UPDATED Tuesday 15 July 2021
Dear friends,
Our tenure at Flughafenstrasse 22 is coming to an end. Our rental contract will end on 31 August.

We love our job, our shop and we love the community that we’ve found ourselves a part of over the last eight years and want very much to stay in the Kiez ( or a little bit outside the Kiez would be great too ).
We ask your help to spread the word that we’re seeking a new location for the business. If you know of somewhere vacant please do get in touch.

As always, we wish it to be known that are very grateful to all the Stammkunden, the friends we’ve made, the poets and authors, the quiz-nighters, the Bloomsdayers & the bookclubbers and everyone who has made us feel so welcome and a part of this community.
We will be sad to leave Flughafenstrasse 22 but we will take our memories with us and look forward to a new chapter in this fox’s tale.
Dave & Orla.