We buy used books at fair prices.

We are always interested in expanding our selected of 2nd hand books. If you have books you want to sell, please send us an email first. An offer of cash payment or store-credit will be made based on the condition of the books and our needs at the time.
As a general rule we do not buy the following:
  • Reader's Digest Condensed Books
  • Encyclopedia Sets
  • Books in languages other than English
  • Travel Guides more than 3 years old.
  • We are currently not buying many Crime & Thriller books but there are exceptions.

Scam Alert

23 November 2020
It has been brought to our attention that someone purporting to represent us has been offering to buy people's used books in Canada. They were contacted first through the Toronto University Student Book Exchange website and then WhatsApp.
The person then offers to pay by cheque and have the books collected by FedEx.
If you have received such an offer please know it is NOT us.
We also know of at least one other bookshop in Berlin misrepresented in the same way.
We don't request that people email us at spurious gmail accounts, we don't pay for used books by cheque and we're highly unlikely to want to FedEx books from Canada (no offence, Canada, you're lovely, you're just very far away).
We would advise anyone contacted in such a way to treat the communication as extremely suspicious and if possible to report the account.
We are very grateful to the individual who reported this to us and who provided the below screenshots.