Condition of Used Books

Please note, while we continue to add features to our new site, including the condition of each used book, we may contact customers directly if the condition of their ordered used book is less than good.

Customers should be aware that most of our used books are in fair to very good condition. However, some books may be in poor condition.

We ask that customers understand that the used books are sold on the proviso that they may feature signs of wear, use, stains, scuffing or other defects.
We will always contact a customer if we feel the condition of the book or books in an order are such that a customer may be disappointed.

Where the condition of a used book is noted on our website, these are the terms we use to describe them. Most booksellers all over the world use similar criteria.

As New: the book is in the same condition as when it was first published. The book could have been kept in storage for a long time, never sold before, or simply never been read or even opened, but it may still be some years old.

Near Fine: the book is as good as new but without being crisp. The book may have been read once, carefully. There is very little evidence, if any, of wear and there are no defects or damage.

Very Good: the book has some light signs of wear, but no tears or damage. The corners may have been folded or bent down.

Good: this is the condition of the average used book. All pages and the spine and covers are intact. There may be some underlining or other obvious signs of wear but otherwise the condition is good.

Fair: this is the condition of a book that has perhaps been read more than once already. The corners maybe dog-eared, the spine could be creased or worn. There may be tears or chipping on the covers. It could have become faded or darkened over time. However, the spine is intact and all pages are present.

Poor: this is a book that is significantly worn. It copy may be stained or scuffed in some way. Some pages may be loose or a front or back cover may be missing fully or in part.

Binding: this describes a book in which the pages are all present and in good condition perfect but the binding / spine is in very bad condition or non-existent and the pages may be loose.

Reading: the condition is quite poor. The cover or spine may be damaged or non-existent and many of the pages may be damaged or torn. All pages are still present and legible, albeit in poor condition. This edition is OK to be read and nothing more.