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9781910179895Acton, AdrienneRoad Frontage Fiction Used€3.60242
9780802143334Adrian, ChrisaThe Children's Hospital Fiction Used€3.90924
9780061955044Ahern, CeceliaThe Gift Fiction Used€3.50957
9781934848395Ahern, CeciliaMrs. Whippy Fiction Used€3.60958
9780007258871Ahern, CeliaA Place Called Here Fiction Used€3.0062687
9780141033464Alain-FournierThe Lost Estate Fiction Used€4.001032
9780810115682Albahari, DavidTsing Fiction Used€6.001038
9780751537505Albom, MitchFor One More Day Fiction Used€3.601058
9780143001126Aldridge, JamesThe Girl From the Sea Fiction Used€4.501184
9780552774451Ali, MonicaBrick Lane Fiction Used€4.0060329
xAllbeury, TedA Wilderness of Mirrors Fiction Used€4.001282
9780007146376Allende, IsabelCity of the Beasts Fiction Used€4.5062071
9780007241163Allende, IsabelInes of My SoulHBFiction Used€4.001329
9780007177486Allende, IsabelKingdom of the Golden Dragon Fiction Used€4.001331
9780349111063Allison, DorothyCavedweller Fiction Used€4.501375
9780552774437Allnat, JudithThe Poet's Wife Fiction Used€4.001377
9781565122765Alvarez, JuliaIn the Name of Salome Fiction Used€4.501409
9781984878496Ames, ElizabethThe Other's GoldHBFiction Used€7.0061347
9780140104332Amis, KingsleyDifficulties With Girls Fiction Used€3.801476
0140023461Amis, KingsleyMy Enemy's Enemy Fiction Used€3.7061011
9780091727192Amis, KingsleyOmnibus - Jake's Thing / Stanley and the Women / The Old DevilsHBFiction Used€4.801487
xAmis, KingsleyThe Anti-Death League Fiction Used€3.601492
xAmis, KingsleyThe Green Man Fiction Used€3.601494
9780091637903Amis, KingsleyThe Old DevilsHBFiction Used€4.001496
9780140070026Amis, MartinDead Babies Fiction Used€3.8059599
9780224076128Amis, MartinThe Pregnant WidowHBFiction Used€4.501517
xAmis, MartinThe Rachel Papers Fiction Used€3.601522
9780676975505Anderson-Dargatz, GailA Rhinestone Button Fiction Used€4.001577
9780747598060Anderson, Laurie HalseChains Fiction Used€3.801594
9781548221027Anderson, SherwoodWinesburg, Ohio Fiction Used€4.0060011
9780802115751Antunes, Antonio LoboAct of the DamnedHBFiction Used€5.501810
9780802113399Antunes, Antonio LoboAn Explanation of the BirdsHBFiction Used€5.501811
394525744Antunes, Antonio LoboSouth of NowhereHBFiction Used€6.001812
9781856194068Arditti, MichaelThe Celibate Fiction Used€4.401876
9780802134066Arenas, ReinaldoOld Rosa Fiction Used€6.0061470
9780140179217Arrabal, FernandoThe Red Virgin Fiction Used€4.601846
9780140114034Astley, TheaIt's Raining in Mango Fiction Used€3.602193
9781579624095Austin, AlexNakamaura Reality Fiction Used€8.502947
9780330480413Azzopardi, TrezzaThe Hiding Place Fiction Used€4.0060190
9780393324235Babel, IsaacRed Cavalry Fiction Used€8.503044
071009003958Bach, RichardIllusions - The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah Fiction Used€4.5059924
9780676976045Badami, Anita RauCan You Hear the Nightbird Call?HBFiction Used€5.003093
0006161545Bainbridge, BerylHarriet Said... Fiction Used€3.603149
9781844088607Bainbridge, BerylHarriet Said... Fiction Used€4.0060708
9780349111698Bainbridge, BerylMaster Georgie Fiction Used€4.003151
9780349112220Bainbridge, BerylMaster Georgie Fiction Used€4.0061258
9780349123707Bainbridge, BerylThe Dressmaker Fiction Used€4.0060777
xBainbridge, BerylWinter Garden Fiction Used€4.003159
9780304356942Balchin, NigelThe Small Back Room Fiction Used€4.603237
9780006551614Ballard, J.G.Millennium People Fiction Used€4.6062839
9780140278828Bank, MelissaThe Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing Fiction Used€3.8062430
9780349112459Banks, IainThe Business Fiction Used€4.5060381
9780316731058Banks, IainThe Steep Approach to CarbadaleHBFiction Used€4.503641
9780349119281Banks, IainThe Steep Approach to Garbadale Fiction Used€4.603643
9780349139180Banks, IainThe Wasp Factory Fiction Used€4.6061915
9780316640169Banks, Iain A Song of StoneHBFiction Used€4.503666
9780349101712Banks, Iain Canal Dreams Fiction Used€4.503667
9780349112459Banks, Iain The Business Fiction Used€4.603669
9780349101781Banks, Iain Walking on Glass Fiction Used€4.603673
9781846685767Banks, RussellLost Memory of Skin Fiction Used€4.6060362
9780241955406Banville, JohnAncient Light Fiction Used€4.003761
9780749397166Banville, JohnMefisto Fiction Used€4.6060786
9780330419604Banville, JohnShroud Fiction Used€3.8061531
9780241970010Banville, JohnThe Blue Guitar Fiction Used€4.0059534
9780330510882Banville, JohnThe Infinities Fiction Used€4.0060681
9780330339315Banville, JohnThe Untouchable Fiction Used€4.003788
9780330369244Banville, JohnThe Untouchable Fiction Used€4.0060758
9781847084804Bärfuss, LukasOne Hundred Days Fiction Used€4.8059908
9781860497230Barker, A.L.The Haunt Fiction Used€4.0059939
9780140270747Barker, PatBorder Crossing Fiction Used€4.0059938
9780670854899Barker, PatThe Ghost RoadHBFiction Used€4.003870
9780099540588Barnes, JulianFlaubert's Parrot Fiction Used€4.0061478
9780061624766Barry, BrunoniaThe Lace ReaderHBFiction Used€3.804043
9780349117621Barry, MaxJennifer Government Fiction Used€4.504107
0853457336Bastas, Augusto RoaSon of Man Fiction Used€4.604192
xBates, H.E.Charlotte's Bow Fiction Used€3.804221
140012796Bates, H.E.Fair Stood the Wind for France Fiction Used€3.804223
0140024778Bates, H.E.Oh! To Be in England Fiction Used€3.804226
xBates, H.E.The Fabulous Mrs. V Fiction Used€3.804229
014003420xBates, H.E.The Four Beauties Fiction Used€3.804230
014003420xBates, H.E.The Four Beauties Fiction Used€3.604231
0140010343Bates, H.E.The Jacaranda Tree Fiction Used€4.504232
xBates, H.E.When the Green Woods Laugh Fiction Used€3.804236
9781782392033Bauerdick, RolfThe Madonna on the Moon (European Book Prize Winner 2012) Fiction Used€3.604304
9780241259160Bazan, Emilia PardoThe House of Ulloa Fiction Used€4.8060187
9780330320993Begley, LouisWartime Lies Fiction Used€3.004804
9780099429548Belben, RosalindHound Music Fiction Used€4.404829
9780099458968Belben, RosalindOur Horses in Egypt Fiction Used€4.504831
9780747587316Bennett, RonanZugszwang Fiction Used€4.005003
9780552990752Benson, E.F,Queen Lucia Fiction Used€3.805010
9780345435163Berg, ElizabethOpen House Fiction Used€4.005053
9780099460190Berg, ElizabethSay When Fiction Used€3.605054
9780385318785Berg, ElizabethTalk Before Sleep Fiction Used€4.005055
9781487002930Best, GillianThe Last Wave Fiction Used€3.8061810
9780552773867Bhagart, ChetanOne Night At the Call Centre Fiction Used€3.805326
9788129118806Bhagat, ChetanRevolution 2020 Fiction Used€3.805327
9780689119927Bienek, HorstEarth and FireHBFiction Used€4.605365
0689118481Bienek, HorstSeptember LightHBFiction Used€4.605366
0940242079Bienek, HorstThe First Polka Fiction Used€4.605367
0689119305Bienek, HorstTime Without BellsHBFiction Used€4.605368
9781400031658Bohjalian, ChrisBefore You Know Happiness Fiction Used€3.605802
9780375705175Bohjalian, ChrisTrans-Sister Radio Fiction Used€4.6060324
9781934848012Bolger, DermotIn High Germany Fiction Used€3.605873
9780006552369Bolger, DermotTemptation Fiction Used€3.805878
9780140157758Bolger, DermotThe Journey Home Fiction Used€4.005879
9780241970317Bonfiglioli, KyrilAfter You with the Pistol Fiction Used€4.505924
014003983Bowen, ElizabethFriends and Relations Fiction Used€4.0060788
9780141044187Boyd, WilliamArmadillo Fiction Used€4.6060162
9781856190268Boyd, WilliamBrazzaville BeachHBFiction Used€4.206208
9781408873694Boyd, WilliamSweet Caress Fiction Used€4.5063002
9780141046907Boyd, WilliamThe Blue Afternoon Fiction Used€4.506240
9780241123836Boyd, WilliamThe New ConfessionsHBFiction Used€3.806248
9780140106992Boyd. WilliamThe New Confessions Fiction Used€4.006254
9780143017875Boyden, JosephThrough Black Spruce Fiction Used€4.806255
9780316725477Boylan, ClareEmma BrownHBFiction Used€4.006264
0140068112Boylan, ClareHoly Pictures Fiction Used€3.606265
9780140299960Boyle, T.C.Budding Prospects Fiction Used€4.6060752
9780747568070Boyle, T.C.Drop City Fiction Used€4.5061423
9780140299939Boyle, T.C.World's End Fiction Used€4.6060570
9780330376631Bradbury, MalcolmTo the Hermitage Fiction Used€4.006369
9780380977260Bradbury, RayDandelion Wine Fiction Used€7.006378
071009007994Bradford, Barbara TaylorA Sudden Change of Heart Fiction Used€3.006455
9780586058480Bradford, Barbara TaylorVoice of the Heart Fiction Used€3.6060718
3883890294Braine, JohnRoom at the Top Fiction Used€3.606517
xBraine, JohnRoom at the Top Fiction Used€3.606518
9780099445364Braine, JohnRoom at the Top Fiction Used€3.606516
 Braine, JohnRoom at the Top Fiction Used€3.606519
9780450000850Braithwaite, E.R.To Sir With Love Fiction Used€3.606522
9781590173596Brand, MillenThe Outward Room  Fiction Used€6.506540
9780091959609Bray, CarysThe Museum of YouHBFiction Used€4.6061858
9780099590828Briscoe, JoannaTouchedHBFiction Used€3.806827
0714528242Broderick, JohnThe Rose Tree Fiction Used€3.806853
9780586070734Brookner, AnitaA Misalliance Fiction Used€3.8062561
9780140277074Brookner, AnitaFalling Slowly Fiction Used€4.507019
9780143036661Brooks, GeraldineMarch (Little Women) Fiction Used€4.6061733
xBrooks, GwendolynMaud Martha Fiction Used€3.607037
9780747543008Bryer, PaulThe Prayer of the Bone Fiction Used€4.007310
9780747562061Bryers, PaulThe Used Women's Book Club Fiction Used€4.007312
xBuchan, ElizabethRevenge of the Middle Aged Woman Fiction Used€5.007447
0417025408Buck, Pearl S.The Three Daughters of Madame Liang (China) Fiction Used€3.8062260
xBurgess, AnthonyNapoleon Symphony Fiction Used€4.007781
9780552998246Burt, GuyThe Dandelion Clock Fiction Used€3.708007
9781447238164Butler, NickolasShotgun Love SongsHBFiction Used€4.608094
9780099839408Byatt, A.S.Babel Tower (Cond. Fair) Fiction Used€2.008208
9780099839408Byatt, A.S.Babel Tower Fiction Used€4.008209
9780099479918Byatt, A.S.Still Life Fiction Used€4.008222
9780330421577Byrski, LizGang of Four Fiction Used€3.608322
xCable, George W.The Grandissimes Fiction Used€3.008338
9781408820506Caldecott, ElenThe Great Ice-Cream Heist Fiction Used€4.008390
xCameron, LouThe Block Busters Fiction Used€3.808519
9780452284302Cameron, PaterThe City Of Your Final Destination Fiction Used€4.608520
9780860689126Canfield, DorothyThe Brimming Cup Fiction Used€3.608648
9780571311194Carey, PeterAmnesia Fiction Used€4.608798
9780571253302Carey, PeterParrot and Olivier in America Fiction Used€4.608813
9780571209873Carey, PeterTrue History of the Kelly Gang (Cond. Fair) Fiction Used€2.008826
9781619023420Carpenter, DonThe Hollywood Trilogy (Couple of Comedians, The Turnaround and The True Life Story of Jody McKeegan) Fiction Used€6.508927
0933031122Carpentier, AlejoConcierto Barroco Fiction Used€4.808929
0374120838Carpentier, AlejoThe ChaseHBFiction Used€4.808930
9781562790240Carpentier, AlejoThe Harp and the Shadow Fiction Used€4.808931
xCarsten, CuratorViola Tricolor (The Little Stepmother) Fiction Used€4.009113
9780375413636Carter, Stephen L. The Emperor of Ocean ParkHBFiction Used€4.009166
9780340637852Cartwright, JustonLeading The Cheers (Winner of the Whitbread Novel Award) Fiction Used€3.809181
xCary, JoyceMister Johnson Fiction Used€4.009245
xCary, JoyceMister Johnson Fiction Used€3.809244
xCary, JoyceThe Moonlight Fiction Used€3.809249
xCary, JoyceTo be a Pilgrim Fiction Used€4.009250
xCather, WillaSapphira and the Slave Girl (1940)HBFiction Used€8.009333
394716809Cather, WillaShadows On the Rock Fiction Used€3.809334
xCather, WillaShadows on the Rock (1931)HBFiction Used€8.509335
9780811214971Cela, Camilo JoseBoxwood Fiction Used€4.009424
9781564783417Cela, Camilo JoseChrist Versus Arizona Fiction Used€6.509425
0822311968Cela, Camilo JoseSan Camilo, 1936 (Nobel Prize) Fiction Used€5.509426
0394172116Ch'Eng-En, WuMonkey (China) Fiction Used€8.009474
9781841154930Chabon, MichaelThe Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay Fiction Used€4.8060569
9781841154930Chabon, MichaelThe Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay Fiction Used€4.8062857
9780007150939Chabon, MichaelThe Yiddish Policeman's Union Fiction Used€4.8061486
9781857024050Chabon, MichaelWonder Boys Fiction Used€4.8060955
9780006545996Chang, JungWild Swans Fiction Used€4.0060779
xChatterjee, UpamanyuEnglish August; An Indian Story Fiction Used€3.8062395
9780755323302Clark, CandidaA House of Light Fiction Used€4.5060971
xClark, EleanorBaldur's GateHBFiction Used€4.0010343
0394505360Clark, EleanorGloria MundiHBFiction Used€4.5010345
9781786481924Clark, PollyLarchfield Fiction Used€5.5010376
9780007506088Clay, DanielBroken Fiction Used€4.0061846
9780380794874Cleage, PearlWhat Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day Fiction Used€3.6010502
9781416589648Cleave, ChrisLittle Bee Fiction Used€4.0060317
0140057978Colegate, IsabelThe Shooting Party Fiction Used€3.7010983
9781408843529Collins, CiaránThe Gamal (Ireland) Fiction Used€4.8011143
9781848272002Conlon-McKenna, MaritaRebel Sisters Fiction Used€3.8011331
9780765305138Conlon-McKenna, MaritaThe Magdalen Fiction Used€3.8011334
9780701138950Conrad, PeterUnderworldHBFiction Used€4.6011553
9780091799441Cooke, SophieUnder the Mountain - Signed by the AuthorSignedFiction Used€3.6011676
9780452288065Cooper, T.Lipschitz 6 or Two Angry Blondes Fiction Used€4.6011737
9780802135285Coover, RobertGerald's Party Fiction Used€4.6011738
9780802117243Coover, RobertThe Adventures of Lucky PierreHBFiction Used€4.0011741
9781780222745Coplin, AmandaThe Orchardist Fiction Used€3.6011749
0006157467Cormac, AveryKramer Versus Kramer Fiction Used€3.6011794
9781849161961Cotterill, ColinThe Merry Misogynist Fiction Used€3.8011949
9780007179817Coupland, DouglasMicro-Serfs Fiction Used€4.8062622
9781551522135Coyote, Ivan E. Bow Grip Fiction Used€3.8012050
9780140239751Crace, JimBeing Dead Fiction Used€4.0012054
9780330445672Crace, JimHarvest Fiction Used€4.0059535
xCrane, StephenMaggie: A Girl of the Streets Fiction Used€3.6012097
9781476795171Crate, JoanBlack Apple Fiction Used€4.8012102
9780340666395Creswell, SophiaSam Golod - A Novel of St Petersburg Fiction Used€3.8012132
9780002326445Crumley, JamesBordersnakesHBFiction Used€4.8012258
9781901969009Cumper, PatriciaOne Bright Child Fiction Used€3.6012300
9781908276544Cuneo, AnneTregian's Ground Fiction Used€4.6059894
9780141027548Dahlquist, G.W.The Dark Volume Fiction Used€4.5012700
6522560Daisne, JohanThe Man Who Had His Hair Cut ShortHBFiction Used€4.6012705
9781843542643Dangor, AchmetBitter Fruit Fiction Used€4.6061739
9781856190787Davies, RobertsonMurther & Walking SpiritsHBFiction Used€4.5012928
9780704342996Davies, SteviePrimavera Fiction Used€3.8012933
9780704347304Davies, StevieThe Element of Water Fiction Used€3.6012934
076783004993Davis, CourtneyPhiladelphia Fiction Used€2.0012946
9780340822999Dawson, JillWatch me Disappear Fiction Used€3.6013034
9781471406089Dawson, JunoMargot & Me Fiction Used€4.6013035
9781573227223Day, MareleLambs of God Fiction Used€3.0013044
9781846558771De Bernieres, LouisThe Dust That Falls From Dreams Fiction Used€4.0013082
9780316219235de Krester, MichelleQuestions of Travel Fiction Used€4.6013134
xde Kretser, MichelleThe Rose Grower Fiction Used€3.6013137
9781573229609De Luca, ErriGod's Mountain Fiction Used€4.6013154
9780312593315de Rosnay, TatianaA Secret KeptHBFiction Used€4.0013176
9781472108524Dee, JonathanA Thousand Pardons Fiction Used€4.6060455
xDelaney, FrankThe Sins of the MothersHBFiction Used€4.5013390
9780394577463Delibes, MiguelThe Stuff of HeroesHBFiction Used€4.6013423
xDemijohn, ThomBlack AliceHBFiction Used€4.6013511
9780553592542Deniro, AlanTotal Oblivion, More or Less Fiction Used€4.6013530
9780312156497Derbyshire, JohnSeeing Calvin Coolidge in a Dream Fiction Used€3.6013552
9780099428497Desai, AnitaThe Custody Fiction Used€4.0013574
9780099472087Desai, AnitaThe Zigzag Way Fiction Used€4.0013576
9780141027289Desai, KiranThe Inheritance of Loss Fiction Used€4.6013590
9781905636853Desai, KishwarWitness the Night Fiction Used€4.0013592
9781900850124Dessaix, RobertNight Letters Fiction Used€4.5013620
9781781999196Devlin, MartinAbout Sisterland Fiction Used€4.6060869
9780006514589Devlin, MartinThree Wise Men Fiction Used€4.6060870
9780140167733Dexter, PeteBrotherly Love Fiction Used€3.8013668
9780140245752Dexter, PeterThe Paperboy Fiction Used€4.0013670
9780743225748Diamant, AnitaThe Last Days of Dogtown Fiction Used€4.8013683
9781566894883Diaz, HernanIn the Distance Fiction Used€5.5013733
9780552996693Divakaruni, Chitra BanerjeeArranged Marriage Fiction Used€3.0014538
9780349101101Djian, PhilippeBetty Blue Fiction Used€3.8014551
071831006998 / 0425150992Doane, MichaelBullet Heart Fiction Used€3.8014640
9780394525297Doctorow, E.L.Billy BathgateHBFiction Used€6.0061138
9780812985894Doctorow, E.L.City of God Fiction Used€4.6060706
03302367624Doctorow, E.L.The Book of Daniel Fiction Used€3.6014694
0140030565Donleavy, J.P.The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B Fiction Used€4.5015048
9781447205982Donoghue, EmmaThe Sealed Letter Fiction Used€4.0062113
9780571235377Donovan, GerardJulius Winsome Fiction Used€4.0015096
9781853717079Dorcey, Mary Biography of Desire Fiction Used€2.5015102
9781848402249Dorgan, TheoMaking Way (Signed) Fiction Used€5.5059795
9780140180497Dos Passos, JohnManhattan Transfer Fiction Used€4.8061534
9780743440394Doughty, LouiseStone Cradle Fiction Used€3.0015263
9780436201356Doyle, RoddyPaddy Clarke Ha Ha HaHBFiction Used€4.0015362
9780749399900Doyle, RoddyThe Van Fiction Used€3.8062366
9780140028423Drabble, MargaretThe Millstone Fiction Used€3.8015448
9780140028423Drabble, MargaretThe Millstone Fiction Used€3.8015449
9780141018164Drabble, MargaretThe Red Queen Fiction Used€4.0060268
297178172Drabble, MargaretThe Waterfall Fiction Used€5.0015453
9780140022995Du Maurier, DaphneThe Parasites Fiction Used€4.0015609
9780460872188Du Maurier, GeorgeTrilby Fiction Used€4.0015611
9781741142853Dubosarsky, UrsulaThe Red Shoe Fiction Used€3.7015619
9780099283140Dubus, Andre IIIHouse of Sand and Fog Fiction Used€4.0059878
9781472225917Duchovny, DavidHoly Cow Fiction Used€4.0015626
9781942436195Duclos-Yourdon, JamieFroelich's Ladder Fiction Used€4.6015630
9781869413620Duff, AlanBoth Sides of the Moon Fiction Used€4.5015643
9780241952863Dunmore, HelenThe Siege Fiction Used€3.8015756
9780224044264Dunne, Dominik, CatherineIn the Beginning Fiction Used€4.0015766
xDurrell, LawrenceClea (The Alexandria Quartet Volume 4) Fiction Used€2.0015822
0140071024Durrell, LawrenceMonsieur (The Avignon Quintet Volume 1) Fiction Used€4.5015829
xDurrell, LawrenceMountolive Fiction Used€4.6015831
9780141000435Dürrenmatt, FriedrichThe Pledge Fiction Used€3.6015858
670438529Eastlake, WilliamThe King Naked Descent into BostonHBFiction Used€4.5015948
9781846687754Edugyan. EsiHalf Blood Blues Fiction Used€4.0016108
9780670920297Edwards, KimThe Lake of Dreams Fiction Used€3.6016131
9780143038139Edwards, KimThe Memory Keeper's Daughter Fiction Used€3.8016136
9780141030142Edwards, KimThe Memory Keeper's Daughter Fiction Used€4.0016137
9780452295551Edwards, SeldenThe Little Book Fiction Used€3.8062603
9780330447997Ellis, Bret EastonGlamorama Fiction Used€4.5016528
9781782110187Eng, Tan TwanThe Gardens of Evening Mists Fiction Used€4.0060189
9780552999359Enger, LeifPeace like a River Fiction Used€3.8016817
9780393342581Enright, AnneThe Forgotten Waltz Fiction Used€4.5016842
9780099523826Enright, AnneThe Gathering Fiction Used€3.6016858
9780099523826Enright, AnneThe Gathering Fiction Used€3.6016860
9780060925857Erdich, LouiseThe Bingo Palace Fiction Used€4.6016899
9780552147385Evans, NicholasThe Smoke Jumper Fiction Used€3.0017140
9780330354233Eversz, R.M.Shooting Elvis Fiction Used€3.8017153
0827602480Eytan, RachelThe Fifth HeavenHBFiction Used€10.0017185
9780552776172Farndale, NigelThe Blasphemer Fiction Used€3.0017395
xFarrell, HenrySuch A Gorgeous Kid Like Me Fiction Used€4.0017405
0297779222Farrell, J,G,The Hill StationHBFiction Used€3.6017406
9781857990188Farrell, J.G.Troubles Fiction Used€5.5017411
9780099479314Faulkner, WilliamAs I Lay Dying Fiction Used€4.6060845
9780099428343Faulks, SebastianCharlotte Gray fiction Used€4.0017492
9780091795719Faulks, SebastianEngleby Fiction Used€3.8017501
9780099458272Faulks, SebastianEngleby Fiction Used€3.8017500
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9780330373234Fielding, HelenBridget Jones: The Edge of Reason Fiction Used€3.6017958
9780330340397Fielding, HelenCause Celeb Fiction Used€3.6017971
9780006485278Findley, TimothyPilgrim Fiction Used€6.0018009
394472195Fine, WarrenTheir FamilyHBFiction Used€4.0018029
9780062884091Finn, A.J.The Woman in the Window Fiction Used€4.0018045
9780671242954Finney, JackTime and Again - An Illustrated Novel Fiction Used€4.5018060
080411935xFlagg, FannieStanding in the Rainbow Fiction Used€3.7018299
9780802137845Flanagan, RichardThe Sound of One Hand Clapping Fiction Used€6.5018345
0525246193Flanagan, ThomasThe Tenants of TimeHBFiction Used€4.0018353
9780571195640Foden, GilesThe Last King of Scotland Fiction Used€4.5062183
088001072xFord, Ford MadoxA CallHBFiction Used€5.5018705
xFord, Ford MadoxA Man Could Stand Up & Last Post Fiction Used€4.0018707
9781408815168Ford, RichardCanada Fiction Used€4.0060854
9780061692079Ford, RichardLet Me Be Frank With You Fiction Used€4.6018731
9780679454687Ford, RichardThe Lay of the LandHBFiction Used€4.6018736
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9780140241808Forster, MargaretMother's Boys Fiction Used€3.0018816
9780753824092Foulds, AdamThe Truth About the Strange Times Fiction Used€4.0061836
9780449911440Fowler, Connie MayBefore Women Had Wings Fiction Used€3.8018939
9780670917754Fowler, Karen JoyThe Case of the Imaginary Detective Fiction Used€4.0018942
xFowler, Karen JoyThe Case of the Imaginary Detective Fiction Used€4.0018941
9780141027081Fowler, Karen JoyThe Sweetheart Season Fiction Used€3.8018948
9780141027081Fowler, Karen JoyThe Sweetheart Season Fiction Used€3.8018949
xFowles, JohnThe Collector Fiction Used€4.0062907
586034303xFowles, JohnThe French Lieutenant's Woman Fiction Used€3.6018984
9780330325370Fowles, JohnThe French Lieutenant's Woman Fiction Used€3.6018983
xFranklin, MilesMy Career Goes Bung Fiction Used€3.6019112
9780752821283Fraser, CaroBeyond Forgiveness Fiction Used€3.6019244
9780571212965Frayn, MichaelSpies Fiction Used€4.0019283
xFrazier, CharlesCold MountainHBFiction Used€3.8019289
9780340680599Frazier, CharlesCold Mountain Fiction Used€4.4019290
9783883891514Fredriksson, MarianneHanna's Daughters Fiction Used€3.6019297
9780752827407Fredriksson, MarianneSimon & the Oaks Fiction Used€3.7019299
9780140241747Freud, EstherGaglow Fiction Used€3.8019387
xFuentes, CarlosAura (Bilingual) Fiction Used€4.0019607
9781847673312Fugard, AtholTsotsi Fiction Used€3.7019613
9780670920402Funder, AnnaAll that I Am Fiction Used€4.8059690
9780751543360FurnivallThe White Pearl Fiction Used€3.0019721
9780753801253Gaarder, JosteinVita Brevis Fiction Used€4.0061287
0812000579Galdos, Benito PerezDona Perfecta Fiction Used€4.6020022
xGale, PatrickThe Facts of Life Fiction Used€4.5020026
9780007306015Gale, PatrickThe Whole Day Through Fiction Used€4.0020027
9781848873223Galgut, DamonIn a Strange Room - 2010 Booker Prize Shortlist Fiction Used€4.0020038
 Gallico, PaulCoronation Fiction Used€3.5020046
9780140088748Galsworthy, JohnA Modern Comedy (The Forsyte Saga) Fiction Used€4.0060817
9780749319250Galsworthy, JohnThe Forsyte Saga Fiction Used€4.0020069
9781477848531Gandert, SeanLost in Arcadia Fiction Used€4.0020328
9781573227971Garland, AlexThe Beach Fiction Used€3.8059517
9780230759893Gartside, MarkWhat will Survive Fiction Used€3.0020474
9781781254905Gates, DavidJernigan Fiction Used€4.8020496
9780340750438Gayle, MikeMy Legendary Girlfriend Fiction Used€3.7020566
9780349101941Gebler, CarloMalachy and his Family Fiction Used€4.0020573
0140001409Gibbons, StellaCold Comfort Farm Fiction Used€3.7020779
9780099528685Gibbons, StellaConference at Cold Comfort Farm Fiction Used€3.5020780
0140014977Gide, AndreThe Immortalist Fiction Used€3.5020893
9780747598244Gilbert, ElizabethStern Men Fiction Used€3.8060700
9781408841921Gilbert, ElizabethThe Signature of All Things Fiction Used€3.8060710
xGlasgow, EllenVein of Iron Fiction Used€4.0021062
9781846270772Glynn, JohnnyThe Seven Days of Peter Crumb Fiction Used€4.5021121
9780330392679Golding, PaulThe Abominaiton Fiction Used€4.6021277
xGoldman, FranciscoThe Ordinary Seaman Fiction Used€4.0021328
9780871136718Goldman, FranciscoThe Ordinary SeamanHBFiction Used€5.5021329
9780140256826Gomez, JeffOur Noise Fiction Used€3.6021380
0374521913Goodman, MitchellThe End of It Fiction Used€6.0021406
9780140061406Gordimer, NadineJuly's People Fiction Used€4.0061536
9780374180553Gordimer, NadineJump And Other StoriesHBFiction Used€4.6021426
9780747544463Gordimer, NadineThe House Gun Fiction Used€4.0060252
089309882Gordon, CarolineAleck Maury Sportsman Fiction Used€4.6021435
9780307946737Gordon, JaimyLord of Misrule Fiction Used€4.6021439
9780751500820Gordon, NoahShaman Fiction Used€3.6021453
9781841153155Graham, LaurenThe Unfortunates Fiction Used€3.6021593
9780807121016Grau, Shirley AnnThe House of Coliseum Street (Pulitzer Prize Winning Author) Fiction Used€4.6021741
9781564782656Green, HenryBlindness Fiction Used€4.0021823
xGreen, HenryLoving (1955)HBFiction Used€18.0021825
9780140295931Green, JaneBabyville Fiction Used€3.0021827
9780767905206Green, JaneMr. Maybe Fiction Used€3.0021830
9780140295955Green, JaneThe Other Woman Fiction Used€1.8021833
058604552xGreenaway, Peter VanThe Destiny Man Fiction Used€3.6021895
9780140065978Greene, GrahamMonsignor Quixote Fiction Used€4.0060768
0140039112Greene, GrahamThe Honorary Consul Fiction Used€3.6062258
9780140039115Greene, GrahamThe Honorary Consul Fiction Used€4.0060800
xGreene, GrahamThe Human Factor Fiction Used€3.6062257
0140032215Greene, GrahamTravels With My Aunt Fiction Used€4.5060420
9780007105946Greenlaw, LaviniaMary George of Alnorthover Fiction Used€3.5022020
9780330392617Grenville, KateThe Idea of Perfection Fiction Used€3.8022089
9781847673442Grenville, KateThe Lieutenant Fiction Used€4.5061094
9781841958286Grenville, KateThe Secret River Fiction Used€4.0061468
9780099460183Griesemer, JohnSignal & Noise Fiction Used€4.6060793
9780552996105Griffiths, JanetteThe Singing House Fiction Used€2.5022120
8188280615Haggard, H. RiderAyesha The Return of She Fiction Used€8.0022570
9780140274363Hailey, Elizabeth ForsytheA Woman of Independent Means Fiction Used€4.0022598
9780860681656Hall, RadclyffeThe Unlit Lamp Fiction Used€4.0062849
9783425048154Hamid, MohsinThe Reluctant Fundamentalist  Fiction Used€4.5022760
9780007555376Hamilton, HugoEvery Single Minute Fiction Used€4.0022771
9780571166824Hamilton, HugoThe Last Shot Fiction Used€4.0022773
9780007232406Hamilton, HugoThe Sailor in the Wardrobe Fiction Used€4.0022774
9780385473101Hamilton, JaneA Map Of the WorldHBFiction Used€4.5022780
9780385410489Hamilton, JaneThe Short History of a Prince Fiction Used€3.7522783
9780552998017Hamilton, JaneThe Short History of a Prince Fiction Used€3.7022782
9781447237532Hamilton, RuthThe Reading Room Fiction Used€3.0022813
099455005999Hand, ElizabethWalking the Moon Fiction Used€3.6060212
xHandke, PeterThe Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick / Short Letter, Long Farewell / A Sorrow Beyond Dreams Fiction Used€4.5022875
xHanley, JamesA Dream JourneyHBFiction Used€4.5022897
xHanley, JamesAgainst the SteamHBFiction Used€4.5022899
9781784160067Hannah, JamesThe A to Z of You and Me Fiction Used€3.6022905
9780316217538Harbach, ChadThe Art of Fielding Fiction Used€4.5062958
9780552998833Harris, JoanneFive Quarters of the Orange Fiction Used€3.6023790
9780385282284Harrison, JimFarmer Fiction Used€4.5061891
9781841152691Harrison, KathrynThe Binding Chair (China) Fiction Used€4.6060322
9780744559965Hartnett, SonyaThursday's Child Fiction Used€4.0023954
xHasak-Lowy, ToddCaptives Fiction Used€3.7023992
9780330326520Heat-Moon, William LeastPrairyerth Fiction Used€4.6060847
9780060841690Heim, ScottMysterious Skin Fiction Used€4.0062604
071009005952 / 0440204410Heller, JosephSomething Happened Fiction Used€3.6060439
9781444704013Henderson, EmmaGrace Williams Says is Loud Fiction Used€4.0024706
9780141005706Henderson, LeeThe Man Game Fiction Used€4.5024709
9780140232790Herling, GustawThe Island: Three Tales Fiction Used€4.6024847
xHersey, JohnThe Call Fiction Used€4.0024889
9781904301516Hickey, Christine DwyerTatty Fiction Used€4.5025081
9781904301516Hickey, Christine DwyerTatty Fiction Used€4.0025082
0850314984Higgins, AidanBornholm Night-FerryHBFiction Used€6.0025103
9780755321193Highmore, JulieKiss me Quick Fiction Used€3.6025132
9781851527021Highsmith, PatriciaThe Talented Mr. Ripley / Ripley Under Ground / Ripley's Game / The Boy Who Followed RipleyHBFiction Used€6.0061049
xHijuelos, OscarThe Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love Fiction Used€3.7025189
9780749313197Hill, SusanAir & Angels Fiction Used€3.7025251
9780571218363Hill, TobiasThe Cryptographer Fiction Used€4.5025271
9780755309511Hislop, VictoriaThe Island Fiction Used€3.5025345
9780006479338Hoeg, PeterMiss Smilla's Feeling for Snow Fiction Used€3.8061541
9780099569466Hoeg, PeterThe Elephant Keeper's Children Fiction Used€4.0060206
071831007995Hoffman, AliceHere on Earth Fiction Used€3.5025515
0689112092Hogan, WilliamThe Year of the Mongoose Fiction Used€5.5025576
9780747593201Holland, TravisThe Archivist's Story Fiction Used€4.0060702
9780857521958Hope, AnnaWake Fiction Used€4.5025823
xHornburg, MichaelBongwater Fiction Used€3.6025856
9783464371640Hornby, NickAbout a Boy (Cornelsen) Fiction Used€3.6025900
9783464371640Hornby, NickAbout a Boy (Cornelsen) Fiction Used€3.6061426
9780007149308Hospital, Janette TurnerNorth of Nowhere South of Loss Fiction Used€4.5026054
9780732298135Hospital, Janette TurnerThe Claimant Fiction Used€4.0060075
9781852427658House, RichardUninvited Fiction Used€4.0026141
9780330344814Howard, Elizabeth JaneCasting Off Fiction Used€1.0026146
9780140055665Howard, MaureenBridgeport Bus Fiction Used€3.6026159
xHowells, William DeanA Modern Instance Fiction Used€3.8026171
9780375759277Howells, Willian DeanA Hazard of New Fortunes Fiction Used€5.5026175
9780099580478Howey, HughShift Fiction Used€3.6026179
xHuneker, James GibbonsPainter Veils Fiction Used€3.6026452
0140064109Hutchinson, R.C.The Unforgotten Prisoner Fiction Used€3.6026573
9780349105543Huth, AngelaSouth of the Lights Fiction Used€4.0026576
9781841959061Hyland, M.J.Carry Me Down Fiction Used€4.0026738
9781841957340Hyland, M.J.Carry Me Down Fiction Used€4.4021173
9780393065046Ingatius, DavidThe IncrementHBFiction Used€3.0026858
000000095860Irving, JohnA Son of the CircusHBFiction Used€4.5026914
9780345389961Irving, JohnA Son of the Circus Fiction Used€4.0026922
9780552778657Irving, JohnAvenue of Mysteries Fiction Used€4.5060821
9780857520968Irving, JohnIn One PersonHBFiction Used€4.5026935
9781408801840Irving, JohnLast Night in Twisted RiverHBFiction Used€4.5026940
076783004955Irving, JohnThe Cider House Rules Fiction Used€3.6061101
9780552771092Irving, JohnThe Fourth Hand Fiction Used€3.8026962
9780552995733Irving, JohnTrying to Save Piggy Sneed Fiction Used€3.8026986
9780330396653Isegawa, MosesAbyssinian Chronicles Fiction Used€4.6027010
9780679731726Ishiguro, KazuoThe Remains of the Day Fiction Used€4.6060871
9780571224142Ishiguro, KazuoNever Let Me Go Fiction Used€4.6061916
9780140259995Isler, AlanKraven Images Fiction Used€4.6027195
9780743489355Jackman, SarahThe Other Lover Fiction Used€3.7027219
113827390200129500000002Jackson, JoshilynGods in Alabama Fiction Used€4.0027227
9780141017426Jacobson, DanAll for Love Fiction Used€4.0027285
9781408809105Jacobson, HowardThe Finkler Question Fiction Used€3.8062178
9781408831823Jacobson, HowardZoo Time Fiction Used€3.6027306
9781921924255Jaireth, SubhashAfter Love Fiction Used€3.6027327
9781597097901James, B.H.Parnucklian for Chocolate Fiction Used€3.7027340
9780615670256Janiszewski, StevenThe Assassination of Spiro Agnew Fiction Used€7.0027566
xJasoniNovember Fiction Used€4.5060158
9783981458589Jefferys, CampbellThe Bicycle Teacher Fiction Used€4.5027673
9780374536916Jemc, JacThe Grip of It Fiction Used€4.6061159
9780156010887Jha, Raj KamalThe Blue Bedspread Fiction Used€4.0027799
9780099481348Jian, MaBeijing Coma Fiction Used€4.6062267
9780099590293Jian, MaThe Dark Road Fiction Used€4.0060655
9780552124751Jin, HaNanjing Requiem Fiction Used€4.6027821
9780375725869Jin, HaWaiting Fiction Used€3.8062259
9781743693070Johns, RachaelThe Patterson Girls Fiction Used€4.0060074
9780552778251Johnson, AdamThe Orphan Master's Son Fiction Used€4.6060968
9780552778251Johnson, AdamThe Orphan Master's Son Fiction Used€4.6062380
9780812982626Johnson, AdamThe Orphan Master's Son Fiction Used€4.6060755
9780143025436Johnson, ShuanThe Native Commissioner Fiction Used€3.8027913
9780140119510Johnston, JenniferHow Many Miles to Babylon? Fiction Used€4.0027926
9780141046969Johnston, JenniferHow Many Miles to Babylon? Fiction Used€3.7027927
9780006164630Johnston, JenniferThe Christmas Tree Fiction Used€3.5027928
9780747259336Johnston, JenniferThe Gingerbread Woman Fiction Used€4.0060203
9780099513421Jones, SadieThe Outcast Fiction Used€3.6028036
9780099513421Jones, SadieThe Outcast Fiction Used€3.7028037
9780008182458Jones, Stephen GrahamMongrels Fiction Used€4.6060836
9781572411562Jonke, GertBlinding Moment Fiction Used€4.6028070
9781564785268Jonke, GertThe Distant Sound (Austria) Fiction Used€7.5028072
9780552997584Jooste, PamelaFrieda and Mia Fiction Used€4.5028080
9780719561887Jordan, NeilShade Fiction Used€3.8028090
9780330441223Jordan, SpencerJourney in the Dead Season Fiction Used€4.5028130
9780552778091Joyce, RachelThe Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry Fiction Used€4.0028315
97800072220250Junger, SebastianA Death in Belmont Fiction Used€4.0028429
9780312341398Kalogrids, JeanneI, Mona Lisa Fiction Used€4.0028594
9780007255108Kargman, JillMomzillas Fiction Used€3.5028695
9781617393754Kasunic, NicholasLosing Michael Malone Fiction Used€4.5028735
9781856352871Keane, John B.A Christmas Surprise Fiction Used€5.5028860
9780571255658Keegan, ClaireFoster Fiction Used€4.5028892
051488003953 / 0140092323Keillor, GarrisonLake Wobegon Days Fiction Used€3.6028923
9780571194179Keillor, GarrisonLake Wobegon Days Fiction Used€4.6060808
9780374139629Keilson, HansThe Death of the Adversary (Netherlands / Germany) Fiction Used€4.6028929
9780007531677Kendal, ClaireThe Book of You Fiction Used€3.6029043
9780340825266Keneally, ThomasThe Tyrant's Novel Fiction Used€4.5029056
xKennedy, DouglasFive Days Fiction Used€3.9029075
0140063404Kennedy, WilliamBiill Phelan's Greatest Game Fiction Used€4.6029098
0140063404Kennedy, WilliamBiill Phelan's Greatest Game Fiction Used€4.6029099
067039825xKennedy, WilliamThe Ink TruckHBFiction Used€4.5029101
9780330308069Kennedy. WilliamQuinn's Book Fiction Used€3.7029102
9780241962350Kerr, PhilipBerlin Noir Fiction Used€4.6060810
9780141187884Kesey, KenOne Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Fiction Used€3.6062329
9780553373684King, ThomasGreen Grass, Running Water Fiction Used€4.5029792
9780571290802Kingsolver, BarbaraFlight Behaviour Fiction Used€4.5029829
9780571201754Kingsolver, BarbaraThe Poisonwood Bible Fiction Used€4.0060070
9780552150828Kinsella, SophieCan You Keep a Secret? Fiction Used€3.6060218
9780593053881Kinsella, SophieShopaholic & Baby Fiction Used€3.6029956
9780349106830Klavan, AndrewAgnes Mallory Fiction Used€3.7030076
017338003504 / 1555472893Kluge, P.F.MacArthur's Ghost Fiction Used€3.8030225
9781905490844Knight, IndiaMutton - Age Before BeautyHBFiction Used€3.5030280
9780099273899Knox, ElizabethThe Vintner's Luck Fiction Used€4.0062562
9780140065350Koch, Christopher J.The Year of Living Dangerously Fiction Used€4.0060778
9780749395087Koch, Christopher J.The Year of Living Dangerously Fiction Used€4.0030305
9781401341992Kogan, Deborah CopakenThe Red Book Fiction Used€3.6030324
9781786490841Konar, AffinityMischlingHBFiction Used€4.5030359
9780751541427Kostova, ElizabethThe Swan Thieves Fiction Used€4.0030433
9780141008295Kunzru, HariTransmission Fiction Used€4.6030825
9780571238750Kureishi, HanifSomething to Tell You Fiction Used€4.5062585
9780099477648Kurtlansky, MarkBoogaloo on 2nd Avenue Fiction Used€5.0030871
9780786885183Kurzweil, AllenThe Grand Complication Fiction Used€3.6030873
9780842329125LaHaye, TimLeft Behind Fiction Used€3.6062433
xLalwani, NikitaThe Village (Booker Prize Longlist 2012) Fiction Used€4.0031329
9780874176339Lang, SusanJuniper Blue Fiction Used€6.0031406
9780307398383Lansens, LoriThe Wife's TaleHBFiction Used€4.5031496
9780099428350Lasdun, JamesThe Horned Man Fiction Used€4.0031645
0140161333Lavin, MaryMary O'Grady Fiction Used€4.5061060
9780099437260Lawson, MaryThe Other Side of the Bridge Fiction Used€4.0031813
076783004504Le Carre, JohnA Perfect Spy Fiction Used€3.8061152
9780340832875Le Carre, JohnAbsolute FriendsHBFiction Used€4.0061153
9780241401217Le Carre, JohnAgent Running in the Field Fiction Used€5.5061142
9780340640265Le Carre, JohnOur GameHBFiction Used€3.8060645
9780340640272Le Carre, JohnOur Game Fiction Used€3.8061137
9780670919024Le Carre, JohnOur Kind of Traitor Fiction Used€4.0061141
9780340738993Le Carre, JohnSingle & Single Fiction Used€3.6061151
xLe Carre, JohnThe Honourable Schoolboy Fiction Used€2.5061140
9780340921975le Carre, JohnThe Mission Song Fiction Used€3.5060639
9780679425137Le Carre, JohnThe Night ManagerHBFiction Used€4.0061154
9780340552056Le Carre, JohnThe Secret Pilgrim Fiction Used€2.5061144
9780749932619le Roy, PatriciaMusic at the Garden House Fiction Used€3.6032105
9780755100453Leasor, JamesThe Unknown Warrior Fiction Used€2.8032147
9780860682035Lehmann, RosamundThe Weather in the Streets Fiction Used€4.0032379
9781573227811Lennon, Robert J.The Funnies Fiction Used€4.8032476
9780755345465Lennox, JudithBefore the Storm Fiction Used€3.7032478
9780586090046Lessing, DorisThe Good Terrorist Fiction Used€4.6061523
9780330334020Lette, KathyMad Cows Fiction Used€2.5032757
9781408704622Levin, GabrielleThe Collected Works of A.J. Fikry Fiction Used€3.6032801
9780755325658Levy, AndreaSmall Island Fiction Used€4.5032875
xLewis, SinclairCass Timberlake (Nobel Prize for Literature)HBFiction Used€5.5033032
9780857420886Lewitscharoff, SibylleApostoloff Fiction Used€5.5033040
9780141020525Lewycka, MarinaA Short History of Tractors in Ukranian Fiction Used€4.5059618
9781845295042Lianke, YanServe the People! Fiction Used€4.6060646
9780715632994Lindgren, TorgnyHash Fiction Used€4.6033143
9780375815393Little, Kimberley GriffithsThe Last Snake Runner Fiction Used€3.7033267
9780241981405Lively, PenelopeThe Road to Lichfield Fiction Used€4.0061092
9780140167283Lodge, DavidParadise News Fiction Used€2.4033412
XLondon, JoanSister Ships (1986 Age Book of the Year) Fiction Used€4.0033478
9780141012056Lott, TimRumours of a Hurricane Fiction Used€3.7033635
9780395775295Lowry, LoisThe Gives and Related ReadingsHBFiction Used€4.5061389
9780349122151Lurie, AlisonForeign Affairs (Pulitzer Prize Winning Author) Fiction Used€4.0060260
9781904301806Lynch, BrianThe Winner of Sorrow Fiction Used€3.8033872
9781780879178Lynch, PaulRed Sky in Morning Fiction Used€4.6033882
9781780879178Lynch, PaulRed Sky in Morning Fiction Used€4.0033883
9780140021455Macinnes, ColinMr Love and Justice (London) Fiction Used€4.0034083
xMackay, ShenaThe Orchard on Fire (Booker Prize Shortlist 1996) Fiction Used€4.0034100
0330250272Macken, WalterI Am Alone Fiction Used€2.5034105
 Macken, WalterThe Bogman Fiction Used€3.5034107
9780330303262Macken, WalterThe Scorching Wind Fiction Used€3.6034108
9780140068511MacLaverty, BernardCal Fiction Used€2.0034122
9780141003504Macy, CaitlinThe Fundamentals of Play Fiction Used€4.4034211
9781901969047Madhavan, CauveryPaddy Indian Fiction Used€3.8034220
9781852429362Maguire, EmilyThe Gospel According to Luke Fiction Used€3.6034299
9780060393823Maguire, GregoryLostHBFiction Used€4.8034301
9781853712210Mahon, BridA Time to Love Fiction Used€2.6034345
070999003955 / 0345323211Mailer, NormanTough Guys Don't Dance Fiction Used€3.6034361
0140052429Malamud, BernardDubin's Lives Fiction Used€3.6034393
9780998717302Mangina, A.The Heart of the Hydra Fiction Used€3.8034463
xMano, D. KeithWar is Heaven!HBFiction Used€4.0034570
9781476794822Marche, StephenThe Hunger of the Wolf Fiction Used€3.8034663
9780763644512Marsden, JohnHamlet (Not that one) Fiction Used€4.0034871
9781847677662Martel, YannBeatrice and Virgil Fiction Used€4.5034906
9780349117324Martin, ValerieProperty Fiction Used€3.6035158
9780330492669Mason, DanielThe Piano Tuner Fiction Used€3.6035243
0140018611Maugham, W. SomersetOf Human Bondage Fiction Used€4.0060208
xMaugham, W. SomersetThe Moon and Sixpence Fiction Used€4.0059872
xMauriac, FrancoisTherese  Fiction Used€4.6061144
076783015005Mayes, FrancesSwan Fiction Used€3.6035491
9781408805916McCann, ColumThis Side of Brightness Fiction Used€4.5060761
9780330544566McCarthy, CormacThe Crossing Fiction Used€4.6060355
076714010000McCauley, StephenThe Easy Way Out Fiction Used€4.0035841
9781857027020McCauley, StephenThe Man of the House Fiction Used€4.4035842
9780099276586McEwan, IanEnduring Love Fiction Used€4.8060161
9781569474419McGahan, AndrewThe White Earth Fiction Used€4.5036159
9780571195268McGahern, JohnAmongst Women Fiction Used€4.0060759
0979452783McGee, MattHungry Fiction Used€6.0036196
9780141009193McGrath, PatrickSpider Fiction Used€4.0036224
9780330529860McKeon, BelindaSolace Fiction Used€4.0036380
9780330529860McKeon, BelindaSolace Fiction Used€4.0036381
9780330529907MCKeon, BelindaTender Fiction Used€4.5062164
9781904233336McKillip, Patricia A:Ombria in Shadow Fiction Used€4.0036396
9780755326372McLynn, PaulineBright Lights & Promises Fiction Used€3.0036418
9780140259629McMillan, TerryHow Stella Got Her Groove Back Fiction Used€3.5036430
076714006997McMillan, TerryWaiting to Exhale Fiction Used€2.5036431
9780571207701McNamee, EoinThe Blue Tango Fiction Used€4.0036447
9780349100807McWilliam, CandiaA Case of Knives Fiction Used€3.6036490
9780330336628McWilliam, CandiaDebatable Land Fiction Used€4.0036491
9780349100807McWilliam, CanidaA Case of Knives Fiction Used€3.6036492
9781564786852Meier, GerhardIsle of the Dead Fiction Used€4.5036531
9781582431321Melnyczuk, AskoldAmbassador of the Dead Fiction Used€4.8036545
9780571198306Melnyczuk, AskoldWhat Is ToldHBFiction Used€4.6036546
9780719566479Meloy, MaileA Family Daughter Fiction Used€3.5036548
9780330482783Mendelson, CharlotteDaughters of Jerusalem Fiction Used€4.5036633
140035974Menen, AubreyThe Abode of Love Fiction Used€3.0036635
9780099502739Mengestu, DinawChildren of the Revolution Fiction Used€4.0036637
9780330444484Messud, ClaireThe Emperor's Children Fiction Used€4.5036692
9780140141009Messud, ClaireWhen the World Was Steady Fiction Used€4.5036697
0870571494Meyer, Conrad FerdinandThe Saint: A Fictional Biography of Thomas Becket Fiction Used€4.0036726
9780753816868Mezlekia, NegaThe God Who Begat a Jackal Fiction Used€4.0036770
9780747599012Michaels, AnneThe Winter Vault Fiction Used€4.0036780
xMichener, James A.Centennial Fiction Used€2.0036790
9780552126120Michener, James A.Poland Fiction Used€3.6036796
0860072436Middleton, StanleyHoliday (Booker Prize 1974) Fiction Used€3.6036810
1561310360Middleton, StanleyVacant Places Fiction Used€4.0036811
9781848874534Miller, A.D.Snow Drops Fiction Used€4.5036902
9781741142495Miller, AlexProchownik's Dream Fiction Used€4.0036903
9781444724288Miller, AndrewPure Fiction Used€4.5036909
9781444724288Miller, AndrewPure Fiction Used€4.0036910
9781921844881Miller, Derek B.Norwegian by Night Fiction Used€4.0062321
9780857868978Miller, RebeccaJacob's Folly Fiction Used€5.2037065
9781847672490Miller, RebeccaThe Private Lives of Pippa Lee Fiction Used€3.6037067
9780747558422Miller, SueThe Distinguished Guest Fiction Used€3.6037071
9781408804315Miller, SueThe Senator's Wife Fiction Used€3.0037073
070999007991Miller, SueThe World Below Fiction Used€3.6037074
9780345443281Miller, SueWhile I was Gone Fiction Used€3.6037079
070999007991Miller, SueWhile I was Gone Fiction Used€3.8037078
xMiller, Walter M. Jr.A Canticle for Leibowitz Fiction Used€4.6037093
9781853715624Mills, LiaAnother Alice Fiction Used€3.0037235
9781408809792Min, AncheePearl of China Fiction Used€3.7037256
9780671703615Minot, SusanMonkeys Fiction Used€4.0037279
9780002257374Mitchard, JacquelynThe Most Wanted Fiction Used€4.5037337
9781408867938Modiano, PatrickRing Roads Fiction Used€4.6037468
9780300198058Modiano, PatrickSuspended Sentences Fiction Used€4.6037469
9780099421931Moggach, DeborahFinal Demand Fiction Used€3.5037489
9780974599595Moldaw, CarolThe Widening Fiction Used€4.0037495
9780571229482Moody, RickThe Diviners Fiction Used€3.8037605
9780140153675Mooney, BelLost Footsteps Fiction Used€3.8037613
xMoore, BrianCatholicsHBFiction Used€4.0037634
140042709Moore, BrianFergus Fiction Used€3.6037635
9780099779209Moore, BrianLies of Silence Fiction Used€3.6037638
0-140021159Moore, BrianThe Luck of Ginger Coffey Fiction Used€3.6037642
9780099102311Moore, BrianThe Mangan Inheritance Fiction Used€3.7037643
0 14 00 3634Moore, BrianI Am Mary Dunne Fiction Used€3.6037636
9781862072497Mootoo, ShaniCerus Blooms at Night Fiction Used€3.6037732
xMoravia, AlbertoConjugal Love Fiction Used€4.0037753
9781860465741Morazzoni, MartaThe Alphonse Courrier Affair Fiction Used€5.0037756
9781907595271Morris, KateSeven Days One Summer Fiction Used€3.6037864
9780224060370Morrissy, MaryThe Pretender Fiction Used€3.6037987
0525245537Morselli, GuidoDivertimento 1889HBFiction Used€7.0037991
9781782270799Mortier, ErwinWhile the Gods Were Sleeping Fiction Used€4.5038000
0312358636Mortimer, PenelopeThe HandymanHBFiction Used€3.6038035
9780330449601Morton, KateThe Forgotten Garden Fiction Used€3.6038042
9781509810819Morton, KateThe Forgotten Garden Fiction Used€3.6061835
9781409101284Mosse, KateCitadel Fiction Used€4.5038105
9781409120834Mosse, KateCitadel Fiction Used€4.0038104
9781509806850Mosse, KateThe Burning Chambers Fiction Used€4.5062163
xMottram, R.H.The Spanish Farm TrilogyHBFiction Used€8.5038136
9780140081534Murdoch, IrisA Word Child Fiction Used€4.0060781
9780571240210Murphy, PeterJohn the Revelator Fiction Used€4.6038746
9781857028331Myerson, JulieMe and the Fat Man Fiction Used€3.5038794
9780810987883Myracle, LaurenTTYL Fiction Used€4.5038814
9780140181654Nabokov, VladimirLaughter in the Dark Fiction Used€5.5060723
9780141183756Nabokov, VladimirPnin Fiction Used€6.0060470
9781447202462Nadler, StuartWise Men Fiction Used€4.0062595
9780007143467Nair, Preethi100 Shades of White Fiction Used€3.8039035
9780007143467Nair, Preethi100 Shades of White Fiction Used€3.8039034
xNarayan, R.K.The Man-Eater of Malgudi Fiction Used€3.6039059
0140062580Narayan, R.K.The Vendor of Sweets Fiction Used€3.0039062
9780099488781Nemirovsky, IreneSuite Francaise Fiction Used€3.8039264
9780099520368Nemirovsky, IreneThe Fires of Autumn Fiction Used€4.0060106
9780747566977Newton, WilliamThe Two Pound TramHBFiction Used€4.0039421
9780747573333Newton, WilliamThe Two Pound Tram Fiction Used€4.0039423
9780747573333Newton, WilliamThe Two Pound Tram Fiction Used€3.7039422
9781848401594Ni Chonchuir, NualaPassing for Human  Fiction Used€4.0039459
9780856406508Ni Dhuibhne, EilisThe Dancers Dancing Fiction Used€4.5039461
9780575063518Nicholson, GeoffBleeding London Fiction Used€4.0039501
9780312428846Niederhoffer, GaltThe Romantics Fiction Used€4.5039520
9781861591425Nolan, ChristopherThe Banyan TreeHBFiction Used€4.0039706
6497667Noll, IngridHell Hath No Fury / Der Hahn ist Tot (Dual Language) Fiction Used€3.6039712
9781408832479Norfolk, LawrenceJohn Saturnell'S Feast Fiction Used€4.0041182
xNorfolk, LawrenceLempriere's Dictionary Fiction Used€5.0041183
xNorris, FrankMcTeague Fiction Used€4.0041217
9781515046608Norris, FrankMcTeague - A Story of San Francisco Fiction Used€4.4041218
9781406834697Norris, FrankVandover and the Brute (first published 1914) Fiction Used€3.7041219
9780297645764O'Brien, EdnaWild DecembersHBFiction Used€4.5041598
9780571316311O'Brien, EdnaThe Little Red Chairs Fiction Used€4.6021170
9781573221771O'Faolain, NualaMy Dream of YouHBFiction Used€4.6041771
9781848400450O'Faolain, NualaBest Love, Rosie Fiction Used€3.6041770
9780141008820O'Faolain, NualaMy Dream of You Fiction Used€4.5041955
xO'Farrell, MaggieThe Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox Fiction Used€3.6041808
9781934848050O'Flanagan, SheilaMaggie's Story Fiction Used€3.6041819
9781853716867O'Hara, ElizabethPenny-farthing Sally Fiction Used€1.0041829
9780349100715O'Hehir, DianaThe Bride Who Ran Away Fiction Used€3.5041838
9781847243935O'Neill, HeatherLullabies for Little Criminals Fiction Used€4.0041866
9781784298852O'Neill, LouiseAlmost Love Fiction Used€4.5041881
xO'Brien, FlannAt Swim-Two-Birds (1961 2nd Impression)HBFiction Used€50.0041943
9780140074055O'Faolain, JuliaThe Irish Signorina Fiction Used€3.8041950
9780312565565Olshan, JosephThe Conversion Fiction Used€4.7542190
xOwens, IrisAfter Claude Fiction Used€3.6042646
xPacker, JoyThe Man in the Mews Fiction Used€2.5042757
9780385498722Palahniuk, ChuckSurvivor Fiction Used€4.8021121
0934977267Palazzeschi, AldoMan of Smoke Fiction Used€7.5042866
9780345371133Palliser, CharlesThe Quincunx Fiction Used€4.8042872
9780345371133Palliser, CharlesThe Quincunx Fiction Used€4.8042873
9781860465604Palmen, ConnieThe Friendship Fiction Used€4.0042875
9780571218318Pamuk, OrhanSnow Fiction Used€4.7059867
9781847677754Parini, JayThe Last Station Fiction Used€3.8043006
9781582437019Pattison, EliotEye of the Raven Fiction Used€4.5043261
9781408810095Peixoto, Jose LuisThe Piano Cemetary Fiction Used€4.6043382
9780810117204Pekic, BorislavHow To Quiet A Vampire Fiction Used€7.5043398
9780810117204Pekic, BorislavHow To Quiet A Vampire Fiction Used€7.5043399
0151904642Pekic, BorislavThe Time of MiraclesHBFiction Used€4.8043400
9781847240675Penney, StefThe Tenderness of Wolves Fiction Used€4.5043459
xPerera, Anna MariaThe Glass Collector Fiction Used€4.5043531
9780747596509Perkins, EmilyNovel About My Wife Fiction Used€4.5043541
9781563330391Perkins, MichaelThe Secret Record Fiction Used€4.0043544
9780330360432Perlman, ElliotThree Dollars Fiction Used€3.6043550
0312315716Perrotta, TomThe Little ChildrenHBFiction Used€4.6043555
9781921640926Philips, ArthurAngelica Fiction Used€4.6043724
9781627793766Philips, HelenThe Beautiful Bureaucrat Fiction Used€5.5043726
9780099520566Phillips, CarylCambridge Fiction Used€4.6060290
xPilnyak, BorisThe Naked Year (Russia) Fiction Used€5.5043884
873760360Pinget, RobertFableHBFiction Used€4.0043912
9780996601900Pires, F.V.Cygne Rouge Fiction Used€5.5043963
9780996601900Pires, F.V.Cygne Rouge Fiction Used€5.5043964
9780956284037Politycki, MatthiasNext World Novella Fiction Used€4.6044236
9780375727689Pontiggia, GiuseppeBorn Twice Fiction Used€4.5060177
9781883642433Powell, DawnMy Home Is Far Away Fiction Used€4.5044465
9780679726852Powell, DawnThe Wicked Pavilion Fiction Used€4.5044466
9780753827857Powell, JimThe Breaking of Eggs Fiction Used€3.8060972
9780349127897Power, M.S.Lonely the Man Without Heroes Fiction Used€3.0044476
9780099453833Powers, RichardThe Time of our Singing Fiction Used€4.5061341
0701219092Powys, T.F.Mr. Weston's Good Wine Fiction Used€4.5044513
9780552999090Prior, LilyLa Cucina Fiction Used€4.0060261
xProulx, AnnieBarkskinsHBFiction Used€6.0062234
9781841150598Proulx, AnnieThe Shipping News Fiction Used€3.6044855
9781857022421Proulx, AnnieThe Shipping News Fiction Used€4.5061467
9781857022421Proulx, E. AnnieThe Shipping News Fiction Used€3.8044861
9781447219897Quick, MatthewThe Silver Linings Playbook Fiction Used€4.6045196
9780743492164Quinn, KarenThe Ivy Chronicles Fiction Used€3.0045226
9780330292306Raban, JonathanForeign Land Fiction Used€4.0045236
9781860461071Raban, JonathanSoft City Fiction Used€4.6045238
9780385343671Rachman, TomThe Imperfectionist Fiction Used€3.7045247
076814002509 / 0449243354Raines, HowellWhiskey Man Fiction Used€3.6045298
9781408862414Rakoff, JoannaA Fortunate Age Fiction Used€4.0045301
9781847674883Rash, RonSerena Fiction Used€3.7045429
071001003505 / 0380007363Reed, IshmaelThe Last Days of Lousiana Red Fiction Used€3.8045591
xReid, VicNanny Town Fiction Used€3.7045674
9780571330621Rekulak, JasonThe Impossible Fortress Fiction Used€7.5045708
0140034021Renault, MaryThe Bull from the Sea Fiction Used€3.5045722
9781564784780Ricardou, JeanPlace Names: A Brief Guide to Travels in the Book Fiction Used€4.6045880
9780375412011Rice, AnneChrist the Lord Out of EgyptHBFiction Used€4.0045888
9780330489331Rice, ChristopherA Density of Souls Fiction Used€4.5045926
9780141049373Riles, LucindaHothouse Flower Fiction Used€3.6046039
9781783783182Riley, GwendolineFirst Love HBFiction Used€6.0046045
0704339595Riley, JoanThe Unbelonging Fiction Used€4.6046047
9780399574771Rindell, SuzanneThree-Martini Lunch Fiction Used€4.0047373
9781860468490Rivas, ManuelButterfly's Tongue Fiction Used€3.6046204
9780349117546Roberts, Gregory DavidShantaram Fiction Used€5.5061524
9780749391157Roberts, MicheleIn the Red Kitchen Fiction Used€3.8046318
9780140115772Roberts, YvonneA History of Insects Fiction Used€3.8046332
9780007150250Robertson, JamesJoseph Knight (Saltire Scottish Book of the Year Award) Fiction Used€4.6046339
9781848403581Robinson, Maire T.Skin Paper Stone Fiction Used€4.0046395
9781844088829Robinson, MarilynneLila Fiction Used€4.4060188
9781903517239Rodenbach, GeorgesBruges-la-Morte (Belgium) Fiction Used€4.8046475
9780751561463Rodriguez, DeborahReturn to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul Fiction Used€4.5060838
9780340632444Ronan, FrankDixie Chicken Fiction Used€2.4046534
9780340819043Ronan, FrankHome Fiction Used€3.8059710
9780141346564Rosoff, MegHow I Live Now Fiction Used€4.0046794
9780224074537Roth, PhilipThe Plot Against AmericaHBFiction Used€4.6061849
9780755331420Rubenfeld, JedThe Interpretation of Murder Fiction Used€4.0060202
9780755334797Rubenfeld, JedThe Interpretation of Murder Fiction Used€4.0060269
9781408800867Runcie, JamesEast Fortune Fiction Used€4.5047417
9780224038140Rushdie, SalmanThe Moor's Last SighHBFiction Used€4.5047501
9781846074394Russell, GaryTorchwood: The Twilight Streets Fiction Used€4.0047578
9780552996457Russell, WillyThe Wrong Boy Fiction Used€3.6047597
9781400030903Russo, RichardBridge of Sighs Fiction Used€4.8047601
9780679432470Russo, RichardEmpire FallsHBFiction Used€4.8047604
9780679753834Russo, RichardThe Risk Pool Fiction Used€4.6047610
9781781620106Ryan, DonalThe Thing About December Fiction Used€4.6047651
9781472237248Ryan, RonanThe Fractured Life of Jimmy Dice Fiction Used€3.8047664
9781408808511Sachar, LouisThe Cardturner Fiction Used€4.0047682
xSakiThe Unbearable Bassington Fiction Used€3.6047856
9781564783493Salvayre, LydieEveryday Life (France) Fiction Used€4.6047988
9780230711259Sansom, C.J,Heartstone Fiction Used€3.5048098
9781447231110Sansom, C.J.Dominion Fiction Used€4.0060576
9780452287891Santos, Marisa de LosLove Walked In Fiction Used€3.5048128
9780552774222Scheinmann, DannyRandom Acts of Heroic Love Fiction Used€4.0048407
9780552774222Scheinmann, DannyRandom Acts of Heroic Love Fiction Used€4.0048406
9780340660232Schine, CathleenThe Love Letter Fiction Used€3.0048429
9780747264651Schwarz, ChristinaDrowning Ruth Fiction Used€3.7048644
9781594480133Scribner, KeithMiracle Girl Fiction Used€3.8048777
9780316677462Sebold, AliceThe Almost MoonHBFiction Used€4.0048837
9780434015511Seiffert, RachelAfterwards Fiction Used€4.4061414
9780753807736Seth, VikramAn Equal Music Fiction Used€4.8049098
9781861591173Seth, VikramAn Equal MusicHBFiction Used€4.5049097
9780393323832Settle, Mary LeeI, Roger Williams Fiction Used€4.6049107
9780753818206Shanghvi, Siddharth DhanvantThe Last Song of Dusk Fiction Used€3.6049452
071009003958Shaw, IrwinBread Upon the Waters Fiction Used€3.5049541
9780747260820Shaw, PatriciaOrchid Bay Fiction Used€2.0049546
9780349112039Sher, AntonyThe Feast Fiction Used€3.8049670
9781857022254Shields, CarolThe Stone Diaries Fiction Used€3.6049703
9781857022254Shields, CarolThe Stone Diaries Fiction Used€4.0060246
9780007137695Shields, CarolUnless Fiction Used€3.6061412
xShreve, AnitaA Change in Altitude Fiction Used€3.5049783
349117993Shreve, AnitaA Wedding in December Fiction Used€3.5049784
9780316789844Shreve, AnitaResistance Fiction Used€3.8049794
9780007271115Shriver, LionelA Perfectly Good Family Fiction Used€3.6060156
9781862079793Shteyngart, GaryAbsurdistan Fiction Used€4.6049823
9780241146408Shulman, AlexandraThe Parrots Fiction Used€4.0049877
xSigal, ClancyZone of the Interior Fiction Used€3.6049911
9780140032017Simmons, CharlesPowdered Eggs Fiction Used€3.8050039
9780140048070Singer, Isaac BashevisThe Magician of Lublin Fiction Used€4.6060767
9780552775540Sittenfeld, CurtisAmerican Wife Fiction Used€4.0050219
9780552776837Sittenfeld, CurtisThe Man of His Dreams Fiction Used€4.0050222
9781439170847Skyhorse, BrandoThe Madonna of Echo Park Fiction Used€4.5050250
9780330493116Slouka, MarkGod's Fool Fiction Used€4.0050326
071001004502 / 0380657228Small, DavidAlmost Famous Fiction Used€3.6050344
9780449908792Smiley, JaneDuplicate Keys Fiction Used€3.8050357
9781447275664Smiley, JaneEarly Warning Fiction Used€3.5050358
9780006548478Smiley, JaneMoo Fiction Used€3.5050361
9780307739391Smith, Alexander McCallThe Charming Quirks of Others Fiction Used€4.0060262
xSmith, BettyA Tree Grows in Brooklyn (Illustrated)HBFiction Used€5.5061161
9780345464958Smith, LeeThe Last Girls Fiction Used€4.0050558
9781444736045Solomons, NatashaThe Novel in the Viola Fiction Used€3.6051245
xSolzhenitsyn, AlexanderCancer Ward Fiction Used€3.6061118
9780140108743Spark, MurielA Far Cry from Kensington Fiction Used€3.6051405
0395476941Spark, MurielA Far Cry From KensingtonHBFiction Used€4.8051406
9780140145571Spark, MurielTerritorial Rights Fiction Used€4.0051415
670691070Spark, MurielThe TakeoverHBFiction Used€4.6051427
9781400076147Spragg, Mark RichardAn Unfinished Life Fiction Used€2.5051515
xSpring, HowardAll the Day Long Fiction Used€3.0051517
xSpring, HowardHard FactsHB 1944Fiction Used€4.8051519
9780330435918St Aubyn, EdwardMother's Milk Fiction Used€4.2060109
9781447202950St, Aubyn, EdwardBad News Fiction Used€4.6062828
9781447202936St. Aubyn, EdwardNever Mind Fiction Used€4.5060812
xSt. Omer, GarthJ-, Black Bam and Masqueraders Fiction Used€4.5051554
9780747593256Starling, BelindaThe Journal of Dora Damage Fiction Used€3.8060970
0860680525Stead, ChristinaFor Love Alone Fiction Used€4.5061064
xStegner, WallaceAngle of Repose Fiction Used€3.6051835
9780954831844Stekelman, GregA Year in the Life of The Man Who Fell Asleep Fiction Used€4.6052007
9783034303484Stifter, AdalbertIndian Summer Fiction Used€15.0052234
9780349119106Stockley, PhilippaA Factory of Cunning Fiction Used€3.8052285
9780061851896Stolls, AmyThe Ninth Wife Fiction Used€3.6052327
9780330298124Stone, RobertA Hall of Mirrors Fiction Used€4.6052337
xStorey, DavidPasmore Fiction Used€3.6052362
xStorey, DavidRadcliffe Fiction Used€3.6052363
9780679736639Styron, WilliamThe Confessions of Nat Turner Fiction Used€4.8061731
9781844089383Sullivan, CourtneySaints For All Occasions Fiction Used€4.5060061
9781862300309Sutherland, LukeJelly Roll Fiction Used€3.7052688
xSuyin, HanTill Morning ComesHBFiction Used€3.6061837
9780983697244Szentkuthy, MiklosMarginalia on Casanova Fiction Used€4.6052822
9781847679369Tabucchi, AntonioPereira Maintains Fiction Used€4.0060375
9780140278842Tallis, FrankSensing Others Fiction Used€4.0052881
070999007991 / 0345446690Tan, AmyThe Bonesetter's Daughter Fiction Used€4.0059853
9781509840717Taylor, LuluThe Frozen Heart Fiction Used€3.6053142
9780141007748Thapa, ManjushreeThe Tutor of History Fiction Used€3.6053361
9780140120493Tharoor, ShashiThe Great Indian Novel Fiction Used€4.6053308
9780349114989Theroux, MarcelThe Paperchase Fiction Used€4.1553365
9780091736125Theroux, PaulDr. De MarrHBFiction Used€4.0053370
9780241141977Theroux, PaulThe Stranger at the Palazzo d'Oro Fiction Used€4.8053381
9780140109641Thomas, LeslieDangerous in Love Fiction Used€2.5053466
9780141041759Toibin, ColmNora Webster Fiction Used€4.5059919
9780141041759Toibin, ColmNora Webster Fiction Used€4.5060717
9780670922093Toibin, ColmThe Testamant of MaryHBFiction Used€4.8062831
9780006479840Toman, EdwardDancing in Limbo Fiction Used€3.5054183
9780141033396Topolski, CarolDo No Harm Fiction Used€4.0054229
9780297851721Torday, PaulSalmon Fishing in the Yemen Fiction Used€4.0054237
9780140260137Trapido, BarbaraThe Travelling Hornplayer Fiction Used€4.6054329
9780749396985Tremain, RoseEvangelista's Fan Fiction Used€4.0054492
9780099268550Tremain, RoseMusic & Silence Fiction Used€3.6054493
340530448Tremain, RoseRestoration Fiction Used€3.0054496
9780340516041Tremain, RoseSadler's Birthday Fiction Used€3.6054498
9780749396992Tremain, RoseThe Way I Found Her Fiction Used€3.8059572
9780701178017Tremain, RoseTrespass Fiction Used€4.0054504
9780007204502Tressell, RobertThe Ragged Trousered Philanthropists Fiction Used€5.5054514
9781840226829Tressell, RobertThe Ragged Trousered Philanthropists Fiction Used€4.0060757
9780241969311Trevor, WilliamMrs Eckdorf in O'Neill's Hotel Fiction Used€4.6060819
9780743462297Trigiani, AdrianaMilk Glass Moon Fiction Used€2.5054581
xTrilling, LionelThe Middle of the Journey Fiction Used€3.6054584
9780552994927Trollope, JoannaThe Men and the Girls Fiction Used€3.0054612
9780312645076Tropper, JonathanPlan B Fiction Used€4.0054618
9781848873551Tsiolkas, ChristosThe Slap Fiction Used€4.0060782
9780752859187Turner, JannSouthern Cross Fiction Used€3.8054719
9780099479413Tyler, AnneLadder of Years Fiction Used€3.2054872
9780812999280Tyler, AnneA Spool of Blue Thread Fiction Used€4.0054840
9780330310703Tyler, AnneBreathing Lessons Fiction Used€3.5054852
9780701180355Tyler, AnneDigging to America Fiction Used€4.0054857
9780099577270Tyler, AnneDinner at the Homesick Restaurant Fiction Used€3.5054866
9780099539100Tyler, AnneIf Morning Ever Comes Fiction Used€4.0054869
9780449910573Tyler, AnneLadder of Years Fiction Used€3.2054873
9780099591917Tyler, AnneSearching for Caleb Fiction Used€3.5054888
9780091937133Unsworth, BarryThe Quality of Mercy Fiction Used€4.5054948
9780099538226Unsworth, BarryThe Quality of Mercy Fiction Used€4.6054947
9780241137017Unsworth, BarryThe Songs of the King (Booker Prize Winner 1992)HBFiction Used€5.5054949
xUpdike, JohnCouplesHBFiction Used€4.0054962
9780679446408Updike, JohnIn the Beauty of the LiliesHBFiction Used€4.5054967
0140046437Updike, JohnMarry Me Fiction Used€3.8060022
9780140178753Updike, JohnMemories of the Ford Administration Fiction Used€4.0054972
9780345498755Updike, JohnTerrorist Fiction Used€4.0060024
9780141027845Updike, JohnTerrorist Fiction Used€4.6054992
9780307264657Updike, JohnTerroristHBFiction Used€4.0054993
xUpdike, JohnThe Poorhouse AffairHBFiction Used€4.5054996
9780141041063Updike, JohnThe Widows of Eastwick Fiction Used€4.0060783
9780771086595Urquhart, JaneAway Fiction Used€4.6055020
9780374100216Valtat, Jean-Christophe03: A Novel Fiction Used€3.8055104
9780340824139van Heerden, EtienneThe Long Silence of Mario Salviati Fiction Used€6.0055122
9780330436151Van Mil, IlonaSugarmilk Falls Fiction Used€5.0055134
9780099443636Verghese, AbrahamCutting for Stone Fiction Used€3.8060787
9780006514213Vickers, SalleyMiss Garnet's Angel Fiction Used€3.8055571
9780007165452Vickers, SallyThe Other Side of You Fiction Used€3.8060360
9781843430520Vila-Matas, EnriqueBartleby & Co.HBFiction Used€7.0055590
xVisiak, E.H.Life's Morning HourHBFiction Used€4.6055638
9781926743561Vlassopoulos, TeriEscape Plans Fiction Used€4.7055653
9780140167177Vollmann, William T.Fathers and Crows Fiction Used€4.8060839
9781533220967Vukovic, EdwardGrind Fiction Used€4.0055899
xWain, JohnThe Contenders Fiction Used€3.8055985
9780099558996Waldman, AdelleThe Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. Fiction Used€4.5055999
9781557130846Walker, WendyThe Secret Service Fiction Used€15.0056072
9780436205460Wall, AlanThe School of Night Fiction Used€4.0056074
9780393050066Wall, WilliamAlice Falling Fiction Used€4.0056076
9780446516532Waller, Robert JamesSlow Waltz in Cedar BendHBFiction Used€3.5056256
9780749316785Waller, Robert JamesThe Bridges of Madison County Fiction Used€2.5056260
9781841955681Walsh, HelenBrass Fiction Used€4.0056319
330234935Walsh, MauriceThe Small Dark Man Fiction Used€3.0056325
9781444777628Wark, KirstyThe Legacy of Elizabeth Pringle Fiction Used€3.6056479
9780807119464Warren, Robert PennBand of Angels Fiction Used€4.0056501
xWarren, Robert PennWorld Enough & Time Fiction Used€3.6056504
140017836Waterhouse, KeithBilly Liar Fiction Used€3.8056520
9781860498831Waters, SarahFingersmith Fiction Used€4.5060210
9781860496929Waters, SarahAffinity Fiction Used€4.0056535
9780586058954Watson, IanConverts Fiction Used€4.0056571
xWaugh, AlecThe Fatal Gift Fiction Used€3.5056618
9780743444163Webb, CharlesNew Cardiff Fiction Used€4.5056663
9780142181751Webb, HeatherRodin's Lover Fiction Used€4.5056667
752550006994 / 0758201184Weber, CarlLookin' for Luv Fiction Used€3.6056677
9780743415286Weiner, JenniferGood in Bed Fiction Used€3.6056747
9781585673247Weiner, SteveThe Yellow Sailor Fiction Used€5.5056749
9780007268603Weisberger, LaurenChasing Harry Winston Fiction Used€3.8060213
9780006544890Weldon, FayDarcy's Utopia Fiction Used€7.0056804
9780140145410Weldon, FayDarcy's Utopia Fiction Used€4.0060815
9781908800435Weldon, FayHabits of the House Fiction Used€3.8056806
071009004955 / 0440203228Weldon, FayThe Hearts and Lives of Men Fiction Used€3.8056808
9780340363799Weldon, FayThe Life & Loves of a She Devil Fiction Used€3.0056809
9780224087919Welsh, IrvineSkagboys Fiction Used€4.5062189
9780552994958Wesley, MaryA Dubious Legacy Fiction Used€3.6056946
9780552991261Wesley, MaryThe Camomile Lawn Fiction Used€3.8056949
xWest, Morris L.The Ambassador Fiction Used€3.6056967
9780684800325West, PaulTerrestrialsHBFiction Used€4.6056971
9780684800318West, PaulThe Tent of Orange Mist Fiction Used€4.6056972
9780856407291West, TaraFodder Fiction Used€4.5056974
0552095625Weverka, Robert The Sting Fiction Used€3.0057010
0860680495White, AntoniaFrost In May Fiction Used€4.5061059
9780312595326White, PatrickThe Eye of the Storm Fiction Used€4.0057099
9780385498203Whitehead, ColsonJohn Henry Days Fiction Used€4.5061477
9780778318330Wiggs, SusanThe Apple Orchard  Fiction Used€3.0062600
9780813174990Wilkinson, CrystalThe Birds of Opulence Fiction Used€6.0057440
xWilliams, J.H.Bandoola Fiction Used€4.0057482
9780330375313Williams, NiallAs it is in Heaven Fiction Used€3.6057543
9780330352697Williams, NiallFour Letters of Love Fiction Used€4.0060707
xWilloughby, NevilleJamaica Boy Fiction Used€3.0057649
xWilson, AngusHemlock and After Fiction Used€3.8057662
9781853810879Wilson, BarbaraCows and Horses Fiction Used€3.6057666
9781906994440Wilson, PaulMouse and the Cossacks Fiction Used€3.6057695
9780749396725Wilson, Robert McLiamEureka Street Fiction Used€4.0061101
9780755379309Winman, SarahWhen God Was A Rabbit Fiction Used€4.6062105
xWinsor, KathleenForever Amber Volume One Fiction Used€3.0057780
9780099747208Winterson, JeanetteSexing the Cherry Fiction Used€4.6060992
9780340961438Winthorp, Elizabeth H.December Fiction Used€3.6057839
9780747571650Wittenborn, DirkZoe Fiction Used€4.5057884
0151448825Wodin, NataschaThe Interpreter Fiction Used€6.0057944
9780224030366Wolfe, TomA Man in FullHBFiction Used€5.5057995
9780224097284Wolfe, TomBack to Blood Fiction Used€4.8057997
9780316036313Wolfe, TomBack to BloodHBFiction Used€5.5060232
9780099479024Wolfe, TomI am Charlotte Simmons Fiction Used€4.5058001
065373013958Wolff, IsabelOut of the Blue Fiction Used€2.6058025
9780743248099Wolff, MaritaSudden Rain Fiction Used€3.5058026
9780330323086Wood, BarbaraThe Dreaming Fiction Used€3.6060705
9780316205856Woodrell, DanielThe Maid's VersionHBFiction Used€4.5058129
9781401341787Woodruff, LeeThose We Love MostHBFiction Used€3.8058134
9780099490654Woodward, GerardA Curious Earth Fiction Used€4.0058144
9780316955133Wouk, HermanMarjorie Morningstar Fiction Used€3.8058344
9780316955256Wouk, HermanThe Glory Fiction Used€4.5058346
xWouk, HermanThe Winds of War Fiction Used€2.7058347
9780006169376Wouk, HermanWar and Rememberance Fiction Used€3.0058349
9781847671516Wray, JohnLow Boy Fiction Used€4.8058352
9780060809775Wright, RichardNative Son Fiction Used€4.5060021
9780586086575Wright, Sarah E.This Child's Gonna Live Fiction Used€6.2058379
9780007310753Wroblewski, DavidThe Story of Edgar Sawtelle Fiction Used€3.0058382
9780141026312XenophonThe Sea, The Sea - Penguin Epics Fiction Used€3.5058841
9781566890649Yamashita, Karen TeiTropic of Orange Fiction Used€4.6058864
9781400044382Yarbrough, SteveThe End of CaliforniaHBFiction Used€4.6058939
9780552771016Yardley, JanePainting Ruby Tuesday Fiction Used€3.5058940
9780156031943Yehosua, A.B.A Woman in Jerusalem Fiction Used€4.4059012
9781439102312Yglesias, RafaelA Happy Marriage Fiction Used€3.6059026
9781472209368Young, NatalieSeason to Taste - Or How to Eat Your Husband Fiction Used€4.0059088
9780964729230Young, William P.The Shack Fiction Used€3.5059106
9780753826492Zafon, Carlos RuizThe Angel's Game Fiction Used€4.0059146
9780297855552Zafon, Carlos RuizThe Angel's Game Fiction Used€3.8059148
9780753828557Zafon, Carlos RuizThe Prince of Mist Fiction Used€4.6062139
9780753819319Zafon, Carlos RuizThe Shadow of the Wind Fiction Used€4.0062352
9781845294878Zimler, RichardThe Seventh Gate Fiction Used€4.6059249
9780679754305Zola, EmileGerminal Fiction Used€3.8059329
9780552773898Zusak, MarkusThe Book Thief Fiction Used€7.5059391
9780552773898Zusak, MarkusThe Book Thief Fiction Used€4.5060440
9780552773898Zusak, MarkusThe Book Thief Fiction Used€4.0061452

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9781853266010AnonymousA Night in a Moorish Harem Fiction Classics Used€3.001727
9781840224832AnonymousSweeney Todd or the String of Pearls Fiction Classics Used€3.601778
9781853260322Austen, JaneMansfield Park Fiction Classics Used€3.602710
9780140620665Austen, JaneMansfield Park Fiction Classics Used€3.602711
9780192802644Austen, Jane, Mansfield Park  Fiction Classics Used€4.002784
9780192802644Austen, Jane, Mansfield Park  Fiction Classics Used€4.002785
9780192836564Beckford, WilliamVathek  Fiction Classics Used€4.604765
9780192836564Beckford, William, Vathek  Fiction Classics Used€4.604768
9780862993252BennettThe Pretty Lady Fiction Classics Used€4.004981
xBennett, ArnoldHilda Lessways (Clayhanger Trilogy Part Two) Fiction Classics Used€4.004988
9780199577033Braddon, Mary ElizabethLady Audley's Secret Fiction Classics Used€4.706454
9780140621082Bronte, AnneAgnes Grey Fiction Classics Used€3.006879
9780140621082Bronte, AnneAgnes Grey Fiction Classics Used€3.606881
9780140621082Bronte, AnneAgnes Grey Fiction Classics Used€3.606880
xBrown, Charles BrockdenArthur Mervyn Fiction Classics Used€3.707107
9780192836809Brown, Charles BrockdenWieland - Memoirs of Carwin the Biloquist Fiction Classics Used€4.007110
9780140390629Brown, Charles BrockdenEdgar Huntly Or Memoirs of a Sleep-Walker Fiction Classics Used€4.607108
9780192828767Brown, Charles BrockdenWieland / Memoirs of Carwin the Biloquist Fiction Classics Used€2.507111
9780393002942Burney, FannyEvelina or The History of a Young Lady's Entrance into the World Fiction Classics Used€4.007836
0140430652Carlyle, ThomasSelected Writings Fiction Classics Used€3.808894
9780140622454Chaucer, GeoffreyThe Canterbury Tales Fiction Classics Used€3.609748
9780140622072Chaucer, GeoffreyThe Canterbury Tales: A Selection Fiction Classics Used€3.6060788
9780140442397Chaucer, GeoffreyTroilus and Criseyde Fiction Classics Used€5.509755
9780486446585Chaucer, Geoffrey Troilus and Cressida  Fiction Classics Used€4.009759
9780486446585Chaucer, Geoffrey Troilus and Cressida  Fiction Classics Used€4.009760
xChilders, ErskineThe Riddle of the Sands Fiction Classics Used€3.6059595
9781853260575Cleland, JohnFanny Hill - Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure Fiction Classics Used€3.8010545
xCleland, JohnMemoirs of Fanny Hill Fiction Classics Used€3.6010546
xCleland, JohnMemoirs of Fanny Hill Fiction Classics Used€3.8059601
9780192818027Collins, WilkieArmadale Fiction Classics Used€3.6011204
9781853260445Collins, WilkieThe Moonstone Fiction Classics Used€3.6011216
9780140430967Collins, WilkieThe Woman in White Fiction Classics Used€3.8059727
xCooper, J. FenimoreThe Sea Lions Fiction Classics Used€4.0011717
9780750911580Cooper, J. FenimoreThe Ways of the Hour Fiction Classics Used€4.0011718
xCooper, James FenimoreThe Crater Or Vulcan's PeakHBFiction Classics Used€8.0011725
xCooper, James FenimoreSatanstoe Or The Littlepage Manuscripts Fiction Classics Used€3.8011724
xde la RocheThe Building of Jana Fiction Classics used€4.5013146
xde la RocheWhiteoak Heritage (Jalna) Fiction Classics Used€5.0013147
9781853262050Dickens, CharlesMartin Chuzzlewit Fiction Classics Used€4.0014143
9781853262647Dickens, CharlesNicholas Nickleby Fiction Classics Used€3.8014147
xDickens, CharlesHard Times Fiction Classics Used€4.0060747
9780307947208Dickens, CharlesHard Times Fiction Classics Used€4.6014134
0393009033Diderot, DenisJacques the Fatalist & His Master Fiction Classics Used€4.0014267
076783006959Doyle, Arthur ConanSherlock Holmes: The Complete Novels and Stories Vol. II Fiction Classics Used€3.8060875
9780140622584Doyle, Arthur ConanHis Last Bow Fiction Classics Used€3.6015298
xDoyle, Arthur ConanThe Complete Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock HolmesHBFiction Classics Used€6.0061540
9780451527707Dreiser, TheodoreAn American Tragedy Fiction Classics Used€4.0015475
03930999490Dreiser, TheodoreSister Carrie (Norton Critical) Fiction Classics Used€3.8015479
9780140433203Edgeworth, MariaCastle Rackrent and Ennui Fiction Classics Used€4.0016087
0330232584Eliot, GeorgeSilas Marner Fiction Classics Used€3.8016420
003056459xEliot, GeorgeSilas MarnerHBFiction Classics Used€4.6016422
9781853260261Fielding, HenryTom Jones Fiction Classics Used€3.6017974
xFielding, HenryJonathan Wild Fiction Classics Used€4.0017975
9780140430097Fielding, HenryTom Jones Fiction Classics Used€3.8059575
9781853260216Fielding, HenryTom Jones Fiction Classics Used€3.6017987
9780140431759Forster, E.M.Howard's End Fiction Classics Used€3.6018794
9780140390254Frederic, HaroldThe Damnation of Theron Ware Fiction Classics Used€4.6019294
9780199549894Galsworthy, JohnThe Forsyte Saga Fiction Classics Used€5.5020070
0140431047Gaskell, ElizabethCrandford / Cousin Philips Fiction Classics Used€3.7020476
9780140430325Gissing, GeorgeNew Grub Street Fiction Classics Used€4.6021010
xGissing, GeorgeThe Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft (Autobiography) Fiction Classics Used€3.6021012
9780199232062Godwin, WilliamCaleb Williams Fiction Classics Used€4.2021172
xGoldsmith, OliverThe Vicar of Wakefiled / She Stoops to Conquer / Poems Fiction ClassicsUsed€9.0021343
9780007350902Haggard, Henry RiderKing Solomon's Mines Fiction Classics Used€3.0022574
xHardy, ThomasThe Mayor of Casterbridge Fiction Classics Used€4.0023199
9780140435184Hardy, ThomasThe Return of the Native Fiction Classics Used€4.0062477
9780140620559Hardy, ThomasThe Return of the Native Fiction Classics Used€3.6060773
9780140431261Hardy, ThomasFar From the Madding Crowd Fiction Classics Used€3.8060842
xHardy, ThomasThe Hand of Etherlberta Fiction Classics Used€1.0023192
9781853262388Hardy, ThomasThe Return of the Native Fiction Classics Used€3.6023202
9780192817211Hardy, ThomasThe Well-Beloved Fiction Classics Used€4.0023204
9780140620962Hardy, ThomasUnder the Greenwood Tree Fiction Classics Used€3.6023209
xHolmes, Oliver WendellThe Autocrat of the Breakfast-table Fiction Classics Used€4.0025646
9780860682509Hotlby, WinifredThe Land of Green Ginger Fiction Classics Used€4.0061055
xHughes, RichardIn Hazard Fiction Classics Used€3.6026342
9781853261084Hughes, ThomasTom Brown's Schooldays Fiction Classics Used€3.6026407
xIrving, WashingtonTales of the Alhambra1896Fiction Classics Used€3.6026996
9780460871600James, HenryThe Ambassadors Fiction Classics Used€4.0060346
0192812661Jefferies, RichardAfter London Wild England Fiction Classics Used€3.6027642
xKingsley. CharlesWestward, Ho!HBFiction Classics Used€6.0029812
9781853261596Kipling, RudyardRewards and Fairies Fiction Classics Used€3.6059932
xLawrence, D.H.John Thomas and Lady Jane Fiction Classics Used€3.6031709
9781853260476Lawrence, D.H.Sons and Lovers Fiction Classics Used€3.6060224
9781853260476Lawrence, D.H.Sons and Lovers Fiction Classics Used€3.6059699
9780586052457Lawrence, D.H.Mr Noon Fiction Classics Used€3.8031723
0140007601Lawrence, D.H.The White Peacock Fiction Classics Used€4.0059793
9780192812179Malory, ThomasComplete Works Fiction Classics Used€7.5034416
9780140442748Manzoni, AlessandroThe Betrothed Fiction Classics Used€4.6034648
xMelville, HermanMardi Vol. IHBFiction Classics Used€6.5036668
9780192817518Meredith, GeorgeBeauchamp's Career Fiction Classics Used€3.8036655
xMeredith, GeorgeBeauchamp's Career (Red HB)HBFiction Classics Used€10.0036656
xMeredith, GeorgeDiana of the Crossways (Red Hb)HBFiction Classics Used€10.0036657
0192505084Meredith, GeorgeThe Egoist (Red Hb)HBFiction Classics Used€10.0036660
xMeredith, GeorgeThe Ordeal of Richard Feverel (Red Hb)HBFiction Classics Used€10.0036661
9781852246341Merwin, W.S. (trans.)Sir Gawain & the Green Knight Fiction Classics Used€4.0036682
046009333Moore, GeorgeEsther Waters Fiction Classics Used€3.8037649
0140044515Parker, DorothyThe Penguin Dorothy Parker Fiction Classics Used€4.5059611
0140430458Peacock, Thomas LoveNightmare Abbey / Crotchet Castle Fiction Classics Used€4.0059571
9780192816931Peacock, Thomas LoveHeadlong Hall and Gryll Grange Fiction Classics Used€3.8043325
xRichardson, SamuelPamela Volume 2HBFiction Classics Used€4.5045965
9780140432152Richardson, Samuel Clarissa, or, The history of a young lady  Fiction Classics Used€5.0045968
0393001660Richardson, Samuel Pamela Fiction Classics Used€4.6045970
9780140432152Richardson, Samuel Clarissa, or, The history of a young lady  Fiction Classics Used€5.0045966
9780140432152Richardson, Samuel Clarissa, or, The history of a young lady  Fiction Classics Used€5.0045967
9780140432152Richardson, SamuleClarissa, or the History of a Young Lady Fiction Classics Used€4.6045971
9780199540747Schiller, FriedrichDon Carlos and Mary Stuart Fiction Classics Used€4.6048422
xScott, Sir WalterQuentin DurwardHBFiction Classics Used€6.0048714
9780140436587Scott, WalterIvanhoe Fiction Classics Used€3.8048723
9780192835949Smollett, TobiasThe Expedition of Humphy Clinker Fiction Classics Used€3.6050947
9780140621068Stevenson, Robert LouisKidnapped Fiction Classics Used€5.0052168
0361047444Stevenson, Robert LouisKidnapped (Red HB) Fiction Classics Used€3.6052169
9780099595830Stowe, Harriet BeecherUncle Tom's Cabin Fiction Classics Used€4.6061608
9780007902262Stowe, Harriet BeecherUncle Tom's Cabin Fiction Classics Used€3.8052386
xSwinburne, Algernon CharlesLove's Cross Currents Fiction Classics Used€4.0052774
9780192815064Trollope, AnthonyThe Warden Fiction Classics Used€3.5054602
076783002258Verne, JulesAround the World in Eighty Days Fiction Classics Used€3.0061135
9780140440980Von Straussburg, GottfriedTristan with the 'Tristan' of Thomas Fiction Classics Used€4.6055699
9780140440980Von Straussburg, GottfriedTristan with the 'Tristan' of Thomas Fiction Classics Used€4.6055700
9781562790493Walpole. HoraceHieroglyphie Tales Fiction Classics Used€4.6056304
0316926302Waugh, EvelynOfficers and Gentlemen Fiction Classics Used€4.0056637
xWaugh, EvelynThe Loved One Fiction Classics Used€3.8056648
xWaugh, EvelynThe Loved One Fiction Classics Used€3.8056647
9780451528551Wells, H.G.The Time Machine Fiction Classics Used€3.6062323
0460019147Wells, H.G.The Wheels of Chance Fiction Classics Used€3.6062134
xWells. H.G.Love and Mr. Lewisham Fiction Classics Used€3.8056856
9780020303008Wharton, EdithThe Edith Wharton Reader Fiction Classics Used€5.0057035

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