PromisesNon Fiction Berlin PublisherNew€14.0059781
xBauer, AgatheIssue Zero: Picking Up PromisesNon Fiction Berlin PublisherNew€14.0059782
xBauer, AgatheIssue Zero: Picking Up PromisesNon Fiction Berlin PublisherNew€14.0059783
9781786072214Beatty, PaulSlumberlandFiction Berlin InterestNew€11.5065214
9780099555643Binet, LaurentHHhHFiction German InterestNew€11.5060436
9780241370384Böll, HeinrichThe Train Was on TimeFiction German InterestNew€11.5060230
9781912374014Buchholz, SimoneBlue Night Fiction German InterestNew€12.757460
9783947858118Canell, Nina (ed.)Vegetable Teratology Colouring BookNon Fiction Berlin AuthorNew€14.0062435
9783947858118Canell, Nina (ed.)Vegetable Teratology Colouring BookNon Fiction Berlin AuthorNew€14.0062436
9783947858118Canell, Nina (ed.)Vegetable Teratology Colouring BookNon Fiction Berlin AuthorNew€14.0062437
9783947325061Conway, James JThe Beauty of the MetropolisNon Fiction Berlin InterestNew€12.0061878
9783947325092Conway, James JThe Women Have no Father LandNon Fiction Berlin InterestNew€12.0061879
9783947325092Conway, James JThe Women Have no Father LandNon Fiction Berlin InterestNew€12.0061880
9780349142562Fergusson, BenThe Other Hoffmann SisterFiction German InterestNew€11.5062508
9780349142579Fergusson, BenAn Honest ManFiction German InterestNew€14.0061759
9780751556827Fitzek, StephenThe NightwalkerFiction German InterestNew€11.5018192
9781847083357Funder, AnnaStasilandNon Fiction History Berlin InterestNew€13.0060239
9780553213485Goethe, Johann Wolfgang vonFaustFiction German InterestNew€7.0060465
9780571203123Grass, GünterMy CenturyFiction German Interest - Short StoriesNew€13.5021720
9781784703684Grass, GünterOf All That Ends Non Fiction Memoir German InterestNew€10.9921722
9783945659090Head, AlexHere Comes TroubleNon Fiction Berlin AuthorNew€15.0024281
9783945659090Head, AlexHere Comes TroubleNon Fiction Berlin AuthorNew€15.0024282
9780993324703Hertzberg, MaxStealing The Future - An East German Spy ThrillerFiction German InterestNew€12.5024895
9780993324703Hertzberg, MaxStealing The Future - An East German Spy ThrillerFiction German InterestNew€12.5024896
xJellicoe, Zoe ed.Critical Hits An Indie Gaming AnthologyNon Fiction Berlin AuthorNew€14.0027686
xJellicoe, Zoe ed.Critical Hits An Indie Gaming AnthologyNon Fiction Berlin AuthorNew€14.0027687
xJellicoe, Zoe ed.Critical Hits An Indie Gaming AnthologyNon Fiction Berlin AuthorNew€14.0027688
xJellicoe, Zoe ed.Critical Hits An Indie Gaming AnthologyNon Fiction Berlin AuthorNew€14.0027689
xJellicoe, Zoe ed.Critical Hits An Indie Gaming AnthologyNon Fiction Berlin AuthorNew€14.0027690
xJellicoe, Zoe ed.Critical Hits An Indie Gaming AnthologyNon Fiction Berlin AuthorNew€14.0027691
xJellicoe, Zoe ed.Critical Hits An Indie Gaming AnthologyNon Fiction Berlin AuthorNew€14.0027692
9780241976012Kerr, PhilipMarch Violets Fiction German InterestNew€10.5029341
9783943196269Kretowicz, StephSomewhere I've Never BeenNon Fiction Berlin PublisherNew€14.0030652
9783943196269Kretowicz, StephSomewhere I've Never BeenNon Fiction Berlin PublisherNew€14.0060867
9783943196269Kretowicz, StephSomewhere I've Never BeenNon Fiction Berlin PublisherNew€14.0060868
9781442616226Kuczynski, RitaWall FlowerNon Fiction Berlin InterestNew€21.9030701
9780349008332Lee, Jessica JTurningNon Fiction Berlin AuthorNew€12.5065036
9780349011066Lee, Jessica JTwo Trees Make a ForestNon Fiction Berlin AuthorNew€18.5065037
9781947980754Levitin, MichaelDISPOSABLE MANFiction German InterestNew€14.0032840
9781947980754Levitin, MichaelDISPOSABLE MANFiction German InterestNew€14.0032841
9780008232573Lyon, JonathanCarnivore - Let the Villain Win (Berlin Author)Fiction German InterestNew€16.0033916
9781472130570MacGregor, IainCheckpoint CharlieNon Fiction History Berlin InterestNew€19.0060243
9781780224589MacLean, RoryBerlinNon Fiction History Berlin InterestNew€14.5060244
9780679722069Mann, ThomasDEATH IN VENICEFiction German InterestNew€14.0034540
9780749386429Mann, ThomasMagic MountainFiction German InterestNew€14.0061421
9781910312438Mannheim, LindaThis Way To DepartureFiction German InterestNew€13.5061026
9781843445470McCallin, LThe Man from Berlin Fiction German InterestNew€11.9935628
9781784162665McNaughton, KateHow I Lose YouFiction German InterestNew€11.5060104
9783948477011Nash, BrendanThe LandladyFiction German InterestNew€9.9962246
9783948477011Nash, BrendanThe LandladyFiction German InterestNew€9.9962247
9783948477011Nash, BrendanThe LandladyFiction German InterestNew€9.9962248
9781093579512O'Grady, LindaFrom the Bürgeramt to the BedroomNon Fiction Berlin InterestNew€9.0041958
9781093579512O'Grady, LindaFrom the Bürgeramt to the BedroomNon Fiction Berlin InterestNew€9.0041959
9781093579512O'Grady, LindaFrom the Bürgeramt to the BedroomNon Fiction Berlin InterestNew€9.0041960
9781093579512O'Grady, LindaFrom the Bürgeramt to the BedroomNon Fiction Berlin InterestNew€9.0041961
2400002301903Powers, M.PFortuna BerlinFiction German InterestNew€10.0044484
2400002301903Powers, M.PFortuna BerlinFiction German InterestNew€10.0044485
9788793412019Pri, Louise, ed.Start Up Guide Vol. 2Non Fiction Berlin InterestNew€18.0044743
9780199646036Rilke, Rainer MariaThe Notebooks of Malte Laurids BriggeFiction German InterestNew€12.0046104
9781782272977Weidermann, VSummer Before the Dark Fiction German InterestNew€9.9956724

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9780571356492 Aciman, Andre Find Me Fiction LGBTQ+ New €16.50 60877
9780374400118 Garden, Nancy ANNIE ON MY MIND Fiction LGBTQ+ New €12.55 20366
9781509874644 Greenwell, Garth Cleanness Fiction LGBTQ+ New €18.00 60883
9780349143590 Greer, Andrew Sean Less Fiction LGBTQ+ New €11.50
9780349143590 Greer, Andrew Sean Less Fiction LGBTQ+ New €11.50
9780349143590 Greer, Andrew Sean Less Fiction LGBTQ+ New €11.50
9781529007671 Lawlor, Andrea Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl Fiction LGBTQ+ New €11.50 61365
9781986464338 Lieffe, Otter Conserve and Control Fiction LGBTQ+ New €15.00 60561
9781909798984 Lieffe, Otter Margins and Murmuration Fiction LGBTQ+ New €15.00 60560
9780571231911 McKenna, Neil Fanny & Stella - The Young Men Who Shocked Victorian England Non Fiction LGBTQ+ New €10.00 36369
9781611855098 Myles, Eileen Afterglow Non Fiction LGBTQ+ New €11.50 61939
9780312374631 Shilts, Randy AND THE BAND PLAYED ON Non Fiction LGBTQ+ New €20.00 49711
9781551527758 Thom, Kai Cheng I Hope We Choose Love Non Fiction LGBTQ+ New €18.00 60121
9780349004600 Waters, Sarah The Paying Guests Fiction LGBTQ+ New €11.50 56542
9780143133513 White, Edmund ed. The Stonewall Reader Non Fiction LGBTQ+ New €18.00 60891

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9783150091067Barth, Adolf ed.London StoriesReclam - Fiction Short StoriesNew€5.804140
9783150199183Din, Ayub KhanEast is EastReclam - DramaNew€5.8014390
9783150197202Gardner, GrahamInventing ElliotReclam - FictionNew€6.0020414
9783150198186Hall, LeeBilly EliotReclam - Fiction ScreenplayNew€4.6022678
9783150198407Hansberry, LorraineA Raisin in the SunReclam - DramaNew€6.8022918
9783150091227Higgins, ColinHarold and MaudeReclam - FictionNew€5.4025104
9783150091814Joyce, JamesDubliners - A SelectionReclam - Fiction Irish InterestNew€3.8028245
9783150197295Korte, Barbara ed.Britain Rewritten Stories of a Multi-Ethnic NationReclam - Fiction Short StoriesNew€6.0030412
9783150197295Korte, Barbara ed.Britain Rewritten Stories of a Multi-Ethnic NationReclam - Fiction Short StoriesNew€6.0030413
9783150090633Kureishi, HanifMy Beautiful LaundretteReclam - ScreenplayNew€4.8030848
9783150197738Lear, EdwardLimericksReclam - PoetryNew€3.8032128
9783150198490Leitner, GerhardEnglish TodayReclam - Language LearningNew€7.0032408
9783150091272McDonell, NickTwelveReclam - FictionNew€5.8036002
9783150198476Miller, ArthurA View from a BridgeReclam - FictionNew€4.6036914
9783150197776Nelson, BlakeParanoid ParkReclam - FictionNew€5.6039128
9783150197271Nester, MargaretBusiness SituationsReclam - Language LearningNew€5.0039348
9783150199039Norris, BruceClybourne ParkReclam - DramaNew€5.8041215
9783150198162Oates, Joyce CarolSexyReclam - FictionNew€6.6041992
9783150091463Proges,WilfriedMini Sagas - An Anthology of Fifty Word Short StoriesReclam - Fiction Short StoriesNew€5.8044806
9783150199268Rai, BaliThe GunReclam - FictionNew€4.8045295
9783150092354ReclamEnglish ProverbsReclam - Non FictionNew€4.8045555
9783150091111Rhue, MortonGive A Boy a GunReclam - FictionNew€5.4045868
9783150090404Russell, WillyEducating RitaReclam - DramaNew€5.0047596
9783150109083Shakespeare, WilliamLiebesgedichte / Poems - Dual English/German (Hardback)Reclam - PoetryNew€8.8049317
9783150091661Shaw, George BernardMrs. Warren's ProfessionReclam - Fiction Irish Interest DramaNew€5.8049519
9783150092484Thomas, DylanUnder Milk WoodReclam - DramaNew€5.4061321
9783150198667Walls, JeannetteHalf Broke HorsesReclam - FictionNew€7.8056292
9783150198919Yates, RichardA Good SchoolReclam - FictionNew€7.8058952

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Children & Young Adult

9781405297035Anderson, Laura EllenAmelia Fang and the Naughty CartoonsChildren Young AdultsNew€9.5060486
9781405287074Anderson, Laura EllenAmelia Fang and the Memory ThiefChildren Young AdultsNew€9.5060504
9780141368511Barr, EmilyThe One Memory of Flora BanksChildren Young AdultsNew€10.003998
9780147508652Barrie, J.M.Peter PanChildren Young AdultsNew€8.0060410
9780141335858Benton, JimDear Dumb Diary, Never do Anything, EverChildren Young AdultsNew€6.505022
9781407140209Blundell, JudyWhat I Saw and How I Lied Children Young AdultsNew€6.505687
9780552573788Boyne, JohnThe Terrible Thing that Happened to Barnaby BrocketChildren Young AdultsNew€10.006348
9780717181339Breslin, NiallMagic Moment ChildrenNew€19.506728
9781786540997Brooks, BenThe Impossible BoyChildren Young AdultsNew€13.5062352
9781408309513Carter, AllyGallagher Girls . I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'll Have To Kill YouChildren Young AdultsNew€6.509114
9780141328355Chapman, lindaLoving Spirit SecretsChildren Young AdultsNew€6.509663
9780007334094Child, LaurenRuby Redford - Take Your Last BreathChildren Young AdultsNew€10.009931
9780007334131Child, LaurenRuby Redfort - Feel the FearChildren Young AdultsNew€10.009936
9780007334117Child, LaurenCatch Your Death Children Young AdultsNew€8.509914
9781536200478Child, LaurenRUBY REDFORT LOOK INTO MChildren Young AdultsNew€9.009943
9780230749511Cobb, RebeccaMissing Mummy ChildrenNew€8.0010660
9780099299110Cole, BabetteMummy Laid An EggChildrenNew€10.9010914
9780141339108Colfer, EoinArtemis Fowl and the Arctic IncidentChildren Young AdultsNew€7.9911017
9780141339115Colfer, EoinArtemis Fowl and the Eternity CodeChildren Young AdultsNew€8.8111022
9780141339146Colfer, EoinArtemis Fowl and the Lost Colony - Book 5Children Young AdultsNew€7.9911029
9780141339139Colfer, EoinArtemis Fowl and the Opal DeceptionChildren Young AdultsNew€7.9911034
9780141339122Colfer, EoinArtemis Fowl and the Time Paradox - Book 6Children Young AdultsNew€7.9911039
9781408838365Conaghan, BrianWhen Mr Dog BitesChildren Young AdultsNew€10.4911311
9781427207401Cooper, HelenPUMPKIN SOUP (BOOK & CD SET)ChildrenNew€11.0011713
9780440944591Cormier, RobertThe Chocolate WarChildren Young AdultsNew€7.6411800
9781406359220Cousins, Lucy Za-Za's Baby Brother - Book and DVDChildrenNew€8.4912008
9781526608147Crossan, SarahToffeeChildren Young AdultsNew€10.5060935
9780141365428Dahl, RoaldBFGChildren Young AdultsNew€8.0060311
9780141365466Dahl, RoaldMatildaChildren Young AdultsNew€7.5061197
9780762450428Daily, DThe Velveteen Rabbit MinChildrenNew€9.5061591
9781250315359Daugherty, CJMirageChildren Young AdultsNew€10.0012855
9780399174193Daywalt, DrewThe Day the Crayons QuitChildrenNew€11.0062933
9781849397773Delaney, Samuel R.The Ghost PrisonChildren Young AdultsNew€6.5013400
9781465409676DKBABY TOUCH & FEEL SOPHIE LA GirafeChildrenNew€6.5014564
9781509883134Donaldson, JWhat the Ladybird Heard CDChildren Audio BookNew€11.5014782
9781529023473Donaldson, JuliaTales from Acorn WoodChildrenNew€9.0060374
9781509830398Donaldson, JuliaThe GruffaloChildrenNew€9.0060372
9781509862719Donaldson, JuliaThe Princess and the WizardChildrenNew€10.0060235
9780717184859Donnelly, PeterThe President's CatChildrenNew€9.5062117
9780717184811Donnelly, PeterThe President's SurpriseChildrenNew€16.0062118
9780717184811Donnelly, PeterThe President's SurpriseChildrenNew€16.0062119
9780140367485Doyle, Arthur ConanThe Lost WorldChildren Young AdultsNew€8.8115330
9781447248774Doyle, RoddyBrilliantChildren Young AdultsNew€8.5015353
9780571355112Emezi, AkwaekePetChildren Young AdultsNew€10.5062441
9780140317534Ende, MichaelMomoChildren Young AdultsNew€8.5061326
9780525457589Ende, MichaelThe Neverending StoryChildren Young AdultsNew€30.0063010
9780746098479Frith, ALift the Flap AtlasChildrenNew€17.0060419
9781444719970George, ElizabethEdge of Nowhere 1 Children Young AdultsNew€7.5020642
9781444937350Gray, KesOi Puppies!ChildrenNew€16.5061934
 Gray, KesOi PlatypusChildrenNew€9.5061934
9780142402511Green, JohnLooking For AlaskaChildren Young AdultsNew€8.4921846
9780141350868Green, SallyHalf BadChildren Young AdultsNew€6.5021891
9781905434107Griffiths, NeilAre You Sitting Comfortably? Then I'll Begin!Children Young AdultsNew€12.0022122
9780552559614Hawking, StephenGeorge's Cosmic Treasure HuntChildren Young AdultsNew€8.5024165
9781444949360Hegarty, ShaneBoot 1 Small Robot Big AdventureChildren Young AdultsNew€8.5060940
9781908435866Hill, StuartThe Cry of the Icemark Children Young AdultsNew€8.6025250
9781847177841Hood, KimPlain Jane Children Young AdultsNew€6.5025756
9781406386042Jeffers, OliverChild of BooksChildrenNew€9.5060470
9780008266165Jeffers, OliverHere We AreChildrenNew€18.0061639
9781782950295Johns, Captain W. E.Biggles in France Children Young AdultsNew€6.5027840
9780007171323Kerr, JudithMog and the BabyChildrenNew€9.5059470
9780241405604Kinney, JamesDiary of an Awesome Friendly KidChildren Young AdultsNew€14.5029885
9780141354934L'Engle, MadelineA Wrinkle in TimeChildren Young AdultsNew€7.5061000
9780007115617Lewis, C.S.Narnia 2/Lion Witch Children Young AdultsNew€6.5032928
9781847178633Long, Ruth FrancesA Darkness at the End - Book 3Children Young AdultsNew€6.5033525
9781847176363Long, Ruth FrancesA Hollow in the Hills - Book 2Children Young AdultsNew€6.5033526
9781406386424Love, JessicaJulian Is a MermaidChildrenNew€9.5061020
9781419717314Manceau, EdouardTickle MonsterChildrenNew€14.5060190
9781444940633Mathieu, JenniferMoxie Children Young AdultsNew€10.5035295
9781842707401McKee, DavidElmer and RoseChildrenNew€8.5036333
9781842709375McKee, DavidElmer and the SnakeChildrenNew€8.5036349
9780141337111Mead, RichelleBloodlines (book 1)Children Young AdultsNew€6.5036500
9780525579526Membrino, AI Look Up To... Ruth Bader GinsburgChildrenNew€8.5060806
9781405251600Milne, A.A.Return to Hundred Acre WoodChildren Young AdultsNew€7.5037175
9780140367522Nesbit, E. The Story of the AmuletChildren Young AdultsNew€10.0239282
9780735841840Nordqvist, SvenFindus Disappears!ChildrenNew€14.9960155
xPotter, BeatrixThe Tale of Two Bad MiceChildrenNew€4.0044419
9781843322924Priddy, RFirst 100 WordsChildrenNew€8.5044758
9781843322924Priddy, RFirst 100 WordsChildrenNew€9.0060118
9781407154206Pullman, PhilipThe Shadow in the NorthChildren Young AdultsNew€11.0044999
9781405913027Ridgway, BeeThe River of No Return Children Young AdultsNew€6.5045996
9780141346816Riordan, RickPercy Jackson and the Titan's CourseChildren Young AdultsNew€7.6546173
9780141325491Riordan, RickHeroes of Olympus - The Lost HeroChildren Young AdultsNew€9.1446150
9780141325491Riordan, RickHeroes of Olympus - The Lost HeroChildren Young AdultsNew€9.1546150
9781568462806Rock, ZackA Good Story ChildrenNew€16.0046464
9781568462608Rock, ZackHomer Henry Hudson's Curio MuseumChildrenNew€18.9046473
9781250258021Rowell, RainbowWayward SonChildren Young AdultsNew€10.0059570
9781408855652Rowling, J.K.Harry Potter 1/Philosopher's StoneChildren Young AdultsNew€10.0047013
9780060256654Silverstein, ShelThe Giving TreeChildrenNew€17.5060086
9781407195575Smith, CraigThe Wonky Donkey ChildrenNew€9.0050525
9780064402385Smith, Doris BuchananThe TASTE OF BLACKBERRIES Children Young AdultsNew€7.0050537
xSnicket, LemonyA Series of Unfortunate Events - Book the Seventh - The Vile VillageChildren Young AdultsNew€7.5050977
xSnicket, LemonyA Series of Unfortunate Events - Book the Tenth - The Slippery SlopeChildren Young AdultsNew€7.5050983
xSnicket, LemonyA Series of Unfortunate Events - Book the Thirteenth - The EndChildren Young AdultsNew€7.5050988
9780061146336Snicket, LemonyA Series of Unfortunate Events No. 3 The Wide WidowChildren Young AdultsNew€8.0051022
9781405266062Snicket, LemonyThe Unfortunate Events - The Bad BeginningChildren Young AdultsNew€9.0051026
9780141373782Stevens, RobinMurder Most Unladylike A Spoonful of MurderChildren Young AdultsNew€8.0052141
9780141373782Stevens, RobinMurder Most UnladylikeChildren Young AdultsNew€8.5052141
9780385746663Stine, R.L.Mostly Ghostly Little Camp of HorrorsChildren Young AdultsNew€6.5052254
9780552566797Stroud, JonathanThe Screaming StaircaseChildren Young AdultsNew€7.9952499
9780241415368Suzuki, Carolyn (illus.)M is for MindfulnessChildrenNew€9.0062817
9781524764746Thomas, KaraLittle Monsters Children Young AdultsNew€12.0053463
9780525644477Thomas, KaraThe CheerleadersChildren Young AdultsNew€6.5053464
9780062798923Toht, PatriciaDress Like a GirlChildrenNew€16.5060579
9780393356502Tyson, Neil de GrasseAstrophysics for Young People In A HurryChildren Young AdultsNew€11.5054901
9780142419892Warner, SallyELLRAY JAKES #02 ELLRAY JAKES Children Young AdultsNew€6.0056495
9781474935975Watt, FThat's Not My UnicornChildrenNew€9.0062447
9781474945561Watt, FionaThat's not my koalaChildrenNew€9.0060046
9780140367591Wiggin, Kate Douglas Rebecca of Sunnybrook FarmChildren Young AdultsNew€8.8157253
9781405276177Woodfine, KatherineThe Clockwork SparrowChildren Young AdultsNew€8.5058117

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