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9781555531959Aaron, DanielAmerican Notes Selected Notes EssaysNon Fiction EssaysUsed€3.8014
9780434009244Adams, DouglasLast Chance to SeeNon FictionUsed€4.60295
9780786868728Albom, MitchHave a Little FaithNon FictionUsed€4.001060
9780224076104Amis, MartinThe Second PlaneNon FictionUsed€5.501524
9780563371304Antiques RoadshowPocket Guide - Dolls, Toys & GamesNon FictionUsed€1.201805
9791576072645Appelbaum, PeterMulticultural and Diversity EducationNon FictionUsed€2.501830
9781473606593Armstrong, AlexanderThe 100 Most Pointless Arguments in the World. SolvedNon Fiction HumourUsed€4.001961
9780062500083Ausubel, KennySeeds of Change - The Living TreasureNon FictionUsed€4.002951
9781472906250Avery, MarkA Message form Martha - The Extinction of the Passenger Pigeon and its Relevance TodayNon FictionUsed€3.702959
9780099682417Baigent, MichaelThe Holy Blood and the Holy GrailNon FictionUsed€3.703133
9780684822433Baker, ArnieSmart CyclingNon FictionUsed€4.503166
9780330341165Barnes, JulianLetters from London 1990 - 1995Non FictionUsed€4.503946
9780330489164Barnes, JulianSomething to DeclareNon FictionUsed€4.503953
9780735223585Bauer, ShaneAmerican PrisonNon FictionUsed€12.5060246
9780571173891Bennett, AlanWriting HomeNon FictionUsed€4.6060792
9781401303068Bennetts, LeslieThe Feminine Mistake: Are We Giving Up Too Much?Non FictionUsed€3.705008
9781444782967Binchy, MaeveMaeve's TimesNon FictionUsed€3.805453
xBishop, Claire HuchetAll Things CommonNon Fiction EssaysUsed€3.805510
9780713652642BlackKnow the Game - SwimmingNon Fiction SportUsed€2.005526
9780812979329Boo, KatherineBehind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death and Hope In A Mumbai UndercityNon FictionUsed€4.605944
9780340829912Bragg, MelvynThe Adventure of EnglishNon FictionUsed€4.606507
9781594203442Brick, MichaelSaving the SchoolNon FictionUsed€3.706757
9780747273530Brock. PopeIndiana GothicNon FictionUsed€4.0060780
9780385408189Bryson, BillA Short History of Nearly EverythingNon FictionUsed€4.8061042
9780755313792Cairns, ChristopherNo Tie Required How the Rich Stole GolfNon Fiction SportUsed€3.608384
9780571141630Carey, John (ed.)The Faber Book of ReportageNon FictionUsed€4.0059873
9781568586731Carle, Glenn L.The Interrogator - An EducationNon FictionUsed€4.5060750
9781556431296Carlotto, Mark J.The Martian Enigmas: A Closer LookNon FictionUsed€4.008886
1850510520Cater, BillThe Sunday Times book of Do-It-YourselfNon FictionUsed€3.009319
xChan, SteveEast Asian Dynamism - Growth, Order and Security in the Pacific RegionNon FictionUsed€3.709574
9780330435857Clancy, TomBattle ReadyNon FictionUsed€4.0010296
9781898876854Cliff, TonyIn the Thick of Workers' Struggle - Selected Writings Vol. 2Non FictionUsed€9.5010561
9781444726961Cole, RichardSAS Operation StormNon FictionUsed€3.6062072
9780141035345Cooke, AlistairLetter from AmericaNon FictionUsed€4.6060435
9780826314048Cordova, Teresa ed. Chicana Voices: Intersections of Class, Race, and GenderNon FictionUsed€6.5011758
9780297849032Dalla, NolanThe Man Behind the Shades (Poker)Non Fiction Used€4.5061473
9781857995954Dawkins, RichardGod's Utility Function (Small Format)Non FictionUsed€3.7012994
9781601632227Dolan, Richard M.A.D. After Disclosure - When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien ContactNon FictionUsed€5.5014761
9781439150467Doland, Erin RooneyUnclutter Your Life in One WeekNon FictionUsed€4.8014762
9780805063882Ehrenreich, BarbaraNickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in AmericaNon FictionUsed€4.5016323
9780525954637Elfrink, TimBlood Sport (Baseball)Non Fiction SportUsed€6.0060455
9789814423564Emka, MoammarJakarta Undercover IINon FictionUsed€4.0061148
9780701146436Faludi, SusanBacklash: The Undeclared War Against WomenNon FictionUsed€4.6061043
9780117037403Franklin, JohnCyclecraftNon FictionUsed€3.6061846
0913654558Germain, CarolThe Cancer Unit: An EthnographyNon FictionUsed€6.5020688
9780385600156Greer, GermaineThe Whole WomanNon Fiction FeminismUsed€5.5062842
9780340922101Grogan, JohnMarley and MeNon FictionUsed€3.8022280
0201105152Gross, RonalsThe Independent Scholar's Handbook - How to Turn Your Interest in Any Subject into ExpertiseNon FictionUsed€7.0022300
9780879696528Guarente, LennyAgeless Quest Non FictionUsed€5.5022344
9780140271751Hancock, GrahamThe Mars MysteryNon FictionUsed€3.8022860
9780751507768Hanff, HeleneOmnibus - Underfoot in Show Business / 84 Charing Cross Road / The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street / Apple of my Eye / Q's LegacyNon Fiction - LettersUsed€4.8022885
xHarris, R.J.C.CancerNon Fiction HealthUsed€3.6023803
xHauser, GayelordGayelord Hauser's New Treasury of Secrets - Your Passport to a Better Way of LivingNon Fiction HealthUsed€3.5024091
xHeinrich Böll StiftungEcology - The Future We Want- A Feminist Perspective - PamphletNon FictionUsed€1.5024420
xHeinrich Böll StiftungGunda Werner Institute - Peace and Security for All - Feminist Positions and Perspectives on Peace and Security Policy - ÜamphletNon FictionUsed€1.5024421
9780807029817Hirsch, Michele LentInvisible: How Young Women with Serious Health Issues Navigate Work, Relationships, and the Pressure Just to Seem FineNon FictionUsed€8.5025331
9780691121369Hirsch, Susan F.In the Moment of Greatest Calamity - Terrorism, Grief and a Victim's Quest for JusticeNon FictionUsed€11.9025333
9781476731902Hobbs, JeffThe Short and Tragic Life of Robert PeaceNon FictionUsed€4.5059879
9780753814413Hornby, Nick (ed.)My Favourite Year: A Collection of Football WritingNon Fiction SportUsed€4.5026003
9790520231275Iriye, AkiraGlobal Community - The Role of International Organizations in the Making of the Contemporary WorldNon FictionUsed€18.9026892
9780747561774James, OliverThey Fuck You Up: How to Survive Family LifeNon FictionUsed€4.0061108
xJay, MegThe Defining DecadeNon FictionUsed€8.5027629
9780297815112John Brockman ed.How Things Are - A Science Tool-Kit for the MindNon Fiction Popular Science - EssaysUsed€8.5027835
9780786701292Jordan, DebbieAbducted!Non FictionUsed€3.6028083
0465036929Jordan, JuneSome of Us Did Not Die: New & Selected EssaysNon Fiction EssaysUsed€15.0028084
006101351xJunger, SebastianThe Perfect StormNon FictionUsed€2.6028430
9780521002660Katz, James E,Perpetual Contact - Mobile Communication, Private Talk, Public PerformanceNon FictionUsed€5.5028745
9780955913327Keane, ColmThe Distant Shore: More Irish Stories from the Edge of DeathNon Fiction Irish InterestUsed€3.6028858
006356982Keating, PeterThe Victorian ProphetsNon Fiction EssaysUsed€4.0028873
xKing, Frederick CharlesPublic Administration in IrelandNon Fiction Irish InterestUsed€3.6029528
xKroes, RobSoldiers and Students - A study of Right- and Left-Wing RadicalsNon FictionUsed€6.0030669
9780340517819Levin, BernardAll Things ConsideredNon FictionUsed€3.5032800
9780241254738Lewis, MichaelThe Undoing ProjectNon FictionUsed€4.6060679
1210000200Lewis, OscarFive Families - Mexican Case Studies in the Culture of PovertyNon FictionUsed€3.9533020
9781862073296Lichteinstein, RachelRodinsky's RoomNon FictionUsed€4.8060573
xLilly, John C.Man and DolphinNon FictionUsed€7.5033111
xMavrogordato, Olga J.Voices in the StreetNon FictionUsed€5.0035459
9780091776121McDowell, ColinThe Designer ScamNon FictionUsed€4.5036012
9781874166252McEvoy, J.PIntroducing Stephen HawkingNon Fiction Popular ScienceUsed€4.6036020
9780140266979McGuinness, DianeWhy Children Can't ReadNon FictionUsed€3.8036250
xMetzker, IsaacA Bintel BriefNon FictionUsed€5.4036711
9780099551232Mezrich, BenThe Accidental BillionairesNon FictionUsed€3.9036771
9780811811651Mickenberg, Risa Taxi Driver WisdomNon FictionUsed€4.0060795
xMikes, GeorgeHow to Scrape SkiesNon Fiction Used€3.5036867
9781908402356Miles, Alfred H.The Diners Out Vade-MecumNon FictionUsed€4.0036876
0394739655Miller, Marc S. EdWorking Lives - The Southern Exposure of History of Labor in the SouthNon FictionUsed€5.0037058
9780124982512Mims, CedricThe War Within Us - Everyman's Guide to Infection and ImmunityNon FictionUsed€4.5037254
9781852170783Mitchell, Ann LindsayThe MacPhersons - The Origins of the Clan Macpherson and their Place in Scotland's HistoryNon FictionUsed€1.0038238
9781471680939Morris, RichardMeditations of a SportsmanNon FictionUsed€4.0037867
xMorris, RonaldSuccess and Failure in Learning to ReadNon FictionUsed€3.6037869
xMuller, Richard Dr.Nemesis The Death StarNon Fiction ScienceUsed€4.2038238
9781841586847Murray, Donald S.The Guga HuntersNon FictionUsed€6.5038755
070993005955Naisbitt, JohnMegatrendsNon FictionUsed€3.6039036
9781846682872NewScientistHow to Make a TornadoNon FictionUsed€4.5061013
9781861978769NewScientistWhy Don't Penguins Feet Freeze?Non FictionUsed€4.5061050
9781861979735NewScientistDoes Anything Eat Wasps?Non FictionUsed€4.5061051
9780691148908Nielsen, MichaelReinventing Discovery: The New Era of Networked ScienceNon Fiction ScienceUsed€4.0039522
9780006540427Oakley, AnnTaking It Like A WomanNon Fiction FeminismUsed€4.6062847
xPackard, VanceA Nation of StrangersNon FictionUsed€6.0042750
9781880908433Pearsall, RonaldMyths and Legends of IrelandNon Fiction Irish InterestUsed€4.5043353
xPhilander, S. GeorgeIs the Temperature Rising?Non FictionUsed€3.4043715
0330201751Phillips. HubertThe Pan Book of Card GamesNon FictionUsed€4.0059579
9781594481710Pink, Daniel H.A Whole New Mind - Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the WorldNon FictionUsed€4.8062631
xPitman, IsaacPitman's ShorthandNon FictionUsed€6.0059688
9780393329957Quammen, DavidThe Reluctant Mr. DarwinNon Fiction ScienceUsed€6.5045174
9781580082310Quinn, BillHow Wal-Mart Is Destroying AmericaNon FictionUsed€1.5045214
xRae, John B.The American Automobile A Brief HistoryNon FictionUsed€5.0045276
9780679736158Reich, Robert B.The Work of NationsNon FictionUsed€4.0059766
9780767914512Riordan, TeresaInventing BeautyNon FictionUsed€11.5046189
9780006381051Robinson, PatrickHorsetrader - Robert Sangster and the Rise and Fall of the Sport of KingsNon Fiction Used€2.5046421
9780099557760Root, NeilFrenzy! Heath, Haigh & Christie - How the Tabloid Press Turned Three Evil Serial Killers into CelebritiesNon FictionUsed€4.9046735
9780060973681Sacks, OliverAwakeningsNon FictionUsed€4.8059870
9780141022413Schlosser, EricCogs in the Great MachineNon FictionUsed€2.5048460
9780060977580Schor, Juliet B.The Overspent American - Why We Want What We Don't NeedNon Fiction BusinessUsed€3.2548534
9781524711122Schwalbe, WillBooks for LivingNon FictionUsed€6.5048629
9783487146157Seefeldt, JürgenPortals to the Past and to the Future: Libraries in GermanyNon Fiction German InterestUsed€4.5048936
9781593764418Shaw, CharlesExile Nation: Drugs, Prisons, Politics & SpiritualityNon FictionUsed€4.6049511
9780140154085Silvester, ChristopherThe Penguin Book of InterviewsNon FictionUsed€4.6061001
9781780745084Slaughter, Anne-MarieUnfinished BusinessNon FictionUsed€4.8060688
xSmith, A.P.Welcome to the Land of Cannibalistic Horses Non Fiction EssaysUsed€12.0050367
0452283957Smith, DennisReport From Ground ZeroNon FictionUsed€3.8050529
9780486481982Smullyan, Raymond M.What Is the Name of this Book? The Riddle of Dracula and Other Logical PuzzlesNon Fiction MathematicsUsed€8.5050951
9781857025026Sobel, DavaLongitudeNon Fiction ScienceUsed€4.6051105
9780552111324St. Clair, DavidChild PossessedNon FictionUsed€3.6051548
9781561481293Stoltzfus, LouiseAmish Women Lives and StoriesNon FictionUsed€4.5052329
9780099238126Strathern, PaulArchimedes & The FulcrumNon Fiction - ScienceUsed€3.7052396
9780099237426Strathern, PaulCrick, Watson & DNANon Fiction - ScienceUsed€3.7052397
9781846944574Stubbs, DavidSend Them Victorious England's Path to Glory 2006 - 2010Non Fiction SportUsed€2.3052530
871548631Suchman, Edward A.Evaluative ResearchNon FictionUsed€4.0052565
9781408815632Summerscale, KateMrs. Robinson's Disgrace: The Private Diary of a Victorian LadyNon FictionUsed€4.4052634
xSytles, ShowellWelsh Walks & LegendsNon FictionUsed€3.8052807
9780465095391Terr, Lenore M.D.Unchained Memories - True Stories of Traumatic Memories, Lost and FoundNon Fiction - PsychologyUsed€2.5053267
9780202692388The Social Learning GroupLearning to Manage Global Environmental Risks Vol. 1Non FictionUsed€3.6053345
9780719563454Thompson, HarryPenguins Stopped Play - Eleven Village Cricketers Take on the WorldNon Fiction SportUsed€5.5053546
140208321Vaizey, JohnEducation for TomorrowNon FictionUsed€4.5055085
9781451611496Wagner, TonyCreating Innovators - The Making of Young People Who Will Change the WorldNon FictionUsed€4.0055964
9781405311458Wewer, Cynthia TownleyCut the ClutterNon FictionUsed€4.8057011
xWilliamson, Noel. EDartsNon Fiction SportUsed€4.5057634
9780465092758Woit, PeterNot Even Wrong: The Failure of String Theory and the Search for Unity in Physical LawNon Fiction ScienceUsed€7.0057960
9780935926255Yao, KingWeighing the Odds in Hold'em PokerNon FictionUsed€4.0058936
xYeats, W.B.Essays and IntroductionsNon Fiction EssaysUsed€5.5058992
9781592404452Zaslow, JeffreyThe Girls from AmesNon FictionUsed€4.0059213

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xAkenson, Donald Harman The Price of Power - The United States and IrelandNon Fiction History Irish InterestUsed€10.001009
xAldcroft, Derek H. Studies in British Transport History 1870 - 1970Non Fiction HistoryUsed€4.601119
xAllen, Frederick Lewis Only Yesterday - An Informal History of the 1920'sNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.001287
9783831902590Arfs. Jörn (ed.) Artistic Awareness and Entrepreneurial Spirit: History of the Building and Art of the Hamburg Chamber of CommerceNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.501921
xAshley, Maurice The People of England: A Short Social and Economic HistoryNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.502061
9781871829020Barker, Theo Moving Millions A Pictorial History of London Transport (Trains)Non Fiction HistoryUsed€3.803882
xBeard, Charles A.Beard, Mary R.The Rise of American Civilization (1943)Non Fiction HistoryUsed€15.004472
0140049789Becker, Peter Path of BloodNon Fiction HistoryUsed€8.004680
9780140249859Beevor, Antony StalingradNon Fiction HistoryUsed€5.5061006
0140061169Bierman, John Righteous Gentle - The Story of Raoul Wallenberg Missing Hero of the HolocaustNon Fiction HistoryUsed€5.005373
9780712665902Bourke, Angela The Burning of Bridget ClearyNon Fiction History Irish InterestUsed€4.006105
9780805079333Boyle, Kevin Arc of Justice: A Saga of Race, Civil Rights and Murder in Jazz AgeNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.8062060
9780609806760Brehm, Jack, Senior Master Sergeant That Others May Live - The True Story of the Pjs, The Real-Life Heroes of the Perfect StormNon Fiction HistoryUsed€10.006710
xBritish Museum Guide to the British MuseumNon Fiction HistoryUsed€1.006830
9780717114320Brockie, Gerald 19th Century in Focus - Europe and Ireland, 1800-1890Non Fiction HistoryUsed€3.606843
9781563731907Brown, Fred The Persistence of Vision: The Denver Metro Chamber of CommereceNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.007178
9781568985022Brunner, John The Ocean at Home - An Illustrated History of the AquariumNon Fiction HistoryUsed€20.007293
9780262018876Brunton, Finn SPAM A Shadow History of the InternetNon Fiction HistoryUsed€5.0061845
9781911445326Buchan, John A History of the First World WarNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.807448
0874511933Bushman, Claudia L. A Good Poor Man's Wife - Being A Chronicle of Harriet Hanson Robinson and Her Family in Nineteenth Century New EnglandNon Fiction HistoryUsed€6.008048
9780385418485Cahill, Thomas How the Irish Saved CivilizationNon Fiction History Irish InterestUsed€4.608356
9781843915607Chase, Owen Beneath the Heart of the Sea; The Sinking of the Whaleship EssexNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.0062035
xCherno, Melvin The Contemporary World Vol. IV Since 1850Non Fiction HistoryUsed€20.009814
9780140096484Christmas, Linda Chopping Down the Cherry Trees - A Portrait of Britain in the EightiesNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.5010250
9781609493172Clemens, Colleen LutzBeardsall, Rebecca HelmWestern Pennsylvania ReflectionsNon Fiction HistoryUsed€8.0010547
0195016181Clemens, Diane Shaver YaltaNon Fiction HistoryUsed€6.0010548
xCohen, Naomi W. Not Free to DesistNon Fiction HistoryUsed€25.0010900
xCold War international History Project Bulletin The End of the Cold War Fall/Winter 2001Non Fiction History German InterestUsed€20.0010912
0714816388Coogan, Tim Pat The Irish: A Personal ViewNon Fiction History Irish InterestUsed€4.0011627
xCunliffe, Marcus The Nation Takes Shape 1789 - 1837Non Fiction HistoryUsed€6.5012306
0904651894Darby, John (ed.) Northern Ireland: The Background to the ConflictNon Fiction History Irish InterestUsed€5.0059640
xDarwin, John Britain, Egypt and the Middle EastNon Fiction HistoryUsed€8.5012837
9780718128791David, Hugh The Fitzrovians A Portrait of Bohemian Society 1900 - 55Non Fiction HistoryUsed€5.0012872
9780330488631Davies, Norman Rising '44: The Battle for WarsawNon Fiction HistoryUsed€5.5061157
9780099563839Davis, Wade Into the Silence: The Great War, Mallory and the Conquest of EverestNon Fiction HistoryUsed€5.5060436
02608480Drudy, P.J. (ed.) Irish Studies 4: The Irish in America: Emigration, Assimilation and ImpactNon Fiction History Irish InterestUsed€10.0015511
xEdinburgh Museum Golden Warriors of the Ukranian SteppesNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.0016090
9781419715853Ellroy, James LAPD '53Non Fiction HistoryUsed€8.0016659
0719017548Elwood, Willis J. (ed.)Tuxford, A. FeliciteSome Manchester Doctors: A biographical collection to mark the 150th Anniversary of the Manchester Medical Society 1834 - 1984Non Fiction HistoryUsed€4.6016749
xFennell, JLI Kurbsky's History of Ivan IVNon Fiction HistoryUsed€8.0017625
9780141021416Fox, Robin Lane The Classical World: An Epic History of Greece and RomeNon Fiction HistoryUsed€5.0061661
9780851248318Friedrich, Ernst War Against War!Non Fiction HistoryUsed€7.5019481
xGerman Historical InstituteWashingtonStaging a Dream - Untold Stories and Transatlantic Legacies of the March on WashingtonNon Fiction HistoryUsed€7.0020689
xGerman Historical InstituteWashingtonStaging a Dream - Untold Stories and Transatlantic Legacies of the March on WashingtonNon Fiction HistoryUsed€7.0020690
0826400442Glaser, Hermann (ed.) The German Mind of the 19th CenturyNon Fiction HistoryUsed€7.5061479
9780801846007Golden, Mark Children and the Childhood in Classical AthensNon Fiction HistoryUsed€6.0021274
xGoldman, Eric F. The Crucial Decade and After: America 1945 - 1960Non Fiction HistoryUsed€4.5021326
0140058419Gough, Richard The History of MyddleNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.6021508
0941401022Groden, Robert, J.Livingstone, Harrison EdwardHigh Treason: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy: What Really HappenedNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.0060444
xHealy, Patrick All Roads Lead to TallaghtNon Fiction History Irish InterestUsed€10.0024306
9781593081027Herodotus The HistoriesNon Fiction HistoryUsed€6.0061442
9780679735250Herr, Michael DispatchesNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.8060000
9780006387800Hickman, Katie Daughters of BritanniaNon Fiction HistoryUsed€3.6025087
9780007378036Hillenbrand, Laura UnbrokenNon Fiction HistoryUsed€5.5025281
xHodge, James H. Famous Trials 5Non Fiction HistoryUsed€5.5025483
xHofstadter, Richard (ed.) Great Issues in American History From Reconstruction to the Present Day 1864 - 1969Non Fiction HistoryUsed€4.0025567
9780333725771Horne, Alistair Seven Ages of Paris: Portrait of a CityNon Fiction HistoryUsed€6.0061839
9781509509812Hugues, Pascale Hannah's Dress Non Fiction HistoryUsed€7.5026419
xHussey, J.M. Church & Learning in the Byzantine EmpireNon Fiction HistoryUsed€28.5026503
033026334xKidron, MichaelSegal, RonaldThe State of the World AtlasNon Fiction HistoryUsed€3.0029466
3416Klaproth, Louis Pictures and Characters from British HistoryNon Fiction HistoryUsed€3.6030063
9780995547858Kruse, John British Fairies (Fairytales)Non Fiction HistoryUsed€8.0030694
9780060822187Lagnado, Lucette The Man in the White Sharkskin SuitNon Fiction HistoryUsed€3.7031254
9780465026326Large, David Clay BERLIN (reduced moved to Used)Non Fiction History Berlin interestUsed€18.0031505
9781588342454Levenson, Jay A. (ed.) Encompassing the Globe: Portugal and the World in the 16th & 17th CenturiesNon Fiction HistoryUsed€15.0032763
9781596522558Lewis, Russell Historic Photos of ChicagoNon Fiction History / PhotographyUsed€8.5033028
9780399140723Lifton, Robert JayMitchell, GregHiroshima In America: Fifty Years of DenialNon Fiction HistoryUsed€7.0061587
xLipset, Seymour Martin Hofstadter, Richard (eds.)Sociology and History: MethodsNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.5033197
9780226500614Maclean, Norman Young Men and FireNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.5034133
xMartin The Lives of St. Wenceslas, St. Ludmila and St. AdalbertNon Fiction HistoryUsed€40.0034945
9780340522394McMillan, James F. Twentieth Century France: Politics and Society 1898 - 1991Non Fiction HistoryUsed€4.6061480
1891739026McQuail, Lisa Treasures of Two Nations: Thai Royal Gifts to the United States of AmericaNon Fiction HistoryUsed€7.0036476
9780717121984McRedmond, Louis (ed.) Modern Irish LivesNon Fiction History Irish InterestUsed€4.0036479
9780586088869Miles, Rosalind The Women's History of the WorldNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.8061174
0862838975Miller, Judith & Martin Miller's Understanding AntiquesNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.5037023
xMorris, James Heaven's Command - An Imperial ProgressNon Fiction HistoryUsed€6.5037860
9781856352772Morrison, Danny Then the Walls Came Down: A Prison JournalNon Fiction History Irish InterestUsed€4.0037880
xMorse, Arthur D. While 6 Million DiedNon Fiction HistoryUsed€6.5037990
0312659849Mortimer, Penelope Queen Elizabeth - A Portrait of the Queen MotherNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.0038034
9781935902607Nachama, AndreasSimon, HermannJews in Berlin (Schoepes, Julius H.)Non Fiction History Berlin InterestUsed€8.5038970
9780349114699Nathan, Andrew J. (ed.)Link, Perry (ed.)The Tiananmen Papers (China)Non Fiction HistoryUsed€5.5060654
xNehru, Jawaharlal Nehru on World HistoryNon Fiction HistoryUsed€20.0061139
0862781086O'Clery, Conor Phrases Make History Here: A Century of Irish Political QuotationsNon Fiction History Irish InterestUsed€3.6041683
9781903464724O'Drisceoil, DiarmuidO'Drisceoil, DonalServing a City - The Story of Cork's English MarketNon Fiction History Irish InterestUsed€12.0041763
192820532O'Leary, Peter My Story - Reminiscences in Ireland from the Great Hunger to the Gaelic LeagueNon Fiction History Irish InterestUsed€4.6041847
9780679432531Palmer, R.R.Colton, JoelA History of the Modern WorldNon Fiction HistoryUsed€17.5060712
9780099551843Parker, Philip The Northmen's Fury: A History of the Viking WorldNon Fiction HistoryUsed€5.5043043
xPelling, Henry A History of British trade UnionismNon Fiction HistoryUsed€30.0043412
9780304351282Perrett, Bryan Iron Fist - Classic Armoured WarfareNon Fiction HistoryUsed€3.8043553
xPhelps. Reginald H.Stein, Jack M.The German HeritageNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.0043714
9780300107722Pipes, Richard  The Degaev affair : (Russia)Non Fiction History - PoliticsUsed€5.0043957
9783402131725Plöger, Juliane Deutschland seit 1945 / Germany Since 1945Non Fiction HistoryUsed€3.0044129
9780865651715Prince Michael of Russia Jewels of the Tsars - The Romanovs & Imperial RussiaNon Fiction HistoryUsed€10.0060965
9781874597834Raftery, Mary Suffer the Little Children: The Inside Story of Ireland's Industrial SchoolsNon Fiction History Irish InterestUsed€5.5045282
9780198152835Rawson, BerylWeaver, PaulThe Roman Family in ItalyNon Fiction HistoryUsed€20.0045464
xRicks, Thomas E. Fiasco - The American Military Adventure in IraqNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.0045986
xRiddell, Lord Lord Riddell's Intimate Diary of the Peace Conference and After 1918 - 1923Non Fiction HistoryUsed€15.0045991
9780743275781Risen, James State of War: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush AdministrationNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.6061483
9781846140273Roberts, Andrew Napoleon the GreatNon Fiction HistoryUsed€15.0061843
071001003956Schell, Jonathan The AbolitionNon Fiction HistoryUsed€3.8048408
xSchlesinger, Arthur Robert Kennedy and His TimesNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.0061905
xShippen, Katherine B. Men of Archaeology Non Fiction HistoryUsed€6.0049716
xSimpson, Tony No Bunkers Here - A Successful Non-Violent Action in a Welsh CommunityNon Fiction HistoryUsed€20.0050145
9781845130862Smith, Sally Bedell Grace & Power - The Private World of the Kennedy White HouseNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.8050720
xSourlas, Geroge I. Herman Spierer The Benefactor of the NationNon Fiction HistoryUsed€3.6051387
xSt. Aubyn, John St. Michael's Mount: Illustrated History and GuideNon Fiction HistoryUsed€3.6051546
9780195066456Stokes, Gale The Walls Came Tumbling Down: The Collapse of Communism in Eastern EuropeNon Fiction HistoryUsed€5.5059788
9780669398397Stout, Neil R.  Getting The Most Out of Your U.S. History CourseNon Fiction HistoryUsed€1.0052380
xSummers, AnthonyMangold, TomThe File on the Tsar - The Fate of the Romanovs Non Fiction HistoryUsed€7.0052630
9780743287210Swofford, Anthony JarheadNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.6060002
xTax, Sol ed. Anthropology Today - SelectionsNon Fiction HistoryUsed€8.0053097
xTaylor, A.J.P. English History 1914 - 1945Non Fiction HistoryUsed€30.0053099
9780140285970Templer, Robert Shadows and Wind - A View of Modern VietnamNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.5053246
9781565842847Terkel, Studs Coming of Age: The Story of Our Century By Those Who've Lived ItNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.8053264
9781853266867Terraine, John TrafalgarNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.0053268
9780143120995Thomas, Louisa ConscienceNon Fiction HistoryUsed€6.0053469
xThompson, Francis St.Ignatious LoyolaNon Fiction HistoryUsed€6.0053544
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9781852605650Williams, David Wartime Disasters at SeaNon Fiction HistoryUsed€7.0057475
xWolff, Perry A Tour of the White House With Mrs. John F. KennedyNon Fiction HistoryUsed€1.0058034
9780552151894Wright, Evan Generation KillNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.0058364
9781849170918x Urquhart Castle Official Souvenir GuideNon Fiction HistoryUsed€5.0061089
9781874670322x Blair CastleNon Fiction HistoryUsed€5.0061090
9780951718810x Hello! The 20th Century in PicturesNon Fiction HistoryUsed€5.5058598
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9780747540274Gold, Alison Leslie Hannah Goslar Remembers - A Childhood Friends of Anne FrankNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.0058603
9783935231640Rieger The Electors of Brandenburg - Kings of Prussia - German KaisersNon Fiction HistoryUsed€1.5058604
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9780521387392Silver, Timothy A New Face on the Countryside - Indians, colonists, and slaves in South Atlantic forests, 1500-1800Non Fiction HistoryUsed€6.4049947

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Biography, Autobiography & Memoir

0550180028Aagsen-JewelChambers Biographical DictionaryAutobiography Biography Memoir ReferenceUsed€4.009
000001277920Ackroyd, PeterChaucerAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.00228
xAdams, HenryThe Education of Henry AdamsAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.00400
9780755310739Adie, KateThe Kindness of Strangers - The AutobiographyAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.60862
9781741108118Ali, LatifaBetrayedAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.001239
9780517703304Alson, PeterConfession of an Ivy League BookieAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.601394
9780224060875Armstrong, LanceIt's Not About the BikeAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.001975
0340249358Bacall, LaurenBy MyselfAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.003052
9780571233137Bailey, JennaCan Any Mother Help Me?Autobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.003139
xBailey, JohnDr. Johnson and his CircleAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€12.503140
9780349006093Bakewell, JoanStop the Clocks - Thoughts On What I Leave BehindAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.803194
9781843173335Barrowman, JohnAnything GoesAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.6061382
9781843173793Barrowman, JohnI am What I amAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.6061383
9780007139842Bauby, Jean-DominiqueThe Diving-Bell and the ButterflyAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.6061516
9780312253820Bayley, JohnElegy for IrisAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.204403
9780374105235Beah, IshmaelA Long Way Gone: Memoirs of A Boy SoldierAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.8060578
9780062501868Bender, SuePlain and Simple - A Woman's Journey to the AmishAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.804921
9780571254866Bennet, AlanA Life Like Other PeoplesAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.604973
9780330321693Berg, A. ScottLindberghAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.6060790
xBlishen, EdwardSorry, Dad!Autobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0060789
9780140085334Blixen, KarenOut of Africa And Shadows on the GrassAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.005642
9780140085334Blixen, Karen ( Isak Dinesen)Out of Africa & Shadows on the GrassAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.005644
9781448208302Bogarde, DirkA Short Walk from HarrodsAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.505794
9780141022505Boyd, WilliamProtobiographyAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€2.506213
9780552770798Boyle, JohnLaffAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.006271
xBranden, BarbaraThe Passion of Ayn RandAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€7.006548
717114589Browne, NoelAgainst the TideAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.607236
9780552772549Bryson, BillThe Life and Times of the Thunderbolt KidAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.5062169
9993100005Burrdige, GlynnVoices from a Corner of EdenAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.007901
9781843541516Burroughs, AugustenRunning with ScissorsAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.007911
9780007164592Byrne, DavidPerdita - The Life of Mary RobinsonAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.008307
xC. Sahlin, Joanna (ed.)Selected Letters of E.T.A. HoffmannAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€7.508332
9780316883139Callan, KevinKevin Callan's StoryAutobiography Biography Memoir Irish Interest Used€3.808416
9781848420540Callow, SimonMy Life in Pieces - An Alternative AutobiographyAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.508425
9780571310937Carey, JohnThe Unexpected Professor (Reduced)Autobiography Biography MemoirUsed€5.508788
374290237487Carey, John (ed.)William Golding: The Man and His BooksAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.508790
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9780007284269Charles Lysaght ed.Great Irish LivesAutobiography Biography Memoir Irish InterestUsed€4.609669
9771751094006Charlton, JackJack CharltonAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.009674
674008782Cody, JohnAfter Great Pain: The Inner Life of Emily DickinsonAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€20.0010692
9780330350495Coe, JonathanLike A Fiery Elephant: The Story of B.S. JohnsonAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.6010696
0394749650Cohen, Morton N.The Selected Letters of Lewis CarrollAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€5.5010899
9780749398941Conway, Jill KerThe Road from CoorainAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.7011625
0140048340Cooke, AlistairSix MenAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0011673
xCopleston, FrederickThomas AquinasAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.5011748
9781401340933Corrigan, KellyThe Middle PlaceAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.6011916
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9781844882175Cusack, Donal OgCome What May, The AutobiographyAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€5.0012359
9780312378684Daugherty, TracyHiding Man: A Biography of Donald BarthelmeAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€6.0012860
9781854111807Davies, RhysPrint of a Hare's FootAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0012926
9781434413840de Mattos, Alexander TeixeiraThe Memoirs of Chateaubriand Vol. 5Autobiography Biography MemoirUsed€10.0013158
9781760632045de Rosnay, TatianaManderley Forever - The Life of Daphne du MaurierAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.8013177
9780099539551de Waal, EdmundThe Hare with Amber EyesAutobiography Biography Memoirsmith, nigel€4.0013218
9781568360102Delany, SarahHaving Our SayAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.6013404
0156899825Doig, IvanThis House of Sky: Landscapes of a Western MindAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.6014758
076814002950Donahue, PhilDonahue My Own StoryAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€7.0014780
9780060916824Dorris, MichaelThe Broken CordAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€5.0015131
9780674050037Douglas-Fairhurst, RobertBecoming DickensLiterary BiographyUsed€8.5015265
9780812968378Dumas, FiroozehFunny in Farsi: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian In AmericaAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0015684
9781904301400Durcan, PaulPaul Durcan's DiaryAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.8015797
xDwyer, JuneJane AustenAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€10.0015879
9780352325761Egginton, JoyceFrom Cradle to GraveAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0016290
9781742379142Ellis, DeborahThe Best Day of My LifeAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€15.0016577
9780007345687Evans, ChrisMemoirs of a FruitcakeAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.6017104
0297785354Ewart-Briggs, JanePay, Pack and FollowAutobiography Biography Memoir Irish InterestUsed€6.0017161
9780091659004Feist, ElaineA Captive Lion - The Life of Marina Tsvetayeva (poetry)Autobiography Biography MemoirUsed€12.0017573
9780340925027Fiennes, RanulphMad Dogs & Englishmen Autobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.5017995
099455007504Fisher, AntwoneFinding FishAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.0018109
6364942Forrester, HelenLiverpool MissAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0018765
xFortune, JanElisabet NeyAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0018865
9780860681816Fraser, SylviaMy Father's HouseAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0062054
9780141039800Fry, StephenThe Fry ChroniclesAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0019588
9781904301080Galvin, PatrickThe Raggy Boy TrilogyAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0020073
9780394714660Gandhi, MahatmanThe Essential GandhiAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.5061897
xGittings, RobertThe Older HardyAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0021013
9781861057884Glanville, BrianFootball MemoriesAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€1.0021058
xGogarty, Oliver St. JohnAs I Was Going Down Sackville StreetAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.6021228
xGordon, LoisDonald BarthelmeAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.5021449
xGrenfell, JoyceRequests the PleasureAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€2.5022084
9780747588825Hancock, SheilaJust MeAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0022862
xHarvey, GeorgeHenry Clay Frick The ManAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.5023964
0862325641Helen, JosephSide By SideAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.8024429
9780684819686Heller, JosephNow and ThenAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.8024461
9780805050875Hillesum, EttyAn Interrupted Life and Letters from WesterborkAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€10.0060220
9780099428664Hoffman, EvaLost in TranslationAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0025526
0140213716Hone, JosephW.B. YeatsAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.5025736
9771751094006Horgan, JohnMary RobinsonAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.5025851
9780349140438Isaacson, WalterSteve JobsAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.6061848
9780006382676Jackson, TimVirgin King - Richard BransonAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.0027262
9780520089280Jacobs, DianeChristmas in July . The Life and Art of Preston SturgesAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.5027269
9780732292584James, EloisaParis in LoveAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.6027363
9780553105193Johnson, MahlonWorking on a MiracleAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.5027889
9781416559313Kambalu, SamsonThe Jive Talker An Artist's GenesisAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€7.0028600
9780670018291Kellow, BrianEthel MermanAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.5028973
0340245514King, MichaelThe Collector - Andrea Reischek A BiographyAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€15.0029540
070993004958King, NicholasGeorge Bush A BiographyAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€6.0011328
048228134886Kuralt, CharlesA Life on the RoadAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.6030835
9780062238863Kyle, ChrisAmerican SniperAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0030918
9780413496607Lahr, John (ed.)The Orton DiariesAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€6.0031283
0811208516Lajolo, DavideAn Absurd Vice - A Biography of Cesare PaveseAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.8031316
9780709048329Lane, MaggieJane Austen's Family Through Five GenerationsAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0031399
0006319661Lane, MargaretThe Bronte StoryAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.5059593
xLeavis, F.R.DH Lawrence: NovelistAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0032149
xLeavy, JaneSandy Koufax - A Lefty's LegacyAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0032153
xLees-Milne, JamesAncestral Voices - Diary Volume 3 1942-1947Autobiography Biography MemoirUsed€5.0032346
9781841588988Leigh, MargaretDriftwood and TangleAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0059580
9780091946814Leonard, Sugar RayThe Big FightAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€5.0032535
9780002558617Lessing, DorisWalking in the Shade - Autobiography Volume Two 1949 - 1962Autobiography Biography MemoirUsed€6.5062228
9766050880Levi, Darrell E.Michael Manley the Making of a LeaderAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€10.0032772
9780861214952Lindsay, PatrickMemoriesAutobiography Biography Memoir Irish InterestUsed€3.6033155
9780679437031Louganis, GregBreaking the SurfaceAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.0033639
9780007447589Lynch, JaneHappy Accidents My Unlikely Path to Glee StardomAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€5.0033877
9780007318919Lynn, Dame VeraSome Sunny Day - My AutobiographyAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0033897
9781841588919Maclean, NormanThe Leper's Bell - The Autobiography of a ChangelingAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.6034132
9780738202693Maggio, TheresaMattanza - Love & Death in the Sea of ScilyAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€7.0034286
0674212835Magnes, Judah L.Dissenter in ZionAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€5.5034288
9780865471184Markham, BerylWest with the NightAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.5062686
9780091909185Marks, JudyMr. Nice & Mrs. MarksAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.5034755
9780020345305Mathabane, MarkKaffir Boy in AmericaAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€2.0035285
9780156586504McCarthy, MaryMemories of Catholic IrelandAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.6035795
9780743294171McCourt, FrankTeacher ManAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0035905
9780002570800McCourt, FrankTisAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.6035909
000649840XMcCourt, FrankAngela's AshesAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.6035898
9780006552413McCourt, FrankTisAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.5035908
9780583348058McCourt, FrankAngela's Ashes & 'TisAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€5.5035911
9780393330687McFeeley, William S.Portrait - The Life of Thomas EakinsAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€5.5036158
9780571228102McGahern, JohnMemoirAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0036174
9781904301875McKay, SusanWithout Fear - 25 Years of the Dublin Rape Crisis CentreAutobiography Biography Memoir Irish InterestUsed€20.0036326
9781846271151McLaren, DuncanLooking for EnidAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.5036403
9781788160377Miller, WilliamGloucester Crescent - Me, My Dad and Other Grown-UpsAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.5062633
9781852428112Millet, CatherineThe Sexual Life of Catherine M.Autobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.5061474
9780192814722Millgate, MichaelThomas HardyAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€5.5037095
9780575400108Min, AncheeRed AzeleaAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.6037259
9780094687004Moore, RayTomorrow Is Too LateAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€2.5037714
9780099440727Morrison, BlakeThings My Mother Never Told MeAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0037879
9780399171543MorrisseyAutobiographyAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€5.5060242
9781846820670Morrissey, Thomas J. William O'Brien 1881 - 1968Autobiography Biography Memoir Irish InterestUsed€12.0037983
9780140063837Mortimer, JohnClinging to the WreckageAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€1.0060380
9780755313365Murphy, MauraDon't Wake Me At DoylesAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.0038743
006013156xNapear, PeggyBrain Child A Mother's DiaryAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0039051
027778004955 / 0449209822Navratilova, MartinaMartinaAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.6039089
297810278Nicolson, NigelPortrait of a MarriageAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.0039515
0330029339O'Casey, SeanDrums under the Windows - Volume 3Autobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.7041672
xO'Casey, SeanAutobiographies IIAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.6041670
xO'Casey, SeanPictures in the Hallway Volume 2Autobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0041682
330024450O'Connor, FrankAn Only ChildAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0041703
0330026372O'Connor, FrankMy Father's SonAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0041705
9781874597469O'Faolain, NualaAre You Somebody?Autobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.5041952
9780717157938O'Rourke, MaryJust MaryAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.8041917
9780752858807O'Sullivan, RonnieRonnie the Autobiography of Ronnie O'SullivanAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.7041933
9781632060525Ozeki, RuthThe Face: A Time CodeAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.6062397
9781408706138Parker, PeterHousman Country: Into the Heart of EnglandLiterary BiographyUsed€12.0043039
9780862990527Parson, A. Somerset ed.Pauper & Pig Killers - The Diary of William HollandAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.2043094
720615208Pavese, CesareSelected Letters 1924 - 1950Autobiography Biography MemoirUsed€6.0043295
9780340712580Phillips, SianPublic Places - Part 2Autobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.5043748
9781904341659Pilling, ClaudiaSchillerAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.5043883
9780241380451Potts, OliviaA Half Baked IdeaAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.8060344
9780717126514Quinn, AntoinettePatrick Kavanagh A BiographyLiterary BiographyUsed€8.5045213
9781558491458Robertson-Lorant, LaurieMelvilleAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€10.0046333
9780091891275Ryan, TerryThe Prizewinner of Defiance, OhioAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.6047666
9781565129337Sabar, ArielMy Father's ParadiseAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.6059695
9781841150437Sage, LornaBad BloodAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0060008
9780715633243Sassoon, SigfriedThe Journey from the TrenchesAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.6048225
9780312303754Schenkar, JoanThe Talented Miss HighsmithAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€9.5048412
33029967Schnabel, ErnstThe Footsteps of Anne FrankAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€2.8348476
076783007505Schwarzkopf, General H. NormanIt Doesn't Take a HeroAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€2.6048647
044903004994 /0312272243Shapiro, MarcJ.K. Rowling: The Wizard Behind Harry PotterAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.6049465
9780340385166Sibley, BrianShadowlands - The True Story of C.S. Lewis and Joy DavidmanAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.6049889
xSimon, OliverPrinter and PlaygroundAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€10.0050103
xSmith, LeslieHarold WilsonAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.8050559
9780552774024Smith, NigelI Think There's Something Wrong With MeAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0061109
9780753807316Solway, DianeNureyev: His LifeAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0051251
9780340841150St John, IanThe SaintAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€6.0051540
9780226773308Stern, LesleyThe Smoking BookAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.6052092
9780141017174Stubbs, JohnDonne - The Reformed SoulLiterary BiographyUsed€4.5052531
014794005998 / 0804110336Talese, GayUnto the SonsAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.6060442
xThomas, Susan GregoryIn Spite of EverythingAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0053491
9780140096996Thurman, JudithIsak Dinesen - The Life of Karen BlixenAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.6053733
9780091925093Touher, PatrickScars that Run DeepAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0054247
9780146000416Tully, MarkRam Chander's StoryAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€2.5054697
9780520267190Twain, MarkThe Autobiography of Mark Twain Volume 1Autobiography Biography MemoirUsed€5.5054806
9781843545040Vincent, NorahSelf-Made ManAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0055598
9781857029376Vitale, SerenaPushkin's ButtonAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0055646
340649097Waterhouse, KeithStreets Ahead Life After City LightsAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.5056522
9780060545819Weller, SamThe Bradbury Chronicles - The Life of Ray BradburyAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€6.5056817
xWerth, AlexanderDe GaulleAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€7.0056943
0914248030Whitacre, ChristineMolly BrownAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€2.8057062
9780333407530Whittaker, RuthDoris LessingAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.0057215
9780679756941Wideman, John EdgarBrothers and KeepersAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.4057234
9780679760238Wolff, TobiasIn Pharaoh's ArmyAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€4.5058039
xYevtushenko, YeygenyA Precious AutobiographyAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€8.0059025

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9780002740753Aitken, JonathanPride and PerjuryNon Fiction Politics MemoirUsed€4.001003
9781858639192Alexandrakis, NikolasThe Lost VisionNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€3.501204
9783832930547Bain, Jessica ed.European Union IdentityNon FictionUsed€5.003143
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9780671883263Bennett, William JThe Index of Leading Cultural IndicatorsNon Fiction Used€3.605007
xBerler, Alexander Urban-Rural Relations in IsraelNon FictionUsed€4.705154
xBhutto, Zulfikar AliMarching Towards DemocracyNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€4.805343
9780471579779Black, GeorgeThe Black Hands of Beijing: Lives of Defiance in China's Democracy MovementNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€7.5060649
xBlum, John MortonRoosevelt & MorgenthauNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€30.005673
0198227760Bowman, JohnDe Valera and the Ulster Question: 1917 - 1973Non Fiction History Irish InterestUsed€4.606169
xBreen, PeterUnderstanding Contemporary IrelandNon Fiction Irish Interest Used€4.006689
9780975332573Brimmer, EstherThe European Union Constitution TreatyNon FictionUsed€2.006807
2922084000Broadbent, EdwardEssays On Human Rights and Democratic DevelopmentNon FictionUsed€3.506837
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xCockburn, PatrickThe Jihadis Return: ISIS and the New Sunni UprisingNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€4.0061842
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9780817948429Drell, Sidney D.Implications of the Reykjavik SummitNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€8.0015481
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9780521338318Elster, JonAn Introduction to Karl MarxNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€8.5061485
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xETH ZürichEngaging Russia and its Region: Challenges and Opportunities for the West September 2001Non Fiction Politics - JournalUsed€1.0017017
xETH ZürichForeign and Security Policies as a Legal Problem between Center and Regions March 2002Non Fiction Politics - JournalUsed€1.0017019
xETH ZürichForeign Economic Relations of Ryazan Oblast in the Context of a New Security Environment September 2001Non Fiction Politics - JournalUsed€1.0017020
xETH ZürichSecurity Perceptions Among Local Elites and Prospects for Cooperation Across Russia's Northwestern Borders March 2002Non Fiction Politics - JournalUsed€1.0017027
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9780333946596Fraser, DerekThe Birth of the British Welfare StateNon FictionUsed€5.5019250
9780333549735Frazier, RobertAnglo-American Relations with Greece: The Coming of the Cold War, 1942 - 47Non FictionUsed€5.5019292
9548443082Genov, NikolaiManaging Transformation in Eastern EuropeNon FictionUsed€4.5020622
9780375758676Germond, Jack W.Fat Man in a Middle SeatNon FictionUsed€6.2020691
9783848709953Giegerich, Thomas ed.The EU Between 'an Ever Closer Union' and Inalienable Policy Domains of Member StatesNon FictionUsed€5.0020896
9781594518386Golash-Boza, Tanya MariaImmigration Nation: Raids, Detentions and Deportations in Post-9/11 AmericaNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€15.0021248
9780912986456Griffin, G. EdwardThe Creature from Jekyll Island - A second Look at the Federal ReserveNon FictionUsed€6.0022106
9780465057986Haas, Richard N.Foreign Policy Begins At Home (Signed)Non Fiction PoliticsUsed€6.0022463
394503813Halberstam, DavidThe Powers That BeNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€8.0022612
xHalliday, JonJapanese imperialsism Today - Co-posperity in Greater East AsiaNon FictionUsed€3.6022705
9764000169Hart, Keith ed.Women and the Sexual Division of Labour in the CaribbeanNon FictionUsed€6.5023937
9780406950000Horspool, MargotEuropean Union Law (3rd Edition)Non FictionUsed€3.6026041
9783981063196Huhle, RainerHuman Rights and History: A Challenge for EducationNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€3.0061357
9780199280711Hussain, AsifaMulticultural Nationalism - Islamophobia, Anglophobia and DevolutionNon FictionUsed€90.0026500
9780749006181Ivins, MollyBushwhackedNon FictionUsed€3.6027201
xJennings, IvorThe Queen's GovernmentNon FictionUsed€6.5027740
9781845292553Jocelyn, EdThe Long March: The True Story Behind the Legendary Journey that Made Mao's ChinaNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€4.6060648
xJoyce, JoeThe Boss - Charles J. Haughey in GovernmentNon Fiction History Irish InterestUsed€2.5028302
9789752459472Kallis, AristotleViolent Radicalisation & Far-Right Extremism in EuropeNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€30.0059714
xKardelj, EdvardYugoslavia in International Relations and in the Non-Aligned MovementNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€3.8028694
0719567254Keenan, BrigidDiplomatic Baggage - TheAdventures of a Trailing SpouseNon FictionUsed€3.5060637
9780801486036Klotz, AudieNorms in International Relations - The Struggle Against ApartheidNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€8.5030224
9780393326055Krugman, PaulThe Great Unravelling: Losing Our Way in the New CenturyNon FictionUsed€4.8060239
9789768125125Le Frac, Elsie ed.Consequences of Structural Adjustment - A Review of the Jamaican ExperienceNon FictionUsed€4.8031972
9780742510791Link, Perry (ed.)Popular China: Unofficial Culture in a Globalizing SocietyNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€7.5060657
xLuce, EdwardIn Spite of the Gods - The Strange Rise of Modern IndiaNon FictionUsed€4.0033748
9781538106273Lule, JackGlobalization & MediaNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€8.5033800
3789012203Lützeler, Paul MichaelWestern Europe in Transition West Germany's Role in the European CommunityNon Fiction German InterestUsed€6.5033850
xMacciocchi, Maria Antonietta Letters from Inside the Italian Communist Party to Louis AlthusserNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€15.0033968
9780719565953Mango, AndrewThe Turks TodayNon Fiction HistoryUsed€4.6034466
xMarx, KarlGermany: Revolution and Counter Revolution (1933)Non Fiction PoliticsUsed€10.0059840
9781400065288Matthews, ChrisLife's a CampaignAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.0035309
0851242286Medvedev, Roy A.Political EssaysNon FictionUsed€9.9036521
9780802716521Meyer, MichaelThe Last Days of Old Beijing: Life in the Vanishing Backstreets of a City TransformedNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€8.5060658
0852291639Mill, J.S.American State Papers: The Federalist: On Liberty, Representative Government, UtilitarianismNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€3.6036885
9780393322965Miller, Mark CrispinThe Bush Dyslexicon - Observations on a National DisorderNon FictionUsed€3.6037060
9780141012643Moore, MichaelStupid White MenNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€2.5037705
9780141011905Moore, MichaelStupid White MenNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€3.0037708
9780060977337Moore, MichaelDownsize This!Non Fiction PoliticsUsed€3.8037685
9780713997002Moore, MichaelDude, Where's My Country?Non Fiction PoliticsUsed€3.6061857
9780446692625Moore, MichaelDude, Where's My CountryNon FictionUsed€3.8037688
9780143038252Mortenson, GregThree Cups of TeaNon Fiction TravelUsed€4.0037999
9789739477598Murgescu, BogdanRomania and Europe . Modernisation as Temptation, Modernisation as ThreatNon FictionUsed€1.0038700
9781526116703Navickas, KatrinaProtest and the Politics of Space and Place 1789-1884Non FictionUsed€12.5039087
9781118184776Nelson, AlyseVital Voices: The Power of Women Leading Change Around the WorldNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€4.6039127
1874109486O'Donnell, Rory (ed.)Europe - The Irish ExperienceNon Fiction Politics Irish InterestUsed€10.0041756
9780330323697O'Rourke, P.J.Parliament of WhoresNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€4.0059588
9780330300322O'Rourke, P.J.Republican Party ReptileNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€4.0059587
xOrni, EframGeography of IsraelNon FictionUsed€7.5042262
9789780295479Ostien, PhilipComparative Perspectives on Shari'ah in NigeriaNon FictionUsed€9.9042582
xOwen, DavidDemocracy Must Work - A Trilateral Agenda for the DecadeNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€4.0042631
9780192893154Pinder, JohnThe Building of the European UnionNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€3.6043892
9780060572020Ramos, JorgeThe Latino Wave: How Hispanics Are Transforming Politics in AmericaNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€4.0045315
9781453200704Reiss, Mitchell B.Negotiating With Evil: When To Talk To TerroristsNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€5.0045702
0525484132Riordan, William L.Plunkitt Of Tammany HallNon Fiction HistoryUsed€3.6046190
xSchlesinger Jr., Arthur M.The Bitter Heritage: Vietnam and American Democracy 1941 - 1966Non Fiction PoliticsUsed€3.7048437
9781455518739Schulman, DanielSons of Wichita: How the Koch Brothers Became America's Most Powerful and Private DynastyNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€7.0061593
9780802717665Shabi, RachelWe Look Like the Enemy: The Hidden Story of Israel's Jews from Arab LandsNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€12.5049251
9780816514663Sheridan, Thomas E.Paths of Life - American Indians of the Southwest and Northern MexicoNon FictionUsed€4.8049677
xShultz, George P.Reykjavik RevisitedNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€5.5049879
9780472110759Sidjanski, DusanThe Federal Future of Europe Non FictionUsed€5.0049896
xSingh, K.R.The Persian Gulf: Arms and Arms Control - Canberra Papers on Strategy and Defence No. 21Non FictionUsed€3.6050196
9780861219520Smyth, SamThanks A Million, Big FellaNon Fiction Politics Irish InterestUsed€3.6050954
9780471119777Soros, GeorgeSoros on Soros - Staying Ahead of the CurveNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€4.0051380
9780029302859Soros, GeorgeUnderwriting DemocracyNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€4.5051381
0316929190Stephanopoulos, GeorgeAll Too HumanAutobiography Biography MemoirUsed€3.0052025
9780710306227Stokhof, WimAsem - The Asia-Europe Meeting. A Window of OpportunityNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€3.5052324
9780520234871Suarez-Orozco, Marcelo M.Latinos: Remaking AmericaNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€5.0052558
xSuyin, HanThe Morning Deluge: Mao Tsetung and the Chinese Revolution 1893 - 1954Non Fiction HistoryUsed€6.0052698
0140210776Suyin, HanChina In the Year 2001Non Fiction HistoryUsed€3.8052697
9780944997109Thornton, William T.A Plea For Peasant ProprietorsNon Fiction History Irish InterestUsed€15.0053701
9780615503851Troy, PatI Have A Story To TellNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€3.0054624
9780821412091Twaddle, MichaelDeveloping UgandaNon FictionUsed€6.0054755
xUmland, AndreasAspects of the Orange Revolution VNon FictionUsed 54923
xVariousMaking Sense of Subsidiarity - How Much Centralization for EuropeNon FictionUsed€2.0055384
9780861871162Wallace, WilliamThe Transformation of Western EuropeNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€4.0056252
9784889070736Wallace, William ed Asia and Europe - Global Governance as a Challenge to Co-operateNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€3.0056253
9780767928359Webb, JimA Time to Fight: Reclaiming a Fair and Just AmericaNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€3.0056670
9780312590734Weiss, GaryAyn Rand NationNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€7.0062375
9966215298Werner, RolandDay of Devastation, Day of ContentmentNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€5.0056941
1384629994220111129076916501Wetzel, AnneEuropean Foreign Affairs ReviewNon FictionUsed€2.0057009
9781408711392Wolff, MichaelFire and FuryNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€4.6061811
9780553505450Wong, JanRed China BluesNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€4.6062268
9781471181290Woodward, BobFear: Trump in the White HouseNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€5.5060526
0871875381Wople, Bruce C.Lobbying Congress: How the System WorksNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€8.0058316
9780691010359Zakaria, FareedFrom Wealth to PowerNon Fiction PoliticsUsed€10.0059175

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Art, Photography, Crafts, Fashion, Design Etc.

9789175621142Aspers, PatrikMarkets in FashionNon Fiction FashionUsed€10.002178
9780806962634Baskett, MickeyFantastic FurnitureNon Fiction CraftsUsed€6.604183
9781840911800Boylan, PennyPainting On GlassNon Fiction CraftsUsed€4.006267
9780739464519CooperBasic Picture FramingNon Fiction CraftsUsed€7.0011701
9780806906089Cusick, DawnPaper & Fabric MacheNon Fiction CraftsUsed€4.0012361
xDr. MartenDr. Martens Air WavesNon Fiction FashionUsed€4.0015434
9783836500982Evergreen500 Decoration Details: MinimalismNon Fiction Interior Design / PhotographyUsed€4.0061352
9781592400416Farr, KendallThe Pocket StylistNon Fiction FashionUsed€3.0017400
9781858339481Green, ElaineGlorious StencillingNon Fiction CraftsUsed 21820
9781846810275Hermes HouseMosaics & How to Embellish Glass & CeramicsNon Fiction Art & Design DIYUsed€11.0024854
9781845026097Holt, JackKnit Your Own BritainNon Fiction CraftsUsed€4.5025657
9781407579818Jenkins, AlisonCrafts for BabyNon Fiction CraftsUsed€3.6027730
9781596681774Kelly, Lisa NivenStamped Metal JewelryNon Fiction FashionUsed€12.0029003
9782848310060Marie ClaireSalles de BainsNon Fiction Interior Design / PhotographyUsed€4.7034711
9780861886999Pooser, DorisAlways in Style Non Fiction FashionUsed€3.5044311
9781842220689Wheeler, KarenLiving with ArtNon Fiction Interior Design / PhotographyUsed 57055
xAbbate, Francesco (ed.)Indian ArtNon Fiction Artx€4.0019240
9783934687875Amann, WernerAmericanPhotographyx€10.0019334
9780857423504Artaud, Antonin50 Drawings to Murder MagicNon Fiction Artx€10.0020498
xAurora Art PubilshersGenose School of Painting - The Hermitage Collections 53Non Fiction Artx 20577
9783473482580BagnallÖlmalerie einfach AnfangenGerman - Artx 20737
xBernardi, PaolaCarthusian Monastery of PaviaNon Fiction Artx 61110
9781781579817Bewker, DanielaSocial PhotographyPhotographyx€4.0022340
9780907297642BFPThe BFP Freelance Photography CoursePhotographyx 22810
9780091773571Black, PennyCards and CollagesCraftsx€3.7024011
9781933212166Brett, BillBoston All One FamilyPhotographyx€6.0024894
9780486404806Bridgewater, AlanA Treasury of Woodcarving Designs From Around the WorldNon Fiction Artx€14.0025298
9780582307810Brown, AlisonThe RenaissanceNon Fiction Historyx€4.0025547
9780500300503Cachin, FrancoisManet Painter of Modern LifePhotographyx€4.0025636
9780805045635Carley, RachelThe Visual Dictionary of American Domestic ArchitectureNon Fiction Architecturex€5.2026219
9781856691710Carson, DavidFotografiksNon Fiction Artx 26884
9780415060530Cherry, DeborahPainting Women: Victorian Women PaintersNon Fiction Art Historyx€6.5028554
XChristie'sThe Painters of Camden Town 1905 - 1920Non Fiction Artx 28615
0060907878Clark, KennethCivilisationNon Fiction Artx€6.0028887
719522404Clark, KennethCivilisationNon Fiction Artx€10.0029147
9780948037344Crawford Art GalleryIrish Art of the SeventiesArtx€7.0061111
1874756074Crawford Art GalleryLiterary Lives - Portraits from the Crawford Art GalleryArtx€5.5030325
9780393079968Crumb, A.Sophie Crumb: Evolution of a Crazy ArtistArtx€10.0030695
xDavenport, PhilipAbout EverythingNon Fiction Designx€3.6030696
9780738501222DeVincent-Hayes, NanOcean City Vol. 1Photography / Historyx€2.5030711
9780738501239DeVincent-Hayes, NanOcean City Vol. 2Photography / Historyx€2.5030811
9783943365016Diederichsen, DiedrichBankleer Finger in the PiePhotographyx€10.0060226
9783893224135Duits, Thimo Te (Hrsg.)DingeReferencex€4.0031337
9780521002301Dunbabin, Katherine M.Mosaics of the Geek and Roman WorldNon Fiction Historyx€20.0031381
xDzubas, SilviaSilvia Dzubas - BlueNon Fiction Artx 31537
9780064301473Frascina, FrancisPollock and AfterNon Fiction Artx€4.6032393
3870522968Freise-Wonka, ChristineBamberg World HeritagePhotography / Historyx€10.0032914
xGeddes, AnneDrunten Im GartenGerman - Photographyx 33039
0713402377Gordon, LouiseDrawing the Human HeadNon Fiction Artx€7.0033751
0877957827Grumet, MichaelImages Of LibertyNon Fiction Historyx€20.0033783
9780964016545Hertz, RichardJack Goldstein and the CalArts MafiaNon Fiction Artx€10.0034112
0195199294Hilton, TimothyThe Pre-RaphaelistsNon Fiction Artx€6.5034362
xHoflehner, RudolfHoflehnerGerman - Art - Sculpturex 35136
9780801483028Holly, Michael AnnPast Looking - Historical Imagination and the Rhetoric of the ImageNon Fiction Historyx€6.0035456
9781558680159Hubbell, WilliamConnecticutPhotographyx€4.0036445
0825282829Ionesco, EugeneStory Number 2 Non Fiction Artx€4.6036534
9780983337904Kaiser, Michael M.Conversation Starters: Arts Management Topics for TodayNon Fictionx€5.5036535
9780252035005 Kanfer, LarryIllini Loyalty: The University of IllinoisPhotographyx€12.0036707
xKeaveny, RaymondNational Gallery of Ireland 50 PicturesNon Fiction Artx€4.0037284
xKettenmann, AndreaKahlo (Taschen Basic Art Series)Non Fiction Artx€4.5038239
9781594120589Krutein, WernerChicago From Land, Sea & AirPhotographyx€10.0038777
9781594120589Krutein, WernerChicago From Land, Sea & AirPhotographyx€10.0038778
9781857596205Kuitca, GuillermoEverythingNon Fiction Artx€10.0038995
9780982278802Lamb. SusanArizona's Scenic SeasonsPhotographyx€10.0060223
xLandrock-Schumann, HanneloreHalbe-Halbe?German - Artx 59861
9783760718422Lewitscharoff, MichaelDas Berlin-Paket (Pop Up Architecture)Non Fiction Architecturex 59862
9781874044017Lucie-Smith, EdwardAlexanderNon Fiction Artx 59863
9783938821640Luduvico, RosilineSee It ComingNon Fiction Artx€12.0059864
0903811200Mackertich, Tony & PeterFacade: A Decade of British and American Commercial ArchitectureNon Fiction Architecturex€6.0059865
9782867384837Martin, HerveGuide to Modern Architecture in ParisNon Fiction Architecturex€4.0042107
xMcNally, KeithThe Islands of IrelandPhotography / Travelx€4.0042270
9780896725362Meinzer, Wyman6666 Portrait of a Texas RanchPhotographyx€20.0043602
9780292706552Meinzer, WymanBetween Heaven and TexasPhotographyx€10.0043688
xMetropolitan Museum of ArtRecent AcquisitionsNon Fiction Artx 43758
9789990985160Miranda PublishersWelcome Malta To Europe 360Non Fiction Politics / Photographyx€25.0043759
9780717144839Mulligan, FergusThe Trinity YearPhotographyx€20.0043760
xMuseum of ArtTreasures of Early Irish Art 1500BC to 1500ADNon Fiction Irish Interestx 43761
xMuseum of ArtTreasures of Early Irish Art 1500BC to 1500ADNon Fiction Irish Interestx 43859
xNagl & MoosmüllerOld Irish PubsPhotographyx€6.0061546
9780500239698Nochlin, LindsMisere - The Visual Representation of Misery in the 19th CenturyNon Fictionx€12.0044812
9781933128061Obrist, Hans-Ulrich ...dontstopdontstopdontstopdontstopNon Fiction Artx€12.0045233
9781933128061Obrist, Hans-Ulrich ...dontstopdontstopdontstopdontstopNon Fiction Artx€12.0045417
9781933128061Obrist, Hans-Ulrich ...dontstopdontstopdontstopdontstopNon Fiction Artx€12.0045562
9781933128061Obrist, Hans-Ulrich ...dontstopdontstopdontstopdontstopNon Fiction Artx€12.0045688
9781933128061Obrist, Hans-Ulrich ...dontstopdontstopdontstopdontstopNon Fiction Artx€12.0045797
9780979677601Ohlson, JenEvery Town Needs a Trail: The Heart and Soul of Austin and the Remarkable People It InspiresPhotography / Travelx€7.0046215
9781556704260Ortner, JohnManhattan Dawn and DuskPhotographyx€4.0047352
xPevsner, NikolausAn Outline of European ArchitectureNon Fiction Architecturex€4.8047353
xPignatti, TerisioTitian The Complete Paintings 2Non Fiction Artx 60076
9780670882502Plazy, GillesIn the Footsteps of Van GoghNon Fiction Artx€6.0062692
9781932173031Prosor, LarryEndless NevadaNon Fiction Travel Photographyx€4.0048505
9780984050314Raab, Timothy H.It Wasn't A Dream: Images of Catskills Irish Arts Week (Signed)Photographyx€6.0048575
9782080304926Rapetti, RodolpheSymbolismNon Fiction Artx€40.0049905
xReimkastenBilder 2002 - 2013Non Fiction Artx 49917
9781906155971Rennie, PaulModern British PostersNon Fiction Artx 50346
9783809403036Robb, TomZeichnen für AnfängerGerman - Artx 50715
xRuehle, TorstenFilter - Art Exhibtion CatalogNon Fiction Art Cataloguex 51516
0821215736Ruetz, MichaelEye On AmericaPhotographyx€7.0051592
9783943365221Rushton, SteveMasters of RealityNon Fiction Artx€8.5051829
xSavage, GeorgeThe Antique Collector's HandbookNon Fiction Artx€4.5052525
9781933952437Schulz, AdrianArchitectural PhotographyPhotography / Architecturex€14.0053270
9780500287699Siegel, EliotThe Fashion Photography CoursePhotographyx 53303
9780811809931Sikorski, JoyHow To Draw a Radish And Other Fun Things To Do At WorkNon Fiction Artx€4.0061849
0714817694Smart, AlistairThe Dawn of Italian PaintingNon Fiction Artx 54250
xSpring, AnselmTerra MagicaPhotographyx€10.0054319
9781890437961Steelman, ClaudeColorado For the First TimePhotography / Travelx€8.0056472
xStrutton, JohnPainting 1997Non Fiction Artx 56480
9781893451155Terry, MarshallFrom High On The Hilltop: Marshall Terry's History of SMUNon Fiction Historyx€20.0056725
xTomlinsom, AlysFollowing Broadway (Signed)Photographyx€5.0056746
9780300073270Wark, Robert E. (ed.)Discourses On Art: Sir Joshua ReynoldsNon Fiction Artx€9.5056936
9781558681590Weidman, H. MarkPennsylvaniaPhotography / Travelx€4.0057004
xWeiner, ClayTry-ons (Limited Edition - One of 1000)Photographyx€200.0058324
9781853268212Wordsworth Colour HandbooksCathedralsNon Fiction Architecturex€2.5058706
xxTareq Rajab MuseumPhotography / Historyx€6.5058733
9780975415429xAtlanta in FocusPhotography / Travelx 58458
665121057xKyiv: Sights of the City in ColourPhotography / Travelx€4.0058627
xxCiurlionisNon Fiction Artx€4.0058501
9518955751xFundamentalisms of the New OrderNon Fiction Artx€6.0059859
xxRoyal Academy of Art The Hague - Your Future in Art & DesignNon Fiction Artx€4.0058710
xxSguardi Sonori 2008 Festival of Media and Time Based ArtNon Fiction Artx 58718
9781933128214xThe Uncertain States of America ReaderNon Fiction Artx€8.0059860
8070370653xNational Technical Museum in PragueNon Fictionx€15.0058662
9781933415512xCity By Design: An Architectural Perspective of ChicagoNon Fiction Architecturex€12.0058485
9780956749314xIrish ArchitectureNon Fiction Architecturex€18.0058616

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Literary Criticism

xAllen, WalterThe English NovelLiterary CriticismUsed€3.601303
9780521666282Attridge, DerekSemicolonial JoyceLiterary CriticismUsed€20.0059848
0812002210Barron's EssentialsWorld Literature Volume 1 Essentials of European LiteratureLiterary CriticismUsed€4.504038
013038612xBattestin, Martin C.Twentieth Century Interpretations of Tom JonesLiterary CriticismUsed€4.004244
9780754662679Baxter, JeannetteJ.G. Ballard's Surrealist Imagination (Do Not Give Discount - Should be €50)Literary CriticismUsed€25.004379
0839205850Beaver, HaraldThe Great American MasqueradeLiterary CriticismUsed€5.004631
9780520202085Behar, Ruth (ed.)Women Writing CultureLiterary CriticismUsed€9.0060327
xBenet, William RoseThe Oxford Anthology of American Literature - Volume 1Literary CriticismUsed€5.004930
9781846680496Bennet, AlanThe Uncommon ReaderLiterary CriticismUsed€4.004978
 Bergonzi, BernardThe Turn of a Century: Essays on Victorian and Modern English LiteratureLiterary CriticismUsed€6.005144
9780814332221Bernofsky, SusanForeign Words: Translator-Authors in the Age of GoetheLiterary CriticismUsed€25.005273
xBlackall, Jean FrantzJamesian Ambiguity and The Sacred FountLiterary CriticismUsed€4.805549
081120863xBlackmur, R.P.Studies in Henry JamesLiterary CriticismUsed€7.005555
0877546630Bloom, Harold (ed.)Modern Critical Views: Nathanael WestLiterary CriticismUsed€4.005664
9780791078082Bloom, Harold (ed.)Bloom's Modern Critical Views: Edgar Allan PoeLiterary CriticismUsed€4.805662
0416316503Bradbury, Malcolm (ed.)Saul Bellow: Contemporary WritersLiterary CriticismUsed€4.006370
9780195066555Brater, EnochBeyond Minimalism: Beckett's Late Style in the TheaterLiterary CriticismUsed€8.006558
xBrereton, GeoffreyA Short History of French LiteratureLiterary CriticismUsed€4.006727
xBrooks, GleanthThe Well Wrought Urn: Studies in the Structure of PoetryLiterary CriticismUsed€3.607036
0521319633Bruccoli, Matthew J. (ed.)New Essays on The Great GatsbyLiterary CriticismUsed€4.607268
9781840024142Butler, RobertThe Art of Darkness - Staging the Philip Pullman TrilogyLiterary CriticismUsed€4.808168
9780195145366Callahan, John F. (ed.)Ralph Ellison's Invisible ManLiterary CriticismUsed€10.008415
xChase, RichardThe American Novel and Its TraditionLiterary CriticismUsed€4.009700
xChase, Richard (ed.)Melville - A Collection of Critical EssaysLiterary CriticismUsed€4.009701
0805729518Cismaru, AlfredBoris VianLiterary CriticismUsed€12.0010281
xClark, JohnHistory of Epic PoetryLiterary CriticismUsed€15.0010349
0140063269Clark, KennethRuskin TodayLiterary CriticismUsed€10.0010351
xCohen, J.M.Robert Graves Literary CriticismUsed€6.0010857
0416318703Couturier, MauriceDonald Barthelme: Contemporary WritersLiterary CriticismUsed€4.0012010
13274290xCreeger, George R.George Eliot: A Collection of Critical EssaysLiterary CriticismUsed€4.0012124
9780140177589Cunliffe, Marcus (ed.)The Penguin History of Literature: American Literature to 1900Literary CriticismUsed€3.8012307
9780521646192David, Deirdre (ed.)The Cambridge Companion to The Victorian NovelLiterary CriticismUsed€4.8012870
xDeckerPatterns of Exposition 10Literary CriticismUsed€14.0013293
xDelmer, SeftonEnglish LiteratureLiterary CriticismUsed€4.5013492
370001486Dickins, Bruce & Wilson, R.M.Early Middle English TextsLiterary CriticismUsed€5.5014218
9780674006041Dickstein, MorrisLeopards in the Temple: The Transformation of American Fiction 1945 - 1970Literary CriticismUsed€5.5014250
0231058233Donoghue, DenisFerocious AlphabetsLiterary CriticismUsed€5.0015065
0198661304Drabble, Margaret (ed.)The Oxford Companion to English LiteratureLiterary CriticismUsed€4.0059843
xDupee, F.W.Henry James (The American Men of Letters Series)Literary CriticismUsed€6.0015777
xElledge, Scott ed.The Continental Model - Selected French Critical Essays of the Seventeenth Century in English TranslationLiterary CriticismUsed€8.0016488
xEvans, IforA Short History of English LiteratureLiterary CriticismUsed€3.6017143
9780773761759Farrow, JaneWanted Words - From Amalgamots to Undercarments - Language Gaps Found and FixedLiterary CriticismUsed€3.6017417
9780415903929Felman, ShoshanaTestimony Crises of Witnessing in Literature, Psychoanalysis and HistoryLiterary CriticismUsed€35.0017610
xFord, BorisThe Pelican Guide to English Literature 1. The Age of ChaucerLiterary CriticismUsed€3.6018694
xFord, Boris (ed.)The Pelican Guide to English Literature 7. The Modern AgeLiterary CriticismUsed€3.6018697
xFord, Boris (ed.)The Pelican Guide to English Literature 4. From Dryden to JohnsonLiterary CriticismUsed€3.6018696
xFord, Boris (ed.)The Pelican Guide to English Literature 6. From Dickens to HardyLiterary CriticismUsed€3.6018698
xForum SeriesThe Comic Imagination in American LiteratureLiterary CriticismUsed€5.5018866
xFreeman, WilliamDictionary of Fictional CharactersLiterary CriticismUsed€6.0060385
9781851685424Gair, ChristopherThe Beat Generation - Beginners GuidesLiterary CriticismUsed€4.6019957
9781609382711Gerhardt, ChristineA Place for Humility - Whitman, Dickinson and the Natural WorldLiterary CriticismUsed€6.0020685
xGerlach, JohnToward the End - Closure and Structure in the American Short StoryLiterary CriticismUsed€18.0020687
xGlicksberg, Charles I.Walt Whitman and the Civil WarLiterary CriticismUsed€4.5021107
0930773616Gold, JeromeObscure in the Shade of the Giants - Publishing Lives Volume IILiterary CriticismUsed€10.0021253
9780415263580Golden, Catherine J. (ed.)Charlotte Perkins Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper: A Sourcebook and Critical EditionLiterary CriticismUsed€10.0021272
9780674307605Grafton, AnthonyThe Footnote - A Curious HistoryLiterary CriticismUsed€4.8062640
9788377021170Guz, WojciechRegister Variation and Lexical Innovation - A Study of English NominalizationsLiterary CriticismUsed€3.8022439
9780140771619Handley, GrahamAnthony Trollope Barchester Towers - A Critical StudyLiterary CriticismUsed€3.7022879
0874513340Harman, Mark (ed.)Robert Walser Rediscovered: Stories, Fairy-Tale Plays and Critical ResponsesLiterary CriticismUsed€18.0023740
9780946650927Harrison-Barbet, AnthonyE.H. Visiak: Writer and Mystic - A Critical StudyLiterary CriticismUsed€6.5023888
333683811Harte, LiamContemporary Irish FictionLiterary CriticismUsed€15.0023941
9780521563383Haviland, BeverlyHenry James's Last RomanceLiterary CriticismUsed€7.0024100
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xHolroyd, MichaelThe Genius of Shaw - George Bernard Shaw (Large Coffee Table Hardback)Literary CriticismUsed€4.0025650
9780521426022Howard, June ed.New Essays on The Country of the Pointed FirsLiterary CriticismUsed€3.7026155
9780393091656Howells, William Dean, The rise of Silas Lapham Literary CriticismUsed€4.5026173
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674250605Johnson, Thomas H. (ed.)Emily Dickinson Selected LettersLiterary CriticismUsed€25.0027920
9781853990380Jones, PeterHomer's Odyssey: A Commentary based on the English translation of Richmond LattimoreLiterary CriticismUsed€4.0028029
xKaul, A.N.Hawthorne: A Collection of Critical EssaysLiterary CriticismUsed€4.6028760
9780679733416Kazin, AlfredGod and the American WriterLiterary CriticismUsed€4.0028855
0854960449Keith-Smith, BrianJohannes BobrowskiLiterary CriticismUsed€4.0028930
0872496198Kitchen, JudithUnderstanding William StaffordLiterary CriticismUsed€5.5030040
9780521559027Kramer, Michael P.New Essays on Seize the DayLiterary CriticismUsed€3.7030483
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36381Lockridge, Ernest (ed.)Twentieth Century Interpretations of the Great GatsbyLiterary CriticismUsed€4.0033387
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9781886913028Mallon, ThomasA Book of One's Own: People and their DiariesLiterary CriticismUsed€8.0060017
9780192876119May, DerwentProustLiterary CriticismUsed€3.6035475
9781586488291Meyer, Karl E.Pax EthnicaLiterary CriticismUsed€4.6036736
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9780521315128Mitchell, Lee ClarkNew Essays on The Red Badge of CourageLiterary CriticismUsed€3.7037421
xMotherwell, RobertA Dialogue With LiteratureLiterary CriticismUsed€25.0038129
9780333722015Nestor, PaulineGeorge Eliot: Critical IssuesLiterary CriticismUsed€4.8039350
9781564781192O'Brien, John (ed.)The Review of Contemporary Fiction Spring 1992: Robert WalserLiterary CriticismUsed€20.0041639
0689114907O'Connor, UlickAll the Olympians: A Biographical Portrait of the Irish Literary RenaissanceLiterary CriticismUsed€4.8041744
xParnassusParnassus Poetry in ReviewLiterary CriticismUsed€6.0043074
9780670022991Philbrick, NathanielWhy Read Moby-Dick?Literary CriticismUsed€4.6043717
0812213696Pifer, EllenSaul Bellow Against the GrainLiterary CriticismUsed€15.0043855
9780521426817Pollak, Vivan R.New Essays On Daisy Miller and The Turn of the ScrewLiterary CriticismUsed€5.0044241
xPritchett, V.S:George Meredith and English ComedyLiterary CriticismUsed€4.0044797
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9780232525632Rayment-Pickard, HughThe Devil's Account: Philip Pullman & ChristianityLiterary CriticismUsed€3.8045472
9780385114806Scanlon, PaulReporting the Rolling Stone StyleLiterary CriticismUsed€10.0048349
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1579108555Schleiermacher, Friedrich, Schleiermacher's soliloquies : Literary CriticismUsed€10.0048436
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374176795Shattuck, RogerThe Innocent Eye: On Modern Literature & the ArtsLiterary CriticismUsed€5.5049496
xSoutham, B.C.A Student's Guide to the Poems of T.S. EliotLiterary CriticismUsed€3.6051391
xSpiller, Robert E.The Cycle of American Literature - An Essay in Historical CriticismLiterary CriticismUsed€10.0051489
0807112151Stengel, Wayne B.The Shape of Art in the Short Stories of Donald BarthelmeLiterary CriticismUsed€7.0052020
9780691015019Strohm, PaulHochon's Arrow - The Social Imagination of Fourteenth.Century TextsLiterary CriticismUsed€3.8052447
0713157178Sucksmith, Harvey PeterJames Joyce: A Portrait of the Artist as Young ManLiterary CriticismUsed€2.5052566
917402261X Svartvik, Jan ed.Words - Proceedings of an International SymposiumLiterary CriticismUsed€5.5052704
9780810114951Swirski, PeterA Stanislaw Lem ReaderLiterary CriticismUsed€6.5052779
9781843173564Taggart, CarolineA Classical Education - The Stuff You Wish You'd Been Taught in SchoolLiterary CriticismUsed€3.6052848
9780312228873Tambling, JeremyHenry JamesLiterary CriticismUsed€4.6052887
xTanner, TonyHenry James - Selection of Critical EssaysLiterary CriticismUsed€4.5052942
9781861976123Truss, LynneEats Shoots & LeavesLiterary CriticismUsed€4.0054637
9780801499937Van Dyck, KarenKassandra and the Censors - Greek Poetry Since 1967Literary CriticismUsed€6.0055120
xVisiak, E.H.The Mirror of ConradLiterary CriticismUsed€5.5055639
9780719067556Wainwright, JeffreyAcceptable Words - Essays on the Poetry of Geoffrey HillLiterary CriticismUsed€20.0055991
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9780198661580Welch, RobertThe Oxford Companion to Irish LiteratureLiterary CriticismUsed€5.5056802
xWilhelm Fink VerlagSwift Studies 2014Literary CriticismUsed€4.0057421
0877958009Williams, PaulOnly Apparently Real: The World of Philip K. DickLiterary CriticismUsed€8.0057548
0826400426Willson, A. LeslieDimension: A Reader of German Literature Since 1968Literary CriticismUsed€10.0057652
xWillson, H.B.Love and Order in the Medieval German Courtly EpicLiterary CriticismUsed€2.0057654
00122882Wilson, A.Leslie (Ed.)Dimension: Contemporary German Arts and Letters Group 47 in Prague 1990Literary Criticism JournalUsed€5.5057656
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xWilson, EdmundThe Shock of Recognition - Volume II The 20th CenturyLiterary CriticismUsed€13.0057676
9781564788931xThe Review of Contemporary Fiction Summer 2012 Vol XXXIILiterary CriticismUsed€4.6058774
0226950956Yeazell, Ruth BernardLanguage and Knowledge in the Late Novels of Henry JamesLiterary CriticismUsed€4.0059008

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Business & Economics

9780745611891Albrow, MartinThe Global AgeNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€4.0042754
9781401309664Anderson, ChrisThe Longer Long TailNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€4.8052241
9781857035841Bishop-Firth, RachelThe Ultimate CV for Managers and ProfessionalsNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€2.5012234
9780198776505Burda, MichaelMacroeconomicsNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€3.6061249
9781844547029Burden, CharlieSir Allan SugarNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€3.6061334
0844713724Cagan, Philip ed,Essays in Contemporary Economic Problems - The Economy in DeficitNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€7.0061857
9781844882700Carwell, SimonAnglo Republic: Inside the Bank That Broke IrelandNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€4.5059238
9780767900331Cross, Robert G.Revenue Management - Hard Core For Market DominationNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€6.0035787
9780273731962Das, SatyajitTraders, Guns & MoneyNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€10.0035515
9780140514131DictionaryInternational Dictionary of FinanceNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€4.5045253
9780060878979Drucker, Peter F.The Practice of ManagementNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€4.6060856
9781118441541Feld, BradStartup CommunitiesNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€5.0061107
9780307353139Ferriss, TimothyThe 4-Hour Work-weekNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€6.509238
0020463804Flesch, RudolfThe Art of Plain TalkNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€3.8020500
9781897635988Furnham, AdrianThe Myths of Management - Forty Fables from the World of ManagementNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€4.0038240
9780140222388Galbraith, J.K.Almost Everyone's Guide to EconomicsNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€4.0033442
9780195162011Ganz, MarshallWhy David Sometimes WinsNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€30.0045611
9780932633163Gause, Donald C.Are Your Lights On?Non Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€7.5022852
9780385421010Hampden-Turner, CharlesThe Seven Cultures of CapitalismNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€4.8061095
9781453821084Hopkins, Claude C.Scientific AdvertisingNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€5.007740
9781453821084Hopkins, Claude C.Scientific AdvertisingNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€5.001103
9780061251306Logan, Dave Tribal Leadership: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving OrganizationNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€6.508346
xLütkewitte, MartinaManaging Trust and Opportunism in Strategic AllianacesNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€2.001583
9780307947901Mayer, JaneDark MoneyNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€7.0062624
xMazur, Paul M.American Looks AbroadNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€20.0050596
xMcCarthy, EugeneNonfinancial Economics - The Case for Shorter Working HoursNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€4.0049738
9780226271651Mian, AtifHouse of debtNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€7.0060190
9780029212875Millman, Gregory J.The Vandals' Crown: How Rebel Currency Traders Overthrew the World's Central BanksNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€4.0025832
9781422126691Mullins, JohnGetting to Plan BNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€5.0014254
xPackard, VanceThe Pyramid ClimbersNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€3.6056053
9780091909109Perkins, JohnConfessions of An Economic Hit ManNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€3.6017594
9780452289574Perkins, JohnThe Secret History of the American EmpireNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€4.607739
9780070511132Rackham, NeilSpin SellingNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€10.0058950
9781422146576Reeves, BryonTotal Engagement - Using Games and Virtual Worlds to Change the way People Work and Businesses CompeteNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€4.0050350
9781944733773Romm, JosephHow to Go Viral and Reach MillionsNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€8.0033845
9781594202537Shirky, ClayCognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity in A Connected AgeNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€5.505509
9781591840817Smart. Bradford D.TopgradingNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€4.5052394
9780631175643Smith, NeilUneven Development: Nature, Capital and the Production of SpaceNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€7.0020340
9780141045122Stiglitz, Joseph E.Freefall: Free Markets and the Sinking of the Global EconomyNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€4.6061535
9780887306228Strasser, J.B.Swoosh - The Unauthorised Story of Nike and the Men Who Played ThereNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€4.5056512
9781630470173Walker, JLAUNCH (Reduced)Non Fiction Business & EconomicsNew€8.5061450
9780692975213Watai, Karen J.Lead Your WayNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€4.0025831
9781591391104Watkins, MichaelThe First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders At All LevelsNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€4.5061290
9780749463526Yate, Martin JohnGreat Answers to Tough Interview QuestionsNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€3.6018411
9780470562239Zichermann, GabeGame-Based MarketingNon Fiction Business & EconomicsUsed€4.6037119

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Flora & Fauna

9781852790523Adams, JohnYour First AquariumNon Fiction - Flora&FaunaUsed€2.00404
9780793821617Barrie, AnmarieThe Guide to Owning a ChinchillaNon Fiction - Flora&FaunaUsed€4.004018
068678102013Beattie, KenTrowel - The Garden GuruNon Fiction - Flora&Fauna - GardeningUsed€2.004527
xBeckford, GeorgeSmall Garden Bitter Weed - The Political Economy of Struggle and Change in JamaicaNon Fiction - Flora&Fauna - GardeningUsed€3.704763
0600001040Boorer, WendyDog CareNon Fiction - Flora&FaunaUsed€3.005954
xChan, Peter Bonsai BasicsNon Fiction - Flora&Fauna - GardeningUsed€3.009573
9780717119738Dempsey, EricThe Complete Guide to Ireland's BirdsNon Fiction - Flora&FaunaUsed€5.0060392
9780563488095Dimmock, CharlieContainer Gardening BBC Ground ForceNon Fiction - Flora&Fauna - GardeningUsed€3.7014388
9780091880958Dingwall-Main, AlexThe Luberon GardenNon Fiction - Flora&Fauna - GardeningUsed€3.9014397
0070190356Edwards, Elwyn HartleyHorse & Pony BreedsNon Fiction - Flora&Fauna - GardeningUsed€7.0016126
xGaur, R.K.Indian BirdsNon Fiction - Flora&FaunaUsed€5.2020499
9780876052013Giffin, James M.Dog Owner's Home Veterinary HandbookNon Fiction - Flora&FaunaUsed€5.0020902
0900629665Goold-Adams, DeenaghThe Small GreenhouseNon Fiction - Flora&Fauna - GardeningUsed€4.0021417
9780374281861Kincaid, JamaicaMy Garden (Book):Non Fiction - Flora&Fauna - GardeningUsed€4.6029516
9780793827572Laureano, JudyGolden RetrieversNon Fiction - Flora&FaunaUsed€4.8031673
0861011198Mills, DickThe Tropical AquariumNon Fiction - Flora&FaunaUsed€3.0037125
9780793802531Patterson, JordanThe Guide to Owning a Red-Eared SliderNon Fiction - Flora&FaunaUsed€3.0043247
9781868254286Patterson, RobertSnakes of Southern AfricaNon Fiction - Flora&FaunaUsed€4.5043256
0906603072Pearson, RobertGardening in a Small SpaceNon Fiction - Flora&Fauna - GardeningUsed€3.6043368
 ProterraHidden Treasures of NatureNon Fiction - Flora&FaunaUsed€3.6044814
xReddick, KateHorsesNon Fiction - Flora&FaunaUsed€6.0045561
0866222065Richards, HerbertRottweilersNon Fiction - Flora&FaunaUsed€3.0045940
9781570672439Rivera, Michelle A.The Simple Little Vegan Dog BookNon Fiction - Flora&FaunaUsed€4.0046206
9781850513407Saunders, DavidBirdwatchingNon Fiction - Flora&FaunaUsed€3.0048273
82585Schneider, EarlKnow How To Train Your Guard DogNon Fiction - Flora&FaunaUsed€2.6048486
xScottish Ornithologists ClubScottish Birds Volume 35(4) December 2015Non Fiction - Flora&FaunaUsed€2.5048727
xScottish Ornithologists ClubScottish Birds Volume 36(1) March 2016Non Fiction - Flora&FaunaUsed€2.5048728
xScottish Ornithologists ClubScottish Birds Volume 36(2) June 2016Non Fiction - Flora&FaunaUsed€2.5048729
xSherley'sSherley's Dog Book - The Complete Guide to Dog CareNon Fiction - Flora&FaunaUsed€2.5049678
9780851127088Simon, NoelThe Guinness Guide to Nature in DangerNon Fiction - Flora&FaunaUsed€4.0050101
0600341062Thrower, PercyThe Hamlyn All-Colour Garden BookNon Fiction - Flora&Fauna - GardeningUsed€4.5053709
9780004125466xCare For Your RabbitNon Fiction - Flora&FaunaUsed€2.5058479

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Music, Film & TV

9780879727529Abt, VickiComing After Oprah - Cultural Fallout in the Age of the TV Talk ShowMusic & Film - FilmUsed€8.00124
9780312145576Amburn, EllisBuddy Holly: A BiographyMusic & Film - MusicUsed€8.0060456
076791676xAmos, ToriTori Amos Piece By PieceMusic & Film - MusicUsed€6.001544
9780823088980Anderson, JohnI Wake Up Screening: What to Do Once You've Made that MovieMusic & Film - FilmUsed€4.6061525
9780711967779Antonia, NinaThe New York Dolls: Too Much Too SoonMusic & Film - MusicUsed€16.0060453
6780650452742Bartow, Arthur. The director's voice - Twenty-One InterviewsMusic & Film - FilmUsed€5.504171
9781846077494BBC BooksDoctor Who - Companions and AlliesMusic & Film - FilmUsed€4.5061385
9781849902304BBC BooksDoctor Who - The Brilliant Book 2012Music & Film - FilmUsed€4.5061384
9780563486497BBC BooksDoctor Who - The Inside StoryMusic & Film - FilmUsed€4.5061386
9781846075728BBC BooksDoctor Who - The Time Traveller's AlmanacMusic & Film - FilmUsed€4.5061387
9781849902311BBC BooksThe EncyclopediaMusic & Film - FilmUsed€4.5061388
9780816635344Braddock, Jeremy (ed.)Directed By Allen SmitheeMusic & Film - FilmUsed€8.006453
9780340500439Bragg, MelvynRich, The Life of Richard BurtonMusic & Film - FilmUsed€3.606505
9780752817156Braun, EricDoris DayMusic & Film - FilmUsed€5.006561
0352300566Brough, JamesThe Fabulous FondasMusic & Film - FilmUsed€5.007083
9780674739062Cavell, Stanley Pursuits of happinessMusic & Film - FilmUsed€15.009399
9781903047248Cheshire, EllenJane CampionMusic & Film - FilmUsed€4.009848
9780060194284Chierichetti, DavidThe Life and Times of Hollywood's Celebrated Costume Designer Edith HeadMusic & Film - FilmUsed€4.509908
9781905172764Clayton.Lea, TonyRockaganda - Essential Irish Rock QuotesMusic & Film - MusicUsed€3.0010501
xCones, John W.Film Finance & Distribution - A Dictionary of TermsMusic & Film - FilmUsed€20.0011322
9780552143295Curtis, RichardFour Weddings and a Funeral - ScreenplayMusic & Film - FilmUsed€3.8012353
9780810872981Cutchins, Dennis (ed.)Redefining Adaptation StudiesMusic & Film - FilmUsed€17.0012428
9780810872967Cutchins, Dennis (ed.)The Pedagogy of Adaptation (Welsh, James M. (ed.))Music & Film - FilmUsed€20.0012429
9781879505339Daniels, BillMovie Money Understanding Hollywood's Creative Accounting Practices (Sills, Steven D.)Music & Film - FilmUsed€15.5012749
9780747511625David, CatherineSimone SignoretMusic & Film - FilmUsed€6.0012869
9780946719495Dellinger, JadeAre We Not Men? We Are Devo!Music & Film - MusicUsed€18.0062428
00097101Desser. David (ed.)Cinema Journal 34 No. 2 1995Music & Film - FilmUsed€4.0013621
9780791445143Dixon, Wheeler WinstonFilm Genre 2000: New Critical EssaysMusic & Film - FilmUsed€6.5014546
xDOXDOX Leipzig Katalog - The Art of DocumentaryMusic & Film - FilmUsed€2.0015293
9780851706436Dyer, RichardStarsMusic & Film - FilmUsed€8.5015900
9780752848440Edwards, AnneCallasMusic & Film - FilmUsed€3.5016118
9781559721523Ehrenstein, DavidThe Scorsese Picture: The Art & Life of Martin ScorseseMusic & Film - FilmUsed€5.0016325
xEssoe, GabeDemille - The Man and His PicturesMusic & Film - FilmUsed€6.0016972
9780304333028Finney, AngusThe State of European CinemaMusic & Film - FilmUsed€3.8018056
133651975Geduld, Harry M. (ed.)Focus On D.W. GriffithMusic & Film - FilmUsed€5.0020582
9780060167240George, NelsonBuppies, B-Boys, Baps & Bohos - Notes on Post-Soul Black CultureMusic & Film - MusicUsed€7.0020673
9780306814341Gilbert, PatPassion Is A Fashion: The Real Story of the ClashMusic & Film - MusicUsed€8.5060446
0140462236Greenfield, DewardPenguin Stereo Record Guide - Second EditionMusic & Film - FilmUsed€4.5022017
071001012958 / 0380712245Grobel, LawrenceThe HustonsMusic & Film - FilmUsed€3.8022264
9781932907162Hall, PhilIndependent Film DistributionMusic & Film - FilmUsed€6.5061489
0385069715Higham, CharlesThe Art of the American FilmMusic & Film - FilmUsed€6.0025131
9780306817724Hirsch, FosterThe Dark Side of the Screen: Film NoirMusic & Film - FilmUsed€15.0061592
0563201282Howlett, KevinThe Beatles at the BeebMusic & Film - MusicUsed€5.0026183
xJacobs, LewisAn Introduction to the Art of the MoviesMusic & Film - FilmUsed€4.0027277
9780722152126Junor, PennyBurton the Man Behind the MythMusic & Film - FilmUsed€4.0028434
9780826405883Karney, Robyn ed.The Hollywood Who's WhoMusic & Film - FilmUsed€8.0028703
9780748637461King, GeoffLost in TranslationMusic & Film - FilmUsed€12.0029529
9780810867291King, Lynnea Chapman (ed.)No Country for Old Men From Novel to FilmMusic & Film - FilmUsed€10.0029534
9780195173598Kitcher, PhilipFinding an EndingMusic & Film - MusicUsed€12.0030042
xKohns, ManuelaThe Dubliners Magazine 1997Music & Film - MusicUsed€6.0030327
xKoszarski, Richard (ed.)Hollywood Directors 1941 - 1976Music & Film - FilmUsed€5.5030434
9780240808284Levison, LouiseFilmmakers and FinancingMusic & Film - FilmUsed€5.5061545
9781841152257Levy, ShawnReady, Steady, Go! Swinging London and the Invention of CoolMusic & Film - MusicUsed€4.5032909
xLove, I.F.For the Love of BenjiMusic & Film - FilmUsed€5.5033648
9780007193028Lucas, MattLittle Britain Complete Scripts Series OneMusic & Film - TVUsed€3.5033745
9780007213658Lucas, MattLittle Britain Complete Scripts Series ThreeMusic & Film - TVUsed€3.5033746
9780007198726Lucas, MattLittle Britain Complete Scripts Series TwoMusic & Film - TVUsed€3.5033747
9780007198726Lucas, MattLittle Britain - The Complete Scripts and Stuff: Series TwoMusic & Film - TVUsed€3.5033744
0525474641MacCann, DyerCinema ExaminedMusic & Film - FilmUsed€8.0033967
9780953994243Martin, JamesDave Grohl: Foo Fighters, Nirvana & Other MisadventuresMusic & Film - MusicUsed€4.5061099
xMast, GeraldA Short History of the MoviesMusic & Film - FilmUsed€4.0035260
9780425165270McCarthy, KevinThey're Here - Invasion of the Body Snatchers - A TributeMusic & Film - FilmUsed€8.0035794
0810817250McConnell, Frank D.The Spoken Seen: Film & the Romantic ImaginationMusic & Film - FilmUsed€7.0035863
9780802115881McNeil, LegsPlease Kill Me:; The Uncensored Oral History of Punk (1st Edition)Music & Film - MusicUsed€20.0060449
9781852832599Mechele, TonyThe SaintMusic & Film - FilmUsed€15.0036516
xMelvill, HaraldMagic of Make-Up for the StageMusic & Film - FilmUsed€15.5036555
9780415386661Morgan, VivienPractising VideojournalismMusic & Film - FilmUsed€7.0037792
9780141394817MorrisseyAutobiographyMusic & Film - FilmUsed€4.6061791
9780415247962Mulhall, StephenOn film Music & Film - FilmUsed€4.8038215
9780415247962Mulhall, StephenOn film Music & Film - FilmUsed€4.8038216
xNorman, BarryThe Film GreatsMusic & Film - FilmUsed€2.8041187
0297781065Olivier, LaurenceConfessions of an ActorMusic & Film - FilmUsed€4.0042176
xPechter, William S.Twenty-four Times a Second: Films and FilmmakersMusic & Film - FilmUsed€17.0043369
9780061496189Poitier, SidneyLife Beyond Measure - Letters to My Great - GranddaughterMusic & Film - FilmUsed€4.0044230
9780253207821Portuges, CatherineThe Hungarian Cinema of Marta Meszaros Screen MemoriesMusic & Film - FilmUsed€4.8044367
9780099555698Robinson, BruceThe Rum Diary (Screenplay)Music & Film - FilmUsed€4.5046348
9780719050886Rollet, BrigitteFrench Film Directors - Coline SerreauMusic & Film - FilmUsed€4.6046526
0671554395Schickel, RichardD.W. Griffith An American LifeMusic & Film - FilmUsed€6.5048416
9780722177655Shepherd, DonaldThe Duke - The Life and Times of John WayneMusic & Film - FilmUsed€3.6049665
0130772224Silva, FredFocus On - The Birth of a NationMusic & Film - FilmUsed€6.0049942
9790520232746Smoodin, Eric (ed.)Hollywood QuarterlyMusic & Film - FilmUsed€14.0050948
9780571190256Soderbergh, StevenGetting Away With ItMusic & Film - FilmUsed€5.0061473
0283989939Spada, JamesJudy & LizaMusic & Film - MusicUsed€4.7051400
9781847170668Spada, JamesGrace KellyMusic & Film - FilmUsed€4.5051399
0416430805Star TrekStar Trek II - The Wrath of Khan PhotostoryMusic & Film - FilmUsed€8.0051625
9780140108637Steinem, GloriaMarilynMusic & Film - FilmUsed€4.3051989
xSteven, PeterJump Cut: Hollywood, Politics and Counter CinemaMusic & Film - FilmUsed€8.0052102
9780679728054Swafford, JanThe Vintage Guide to Classical MusicMusic & Film - MusicUsed€9.0061914
9781491204481Swan, SamVideo JournalismMusic & Film - FilmUsed€4.0052720
9780719050954Tarr, CarrieFrench Film Directors - Diane KurysMusic & Film - FilmUsed€4.6052967
9781557042927Thompson, EmmaThe Sense and Sensibility Screenplay and DiariesMusic & Film - FilmUsed€3.8053541
9780810876743Tibbetts, John C. (ed.)American Classic ScreenMusic & Film - FilmUsed€10.0053745
9780753556481Townsend, PeteThe Who The Official HistoryMusic & Film - MusicUsed€12.0054261
9781852274320VirginThe Encyclopedia of RockMusic & Film - MusicUsed€4.5055630
9781857200713WaltonsIrish Whistle BookMusic & Film - MusicUsed€3.0056414
xWest, MikeThe Jam 1977 - 1982Music & Film - MusicUsed€12.0056965
xWhelbourn, HubertStandard Book of Celebrated MusiciansMusic & Film - FilmUsed€20.0060393
9780991344703Wuelfing, Amy YatesNo Slam Dancing, No Stage Diving, No Spikes (Signed)Music & Film - MusicUsed€20.0060452
xxListening to Bach's StudentsMusic & Film - MusicUsed€1.0058634
xZebrowski, MarekCelebrating Chopin and PaderewskiMusic & Film - MusicUsed€10.0059217

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Cookery, Food & Drink

9781847087157Baggini, JulianThe Virtues of the Table: How to Eat and ThinkNon Fiction CookeryUsed€4.6061847
9780091857509Baljekar, MridulaReal Balti CookbookNon Fiction CookeryUsed€5.503478
xBell VistaEinfach Nur Lecker - Kochen Mit GewürzenNon Fiction Cookery GermanUsed€0.804834
xBell VistaVollwertig KochenNon Fiction Cookery GermanUsed€0.804835
9780953932313Bergin, JaneThe Kinsale CookbookNon Fiction Cookery Irish InterestUsed€14.005133
xBord BiaYour Guide to Irish Farmhouse CheesesNon Fiction CookeryUsed€1.005973
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9781859671849Chan, KitNoodlesNon Fiction CookeryUsed€4.0061852
xCharles OlkenThe Connoisseurs' Handbook of California Wines (Earl Singer)Non Fiction CookeryUsed€6.009670
xCostcoIn the KitchenNon Fiction CookeryUsed€1.0011935
xCostcoSimply Delicious The Costco WayNon Fiction CookeryUsed€1.0011936
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9781604027570DeMarco RestaurantNantucket Taste MemoriesNon Fiction CookeryUsed€10.0013504
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184461025xGrimes, LuluSushiNon Fiction CookeryUsed€3.0022124
9783833809095GU KüchenratgeberKochen Für KleinkinderNon Fiction Cookery GermanUsed€2.8022343
9783862642304Hartmanm MilanSuperfood SmoothiesNon Fiction CookeryUsed€2.5061100
9783778736029Hellmiß, MargotApfelessigNon Fiction Cookery GermanUsed€2.0024485
9781840811209Hermes HouseVegetarian ClassicsNon Fiction CookeryUsed€2.0024856
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9781910690277Holm, MarieQuivering Desserts & Other PuddingsNon Fiction CookeryUsed€4.0025642
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9781844773794Lennon, Biddy WhiteIrish Food and CookingNon Fiction CookeryUsed€3.5032473
9780006532453Loomis, SusanOn Rue TatinNon Fiction Cookery MemoirUsed€4.0061351
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9782501057912Marechal, JosePetites Cocottes (French)Non Fiction CookeryUsed€4.0034694
06867843Marks & Spencer100 Mince Dishes from 1 Easy RecipeNon Fiction CookeryUsed€3.6034731
xMeagCocktailbuchNon Fiction Cookery GermanUsed€2.0036513
9781936365159Myint, AnthonyMission Street FoodNon Fiction CookeryUsed€12.5060348
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9780141010373Oliver, JamieJamie's KitchenNon Fiction CookeryUsed€5.0060213
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9781617691102Pigott, StuartThe Riesling Story: Best White Wine On EarthNon Fiction CookeryUsed€5.5060349
9781607742883Ricker, AndyPok PokNon Fiction CookeryUsed€17.5060132
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9781858335834The Vegetarian SocietyThe Complete Vegetarian CookbookNon Fiction CookeryUsed€4.0053354
xVariousIn The Pot - A Collection of Receipes & Anecdotes from Well Known Personalitoes, Cancer Survivors & Their FamiliesNon Fiction Cookery Irish InterestUsed€3.5055336
9781561708055Virtue, DoreenEating in the LightNon Fiction CookeryUsed€2.0055633
xViscountPocket Gourmet VegetablesNon Fiction CookeryUsed€3.0055634
01164WeightwatchersBasic TrainingNon Fiction CookeryUsed€2.0056730
9781863962209Womens WeeklyPasta Meals in MinutesNon Fiction CookeryUsed€2.5058091
9781405448864xCooking On A BudgetNon Fiction CookeryUsed€3.0058496
9781740454117xThe Essential Dessert CookbookNon Fiction CookeryUsed€4.5058756
9781841933122xDinners & Main CoursesNon Fiction CookeryUsed€3.0061084
9781841933108xSoups & StartersNon Fiction CookeryUsed€3.0061085
9783897697058xCooksmart PastaNon Fiction Cookery GermanUsed€1.5058497
9781594865466Zinczenko, DavidThe Abs Diet - 6 Minute Meals for 6-Pack AbsNon Fiction CookeryUsed€3.8059254

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Travel Writing

9780792270843Ambrose, Stephen E.Lewis & Clark: Voyage of DiscoveryNon Fiction TravelUsed€4.001450
9780747588726Aslet, CliveVillages of Britain - The Five Hundred Villages that Made the CountrysideNon Fiction TravelUsed€5.502176
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9781843540892Balfour, SandyPretty Girl in Crimson RoseNon Fiction Travel BiographyUsed€4.003473
9780099521013Berendt, JohnMidnight In the Garden of Good and EvilNon Fiction TravelUsed€4.5060538
9780340825006Berendt, JohnThe City of Falling Angels (Venice)Non Fiction TravelUsed€4.005043
9780340825006Berendt, JohnThe City of Falling Angels (Venice)Non Fiction TravelUsed€4.505041
xBerlitzHighlights of BrazilNon Fiction TravelUsed€3.005210
9780349110622Biddlecombe, PeterFaster, They're GainingNon Fiction Travel HumourUsed€4.005357
9781900949927Bradnock, RobertFootprint Rajasthan & Gujarat 1st Edition (2001)Non Fiction TravelUsed€4.006493
0834801779Brown, JanExploring TohokuNon Fiction TravelUsed€10.007182
9780385410199Bryson, BillNotes from a Big CountryNon Fiction TravelUsed€4.5061156
9780767902526Bryson, BillA Walk in the WoodsNon Fiction TravelUsed€4.5061530
9780767903851Bryson, BillIn A Sunburned CountryNon Fiction TravelUsed€4.5059778
xChadwick, Douglas H.Enduring AmericaNon Fiction Travel PhotographyUsed€4.009518
9780593056318Clarke, StephenMerde HappensNon Fiction Travel HumourUsed€3.0010457
87395422xCooper, James FenimoreGleamings in Europe: SwitzerlandNon Fiction TravelUsed€6.5011723
9780006544159Dalrymple, WilliamIn XanaduNon Fiction TravelUsed€4.0060638
9780805055948Darlington, DavidThe Mojave - A Portrait of the Definitive American DesertNon Fiction TravelUsed€7.0012808
9780333630617DeaytonIn Search of HappinessNon Fiction Travel HumourUsed€3.0013289
9782737300646Devillers, MichelThe Story of TreguierNon Fiction TravelUsed€1.5013634
xDoren, David MacNeilWinds of CreteNon Fiction TravelUsed€3.0062689
349115494Drinkwater, JamesThe Olive SeasonNon Fiction TravelUsed€4.0015497
9780007214815Fort, MatthewEating Up Italy: Voyages On A VespaNon Fiction TravelUsed€4.6060866
9780786890118Foss, ReneAround the World In a Bad Mood: Confessions of a Flight AttendantNon Fiction TravelUsed€4.0061245
9780312422721Fromm, PeteIndian Creek ChroniclesNon Fiction TravelUsed€8.0019559
9780747593355Gifford, RobChina Road: One Man's Journey into the Heart of Modern ChinaNon Fiction TravelUsed€4.6060652
9780091897420Gorman, DaveGoogle Whack!Non Fiction Travel HumourUsed€3.6021473
9780330392266Grylls, BearFacing UpNon Fiction TravelUsed€4.0060029
9788086085395Guide to PraguePrague - A Photographic Guide to PragueNon Fiction Travel PhotographyUsed€2.5022365
9781741103960Hammond, SallyPardon My French! From Paris to the Pyrenees and BackNon Fiction TravelUsed€4.0022850
9781857885217Harrison, ChrisHead over Heel - Seduced by Southern ItalyNon Fiction TravelUsed€5.0023892
9780863274466Healy, ElizabethLiterary Tour of IrelandNon Fiction Travel Irish InterestUsed€8.0024303
9780749574734Kieran, DanThe Idle TravellerNon Fiction TravelUsed€4.6060696
9781878867810Klusmire, JonColoradoNon Fiction TravelUsed€3.0030226
9780307394651Kohnstamm, ThomasDo Travel Writers Go To Hell?Non Fiction TravelUsed€4.6030329
9780307394651Kohnstamm, ThomasDo Travel Writers Go To Hell?Non Fiction TravelUsed€4.6030328
9780330370004Krakauer, JonEiger DreamsNon Fiction TravelUsed€4.0060018
9780500236123Krasner, DeborahCeltic Living in Scotland, Ireland and WalesNon Fiction Travel PhotographyUsed€4.5030488
014003319xLee, LaurieA Rose for WinterNon Fiction TravelUsed€3.8032308
9781934848241Lipman, DenisA Yank Back to EnglandNon Fiction Travel MemoirUsed€3.5033190
9783800340590Luthardt, Ernst-OttoJourney through GermanyNon Fiction TravelUsed€11.0061851
9780091926519Maconie, StuartAdventures on the High Teas - In Search of Middle EnglandNon Fiction TravelUsed€3.9034202
xMais, S.P.B.I Return to ScotlandNon Fiction TravelUsed€8.5034365
9780099466673Malmsten, BodilThe Price of Water in FinistereNon Fiction TravelUsed€4.6034411
9780241128565Mayle, PeterToujours ProvenceNon Fiction TravelUsed€3.9035500
9780340766057McCarthy, PeteMcCarthy's BarNon Fiction TravelUsed€3.8035809
9780340766057McCarthy, PeteMcCarthy's BarNon Fiction TravelUsed€3.6035808
9780006547150McGrath, MelanieMotel Nirvana: Dreaming of the New Age in the American DesertNon Fiction Travel MemoirUsed€4.6036222
9780679740308Morris, MaryMaiden Voyages: Writings Of Women TravelersNon Fiction TravelUsed€4.6061058
9789881613875Ng, Jason Y.No City for Slow Men: Hong Kong's Quirks and Quandaries Laid BareNon Fiction TravelUsed€6.0060673
9781860464195Nooteboom, CeesRoads to SantiagoNon Fiction TravelUsed€4.6041166
9780140073973O'Hanlon, RedmondInto the Heart of BorneoNon Fiction TravelUsed€3.6060434
7290003483051Palphot Ltd.Jerusalem Pictorial GuideNon Fiction TravelUsed€3.0042895
xPanorama BooksChateaux of the Loire - With 30 Color PlatesNon Fiction TravelUsed€3.0042959
xPanorama BooksCosta Del Sol - With 30 Color PlatesNon Fiction TravelUsed€3.0042960
9781857990768Parris, MatthewInca-Kola - A Traveller's Tale of PeruNon Fiction TravelUsed€3.6043093
9781907616631Price, JanieA Real JourneyNon Fiction TravelUsed€3.0044746
9780679731771Pyle, ErnieThe Best of Ernie Pyle's 1930s Travel DispatchesNon Fiction TravelUsed€3.7045091
xShand, Mark Extracts From River Dog - A Journey Down the BrahmaputraNon Fiction TravelUsed€3.6049450
9780762771455Smith-Mayo, JenniferVermont IconsNon Fiction TravelUsed€2.5050366
9781782394877Strayed, CherylWild - A Journey from Lost to FoundNon Fiction Travel MemoirUsed€4.6052431
9783836507677Taschen, AngelikaProvence StyleNon Fiction Trave PhotographyUsed€3.0053084
0856403407Thackery. William MakepeaceThe Irish Sketchbook 1842Non Fiction Travel History Irish InterestUsed€6.5053301
9781934159248Thanegi, MaDefiled on the Ayeyarwaddy - One Woman's Mid-Life Travel Adventures on Myanmar's Great RiverNon Fiction TravelUsed€5.5053304
9780850253191Trevail, B.Introducing CornwallNon Fiction TravelUsed€1.5054520
9788484785118Triangle PostalsThe Basilica of the Sagrada FamíliaNon Fiction TravelUsed€10.0054573
9788872800546xMalta and Its IslandsNon Fiction TravelUsed€2.0058640

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9781909718265Barry, Dr. HarryFlagging the ScreenagerNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€6.004046
9780863154911Blom, RiaCrying and Restlessness in Babies - A Parent's Guide to Natural SleepingNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€3.605654
0310216311Brandt, HenryI Want To Enjoy My ChildrenNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€10.006550
9780385290340Brazelton, T. BerryToddlers and Parents A Declaration of IndependenceNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€6.006663
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xChamberlain, GeoffreyThe Safety of the Unborn ChildNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€5.009535
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9781118266779Douglas, AnnThe Mother of All Pregnancy BooksNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€6.5015266
9780894800153Eisenberg, MurkoffWhat to Eat When You're ExpectingNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€3.0016345
9780836246025Engelbreit, MaryThe Baby BookNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€3.6016811
xFarnham-Diggory, SylviaThe Learning Disabled ChildNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€6.0017397
9780091882334Ford, GinaThe New Contented Little Baby BookNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€3.0018715
9780091912697Ford, GinaThe New Contented Little Baby BookNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€3.8060197
9780091921392Gee, LisaStage Mum - When Showbiz Happens to Your ChildNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€3.6020583
xGuttmacher, Alan F.Pregnancy and Birth A Book For Expectant ParentsNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€4.0022437
9780345479099Hogg, TracySecrets of the Baby WhispererNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€3.6025582
9780553381467Karp, Harvey M.D.The Happiest Baby on the BlockNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€3.6028709
9780553384420Karp, Harvey M.D.The Happiest Toddle on the BlockNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€3.6028710
9780563370277Kohner, NancyHaving a BabyNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€4.0030326
870405314Kushi, MichioMacrobiotic Pregnancy and the Care of the NewbornNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€4.0030876
9781400079094Lamott, AnneOperating Instructions: A Journal of My Son's First YearNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€4.0031348
9780440508786Leiter, GilaEverything You Need to Know to Have a Healthy Twin PregnancyNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€2.6032403
140806156Luria, YudovichSpeech and the Development of Mental Processes in the ChildNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€4.6033828
140088229Madaras, AreaWhat's Happening to my Body - GirlsNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€4.0034213
140088237Madaras, LyndaWhat's Happening to my Body - BoysNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€4.0034214
9780007153985Mahnony, EmmaDouble Trouble - Twins and How to Survive ThemNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€3.5034344
9780399160288Markham, LauraPeaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start ConnectingNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€7.5059689
9780312567149Modisett, Dani Klein ed.Afterbirth - Stories You Won't Read in a Parenting MagazineNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€3.8037474
9780952257806Murphy, NancySelf Preparation for ChildbirthNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€15.0038745
9781780665450Ockwell-Smith, SarahWhy Your Baby's Sleep MattersNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€4.0042055
9780071381390Pantley, ElizabethThe No-Cry Sleep SolutionNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€1.0042963
9780062736802Pearlman, Eileen M.Raising Twins From Birth Through AdolescenceNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€2.6043344
9781615190492Rapley, GillThe Baby-Led Weaning CookbookNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€3.8045420
9781405348799Regan, LesleyYour Pregnancy Week by WeekNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€5.0045614
9780717146741Ryan, PatrickYou Can't Make Me How to Get the Best out of Your TeenagerNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€4.0047659
9780316219198Solomon, Deborah CarlisleBaby Knows BestNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€5.0051241
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9781420881554Watson, RachelBaby Roulette - IVFNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€5.0056587
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9780449004029Weissbluth, MarcHealthy Sleep Habits, Happy ChildNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€3.6056796
586061703Wilson, EdingtonFirst Child, Second ChildNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€4.0057671
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9780141002941Pollack, William S.Real Boys' VoicesNon Fiction - ParentingUsed€4.6061842